The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

La ragazza dal pigiama giallo is a movie starring Ray Milland, Dalila Di Lazzaro, and Michele Placido. Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired...

IMDB: 6.11 Likes

  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.95G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: Italian  
  • Run Time: 104
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 0

The Synopsis for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired inspector makes inquiries; also, Linda, a waitress and ferry attendant, has several lovers and marries one, but continues seeing the others. The police have a suspect in the murder, but the retired inspector is convinced they're wrong; he continues a methodical investigation. Linda and her husband separate, and there are complications. Will the stories cross or are they already twisted together?

The Director and Players for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

[Director]Flavio Mogherini
[Director]Michele Placido
[Role:]Dalila Di Lazzaro
[Role:]Mel Ferrer
[Role:]Ray Milland

The Reviews for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

fascinating Italian 70's mystery, shot in Australia, starring Ray MillandReviewed bydjango-1Vote: 7/10

Those expecting a sleazy, gory late entry in the "giallo" cycle of Italian cinema might be let down at THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE, but the film is actually a superb murder mystery, a fascinating character study, a police procedural, and a visually striking experience. Perhaps it's best to say that it was "inspired by a true story," since much liberty is taken with the original Australian case on which the film is based (and the Blue Underground DVD has as an extra an interview with investigative Australian author Richard Evans, who wrote a book about the real case from the 1930's). Ray Milland stars as a retired detective who spends time most of his time in his greenhouse (is this an allusion to the Columbo episode where Milland was into gardening?) but is brought out of retirement by a baffling case where an unknown corpse is found charred and decayed in an abandoned car on a beach. The police must first find who the woman is before finding who killed her. All the while as this story is being told we are following a second plot which I won't divulge here. At about the mid-point it seems as though the film might be nearly over, but it takes another turn and the chronologies of the stories become clear. As a regular watcher and reader of murder mysteries, the red herring characters were clear to me, the identity of the victim was no surprise, and the solution to the crime was not as much of a surprise as other IMDb reviews seem to think. However, I was riveted the way I am in a good Columbo episode thinking about the HOW and the WHY of the crime, and the clever way in which the various threads are tied together. Milland is, as always, superb, bringing many interesting quirks to the character of Thompson the retired detective. Michele Placido is impressive as the Italian immigrant waiter who is a major player in the parallel story, and Mel Ferrer is his usual suave self as a Professor who is having an affair with Placido's wife, who is played by the lovely Dalila Di Lazzaro. Fortunately, Milland and Ferrer provide their own voices. Howard Ross is also memorable as a vain and brutal German who is also having an affair with Dalila. While Riz Ortalani's music is largely the thumping electric euro-funk one expects in a 1977 film, it's much more subtle than, say, a soundtrack by Goblin, and two songs by Amanda Lear (my wife asked me "is that Nico?") are haunting and perfect, although many will find themselves initially put off by her singing. I don't think I can get the main song of hers out of my head. I had always considered buying a pan-and-scan VHS of this, but I'm glad I waited for the new and beautiful widescreen DVD. The Australian locations for the film as surprising and shot in an unexpected way that is fresh and makes the background an important character. I've been waiting to see this for two decades, and while it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I was completely satisfied by it and watched it twice the day I bought it. Mystery fans and those into 70's Italian genre films should not miss it. However, don't expect the level of sex and violence you're usually provided in such films.

Twilight RayReviewed byferbs54Vote: 6/10

Loosely based on a true-life murder mystery that gripped Australia in 1934, Flavio Mogherini's "The Pyjama Girl Case" (1977) is a deliberately paced crime thriller that ultimately leaves the viewer with a distinct feeling of sadness. In it, Golden Age great Ray Milland plays Insp. Thompson, a retired homicide detective living in Sydney who is coaxed back into the game when the body of a young woman--shot, battered and burnt beyond recognition--is found in a wrecked car on a beach. Using old-fashioned legwork and bulldog determination, this raincoated Aussie Columbo gets to work, as the film treats us to a concurrent, seemingly unrelated side story: the plight of a young Dutch woman named Glenda (Dalila Di Lazzaro, who resembles a cuter variation of Uma Thurman) and her attempts to juggle her Italian immigrant husband, her German lover, and her married-doctor boyfriend. How these two apparently discrete story lines come together is one of the film's surprises, along with the truly startling death of one of the film's principal characters roughly 2/3 of the way in. The picture's other saving grace, I suppose, is Milland, who is always a joy to watch, even here at age 72 and in the twilight of a glorious career. The film also provides us with a gorgeous travelogue look at Sydney, beyond the usual Opera House shots, so yes, the picture does look great. Unfortunately, it is also occasionally dull and plodding, has been terribly dubbed, and comes with a funky musical score by Riz Ortolani that many may find inappropriate (it grows on one, though). Still, Italian crime pictures shot in Sydney and starring Ray Milland are not exactly common, so this sui generis film may just fit the bill one evening for the discriminating viewer. And oh...I agree with many others that the 30-minute extra on this Blue Underground DVD, with author Richard Evans detailing the actual 1934 crime, is, in a way, more interesting than the film itself. Remake, anyone?

Slow, boring filmReviewed byspotlightneVote: 3/10

I only watched this film because Ray Milland was in it. But boy, was it boring.

Over 100 minutes of slow scenes, seemingly go on forever. Accompany this with the most mindless soundtrack imaginable. Tedious songs sung by what sounds like a transvestite in a sleazy nightclub.

I'm very surprised this film has the '6' rating it has. It's dreadful. Terrribly acted and badly directed. There is a story. But it could have been condensed into a 30 minute short.

Also, if you're watching the American version it's dubbed from Italian into English. Even this is terrible.

I will give it 3 out of 10, simply because of Ray Millland. Otherwise you can forget it.

Not one of this best films. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's his worst.

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