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The Perfect Family (2011)

A devoutly Catholic wife and mother has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are.

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The Synopsis for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

Eileen Cleary has just been nominated for Catholic Woman of the year when her family drop a bombshell. Over the dinner table she discovers that not only is her son leaving his wife and children for the local beautician, but her daughter is 5 months pregnant and about to marry her girlfriend. Desperate to win the award, Eileen is conflicted between shame over her family and still desiring to do the right thing by them. Unable to accept either of their choices her family begins to splinter, with even her husband threatening to leave. Ultimately this is a feel-good movie and Eileen proves herself to be a person worthy of both the award and her family.

The Director and Players for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

[Director]Anne Renton
[Role:]Emily Deschanel
[Role:]Jason Ritter
[Role:]Kathleen Turner

The Reviews for The Perfect Family (2011) 720p

Boring!Reviewed bySimply-RedVote: 1/10

I don't see how this film is even called a comedy. The acting is not very convincing at all and the entire premise of the story is old and tired.

Do we really need more movies making religious people look stupid? This movie is essentially a slam on Catholics and not even a good criticism of the faithful. I am not a church-goer and I found this film to be downright offensive. In addition it is a completely immature view of the subject of religious intolerance and "behind closed doors" lives of so'called religious people.

Kathleen Turners voice is unfortunately not very pleasant and downright hoarse. This made the film very hard to listen to...I'm not saying that to be cruel, her voice is just raspy and manlike and hard to take.

The move moves extremely slow and is just boring really. One of the worst movies I have rented in a while.

Reviewed byjdesandoVote: /10

As a fallen-down Catholic with reservations about the Church, I wasn'tprepared for an even-tempered story about a devout mother, Eileen(Kathleen Turner) facing a family at odds with some basic Churchdoctrines. While I still stay away, I found The Perfect Family wiseabout the devotion of true believers and wary of extremists.

Eileen has been nominated for Catholic Woman of the Year (disclosure:one of my former wives was elected Vermont Catholic Mother of theYear—a true irony). In order to impress the archbishop, she must showan exemplary family. Not easy, as she discovers a son about to divorceand a daughter marrying a woman and having a child. Modern as thesesituations are, they are not acceptable to the teachings of the churchabout the sanctity of marriage and children born of that union. Thefilm gently but assuredly moves Eileen's life along just as you mightexpect it to go with any contemporary Catholic family facing decisions.

Although the denouement is too pat, it doesn't deviate too much fromwhat might really happen, and with a little surprise accompanying itall. Kathleen Turner provides the right amount of hyper-ventilationwhen faced with the truth of her children's situations and her formerlyalcoholic husband. Richard Chamberlain as Monsignor Murphy showsdirector Anne Renton's sense of humor using an actor who played a randyprelate in The Thorn Birds. In Catholic town, nothing is as it seemsexcept for my very real indoctrination by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Another Catholic bashing movie by Hollywood liberalsReviewed byrangas-1Vote: 1/10

My wife was watching this today and I thought I will also watch it for a while. Within minutes I was horrified by the stereotypes displayed in perfect ignorance by atheist central a.k.a Hollywood. Catholic/Christian women are barefoot and pregnant in kitchen, slaves of the church and the husband, intolerant, ugly and also pretty much illiterate. On the other hand Lesbian women are pretty, intelligent, sophisticated, educated, eco-conscious, doing high power jobs and of course victimized...boohoo. Way to tow the party line. Icing on the cake is when Kathleen Turner blurts out "I don't have to think I am Catholic". Horrible politically motivated piece of filth.

What's more this movie totally made me lose respect for Emily D who was once one of my favorite actresses.

I gave this 1 star because I can't give a zero. I recommend all Christians to boycott this and also if possible lodge a complaint with the LMN channel.

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