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The Public Eye (1992)

Story of a 1940s photographer who specializes in crime and in not getting involved... until this time.

IMDB: 6.54 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Run Time: 99
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for The Public Eye (1992) 720p

Leon Bernstein is New York's best news photographer in 1942, equally at home with cops or crooks. The pictures are often of death and pain, but they are the ones the others wish they had got. Then glamorous Kay Levitz turns to him when the Mob seem to be muscling in on the club she owns due to some arrangement with her late husband. Bernstein, none too successful with women, agrees to help, saying there may be some good photos in it for him. In fact, he is falling in love with Kay.

The Director and Players for The Public Eye (1992) 720p

[Director]Howard Franklin
[Role:]Richard Riehle
[Role:]Barbara Hershey
[Role:]Joe Pesci

The Reviews for The Public Eye (1992) 720p

From a great photographer come even greater photographsReviewed byjamesjustice-92Vote: 8/10

The public eye is a very interesting little movie about a little man with a camera in his hand who wanted to make a difference and he was the best at it. Once there was a crime or anything worth reporting for he was there to take a picture of it and spread the word but one day, as it usually happens, he unravels something too big for him to handle himself - and this something is called love. Everyone falls under its charms, even the toughest and the most hard-headed people do - that's its beauty and its curse if you're not careful enough. Joe Pesci is absolutely fantastic in the role of Bernzy, the photographer; it's something completely different from any other character I've seen him play and I have to admit that this character is among the most complex people he ever portrayed and surely one of the best. The score on the other hand could have been a lot more innovative instead of just repeating the same melody over and over every ten minutes or so, which by the middle of the movie starts to get on your nerves. Overall this is a fine movie, I think a bit underrated, with its weak spots here and there that you can't shut your eyes at but it's the suspensful narrative and the emotive performances that stick out and guide you through this gem of a motion picture to the ending.

An Intriguing Noir Look At PhotojournalismReviewed byccthemovieman-1Vote: 8/10

I've never rated this movie that high but I've gone back to it three times since it came out about 15 years ago on tape, so maybe I am underrating this. There still is no DVD of it, at least in Region I, and that's frustrating. There's something intriguing about this story that drives me back to it.

Perhaps that is so because it's about a photographer, something I did, too, while being in the newspaper business for years and an art form I've always enjoyed. The story also takes place in the 1940s and I love the style and atmosphere of that era which is beautifully shown here.

Joe Pesci is Leon Bernzini or "The Great Bernzini," a newspaper photographer and Barbara Hershey is a mysterious woman who Pesci has the hots for. There is a lot of mystery in here with Hershey's character. Pesci takes gruesome photos, doesn't get involved with anyone but he's willing to make an exception with "Kay Levitz" (Hershey)..... but is she good or bad for him?

Sad to say, the filmmakers kind of make a hero out of basically a sleazy guy who has few, if any, morals. ("Bernzy" was "paparazzi" before they invented the word!). The movie also has an unsatisfying ending, particularly with Hershey's character.

However, I keep getting drawn back into multiple viewings of this and I'd sure like to see what it looks like with a good DVD transfer.

Wonderful Score, Definitely a Hidden GemReviewed byTomRMDVote: 9/10

Movies should be able to transport you to the time and place without much effort. "The Public Eye" does so. I saw this in -- of all places -- a redeye bus trip from New York to DC, and this only enhanced the viewing enjoyment. This is definitely a movie to "get into the mood" for 40's noir, down to the gritty life of the City After Dark.

This one keeps getting overlooked as one of the best of the 90's. See this one.

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