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The Package (2013)

A courier for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.

IMDB: 5.11 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for The Package (2013) 720p

All Tommy Wick has to do is deliver a "Package" to a rival crime lord, nicknamed 'The German'. It seems like a routine job, until another gang tries to hijack the precious cargo and Tommy has to fight every inch of the way to deliver it safely. The problem is, the "Package" isn't what Tommy was led to believe, and now he's in even deeper than he ever thought possible.

The Director and Players for The Package (2013) 720p

[Director]Jesse V. Johnson
[Role:]Dolph Lundgren
[Role:]Steve Austin
[Role:]Eric Keenleyside

The Reviews for The Package (2013) 720p

Reviewed byactionfilm-2Vote: 7/10/10

At the time of this writing this film has 6 other reviews posted, mostnegative. Though difficult, I did come up with a few reasons to avoidthis film: If you sell girl scout cookies, wear your sister's capripants, share hair styling tips with your girlfriend, or watch Glee. Icould go on but you get the picture. Bottom line, DTV film are rarelygoing to break any new ground in terms of action filmmaking, sohopefully by now action fans know this going in. Having said that, ThePackage is above average for such a film. A cool script, that is itmostly avoids ridiculous cliché dialog such as "I'm getting too old forthis %$#" or the mandatory cursing that is often substituted for actuallines. Yes the story is old (as most all stories are), but here we getnicely written dialog. The direction is certainly above par, withplenty of well staged action shot in a terrific manner avoiding thejerky-cam style so prevalent today. The fight scenes are not theslapped together affairs often seen in many DTV films. Characters areinteresting, including Dolph's (and no, his role is not a cameo).Anyone familiar with Martial artist/actor Jerry Trimble will enjoy hisscreen time. I recommend The Package not only for action fans, butlovers of romance, humor, and drama (sorry horror fans), and for anyboy out there that hopes to one day grow into a man. Now that I'vegiven it some thought, the film should be screened in high schoolsacross the country as part of the "no male left behind" program.

GoodReviewed byHarriet DeltubboVote: 7/10

It is always in people's nature to put down great things and to nit-pick or sometimes just be plain mean. No matter what anyone says, this is utterly fantastic. This is not only an eye-popping cinematic treat, but one of the greatest stories ever put on celluloid. The pragmatic may think The Package overly dramatic; the restless may find it too long. None of this, however, detracts from the fact that The Package retains a lasting appeal as one of the crowning cinematic achievements of 2012. Whether we like the film, or not, one has to recognize the greatest achievement, perhaps, of the creative talent of the people working in the movie industry.

Reviewed byWizard-8Vote: /10

Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren put in the same movie? Well, the directto DVD industry in recent years has been pairing various B movie starstogether, so that should come as no surprise. What's surprising aboutthis Canadian/American co-production is that unlike most movies withCanadian involvement, they have a Canadian aspect in the movie's story- the movie is (partly) set in Canada. The plot of the movie willprobably be of no surprise to most viewers - they will have seen the"delivery of a mysterious package" story countless times before, andthey will more or less guess (like me) the twist near the endconcerning the package long before it happens. But the predictablescript did not bother me. What DID bother me was how sluggish theentire enterprise feels. The story unfolds very slowly when thingsshould have been more speedy. And the action sequences - the mainselling point of the movie - are sluggishly directed, lacking impactand nastiness. I have to admit that I almost nodded off a couple oftimes, because there was nothing to capture my attention. A very boringmovie.

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