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The Perfect Family (2011)

A devoutly Catholic wife and mother has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are.

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The Synopsis for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

Eileen Cleary has just been nominated for Catholic Woman of the year when her family drop a bombshell. Over the dinner table she discovers that not only is her son leaving his wife and children for the local beautician, but her daughter is 5 months pregnant and about to marry her girlfriend. Desperate to win the award, Eileen is conflicted between shame over her family and still desiring to do the right thing by them. Unable to accept either of their choices her family begins to splinter, with even her husband threatening to leave. Ultimately this is a feel-good movie and Eileen proves herself to be a person worthy of both the award and her family.

The Director and Players for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

[Director]Anne Renton
[Role:]Emily Deschanel
[Role:]Jason Ritter
[Role:]Kathleen Turner

The Reviews for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

Reviewed byamberbaerVote: 8/10/10

Despite the reviews that say it's an anti-Catholic movie, it's not.It's a movie about a family, and the mother happens to be Catholic andstruggling between her reality and the reality of the church to whichshe belongs....which happens to be Catholic.

Just sit back and watch the movie - it's got some nice,thought-provoking dialog and if you have to tear a movie down becauseit makes you ask questions....then maybe you should focus on your ownlife and stop watching movies!

Mister Ritter is also a treat to watch, so much like his father, whowould be proud to see what a nice actor his son has become.

Reviewed byunsolicitedmaleVote: 7/10/10

I'm surprised at such a low score for this movie! First, please knowthat I was born, baptized, and raised Catholic. I've since moved toanother religion, but not for any "Catholic hate" reasons at all. So Ihave a STRONG knowledge of Catholicism. It seems MOST of the negativereviews claim it's "Christian/Catholic bashing"... I would wonder howmany of those folks actually WATCHED it or just wrote a review based ona presupposed notion. There is NO Christian bashing at all IMO. Justportraying people such as I've known all my life the way they are, andthe portrayal isn't bad in any way, as far as I'm concerned.

Overall it's very balanced - yeah there's a few potshots at Catholics("I don't have to think... I'm Catholic") but overall, the portrayal isVERY accurate to my Catholic upbringing and those in the faith I knowtoday. Sure, hardly ANY nuns still wear the habit - but it's justlittle things. By and large the portrayal I thought was fair on ALLSIDES, not only for the Catholics but all the other characters.

I'll be honest and say I FULLY EXPECTED a "Christians are stupidknuckle dragging Neanderthals" flick - I expected to shut it off halfway through. Instead, I watched the whole thing and rather enjoyed it.

The movie itself actually plays quite well - Kathleen Turner takes abit of getting used to because of her very deep, manly voice... butoverall, it has a nicely done "indie" feel to it in every way.

No, it's NOT an award contender in any way - some of the acting israther stiff and forced, the plot is predictable, and there are quite afew clichés and stereotypes. But it's VERY watchable, totally held myattention, was touching in places, and ENJOYABLE to watch right up tothe end for me.

Give it a shot - don't let the negative reviews implying it's a"Christian bashing" flick deter you.

Reviewed byTony Heck ([email protected])Vote: 6/10/10

"I don't have to think, I'm catholic." Eileen Cleary (Turner) hasfinally been nominated for Catholic Woman Of The Year and wants to winit badly. She will stop at nothing to win which includes trying tocover up her families choices. She then becomes conflicted as towinning or being a supportive mother. I have to start by saying thatafter the first half hour I was almost ready to turn this off. I'm notsaying that it wasn't good but just really slow and seemed to lackemotion. The more I watched the better it got though and I really likedthe ending. For a movie like this the ending was perfect. My biggestproblem with this movie is that it seemed to lack real emotion and allthe performances seemed flat and phoned in. I'm not sure what it wasbut I just felt like it was missing something to make me feel for thecharacters. Overall, a movie with a perfect ending that is worthwatching but was lacking any real emotion from the actors. I give it aB-.

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