The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

La ragazza dal pigiama giallo is a movie starring Ray Milland, Dalila Di Lazzaro, and Michele Placido. Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired...

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  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: Italian
  • Run Time: 104
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 22 / 34

The Synopsis for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired inspector makes inquiries; also, Linda, a waitress and ferry attendant, has several lovers and marries one, but continues seeing the others. The police have a suspect in the murder, but the retired inspector is convinced they're wrong; he continues a methodical investigation. Linda and her husband separate, and there are complications. Will the stories cross or are they already twisted together?

The Director and Players for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

[Director]Flavio Mogherini
[Director]Michele Placido
[Role:]Dalila Di Lazzaro
[Role:]Mel Ferrer
[Role:]Ray Milland

The Reviews for The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) 1080p

lesser giallo but with some ambition and memorable scenesReviewed byFieCrierVote: 6/10

A little girl in Australia finds a dead woman wearing yellow pajamas on a beach, whose head has been badly disfigured or burnt. The police have no idea who she is. Scenes alternate between the police investigation storyline, and scenes from the life of a woman who has a number of different men in her life. How the latter scenes fit in doesn't become clear (or didn't for me) until fairly far into the movie. In fact, I think the other user misunderstood who she was.

This is a fair giallo, but something that really hurt it for me was that there were so many characters who weren't really well identified. From scene to scene I often wasn't sure if I was meeting someone new, or someone from a previous scene.

It isn't without some interest. One memorable scene was when the police put the body into a glass case and put it on public display in an attempt to find someone who could identify her!

Perhaps it was just a flaw in my copy, but it seemed like some short scenes or shots were tinted different colors. There are other scenes where there are clearly intentional changes in colored lights, as when there is an advertising sign just outside a window.

fascinating Italian 70's mystery, shot in Australia, starring Ray MillandReviewed bydjango-1Vote: 7/10

Those expecting a sleazy, gory late entry in the "giallo" cycle of Italian cinema might be let down at THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE, but the film is actually a superb murder mystery, a fascinating character study, a police procedural, and a visually striking experience. Perhaps it's best to say that it was "inspired by a true story," since much liberty is taken with the original Australian case on which the film is based (and the Blue Underground DVD has as an extra an interview with investigative Australian author Richard Evans, who wrote a book about the real case from the 1930's). Ray Milland stars as a retired detective who spends time most of his time in his greenhouse (is this an allusion to the Columbo episode where Milland was into gardening?) but is brought out of retirement by a baffling case where an unknown corpse is found charred and decayed in an abandoned car on a beach. The police must first find who the woman is before finding who killed her. All the while as this story is being told we are following a second plot which I won't divulge here. At about the mid-point it seems as though the film might be nearly over, but it takes another turn and the chronologies of the stories become clear. As a regular watcher and reader of murder mysteries, the red herring characters were clear to me, the identity of the victim was no surprise, and the solution to the crime was not as much of a surprise as other IMDb reviews seem to think. However, I was riveted the way I am in a good Columbo episode thinking about the HOW and the WHY of the crime, and the clever way in which the various threads are tied together. Milland is, as always, superb, bringing many interesting quirks to the character of Thompson the retired detective. Michele Placido is impressive as the Italian immigrant waiter who is a major player in the parallel story, and Mel Ferrer is his usual suave self as a Professor who is having an affair with Placido's wife, who is played by the lovely Dalila Di Lazzaro. Fortunately, Milland and Ferrer provide their own voices. Howard Ross is also memorable as a vain and brutal German who is also having an affair with Dalila. While Riz Ortalani's music is largely the thumping electric euro-funk one expects in a 1977 film, it's much more subtle than, say, a soundtrack by Goblin, and two songs by Amanda Lear (my wife asked me "is that Nico?") are haunting and perfect, although many will find themselves initially put off by her singing. I don't think I can get the main song of hers out of my head. I had always considered buying a pan-and-scan VHS of this, but I'm glad I waited for the new and beautiful widescreen DVD. The Australian locations for the film as surprising and shot in an unexpected way that is fresh and makes the background an important character. I've been waiting to see this for two decades, and while it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I was completely satisfied by it and watched it twice the day I bought it. Mystery fans and those into 70's Italian genre films should not miss it. However, don't expect the level of sex and violence you're usually provided in such films.

A Giallo without the Giallo staplesReviewed byThe_VoidVote: 7/10

The Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas is an oddball entry in the Giallo cycle as it veers away from so many of the key elements of the style. The most obvious difference between this and the rest is that the body count is amazingly scarce, featuring only three murders; none of which are very bloody. Furthermore, we don't have a black-gloved killer to follow, and the majority of the film follows just one murder - which actually takes place before the film begins! The plot is split into two halves; first of all we've got the investigation into said murder, and this is backed up by a story told in flashbacks of the murdered girl's life up until it ended. The way that director Flavio Mogherini implements these two stories works well in a way, as it gives us a different angle than featured in most Giallo films and it allows us to identify with the victim despite the fact that we already know she's dead - but on the other hand, it's often confusing as to exactly what is going on because it's never really made clear that we're watching flashbacks, and the girl's life really isn't all that interesting; which made me continually want the film to get back on track with the police investigation.

At the start of the film, we see a young girl find a horrifically mutilated corpse on a beach. This then leads to an investigation into the murder, which is most notable for the fact that the body is put on public display in order to allow the body to be identified! The Australian setting is well realised by Mogherini, and makes for an interesting place for a Giallo to take its scene as the majority of fans are so used to seeing them set in Italy. The sun drenched locations help to set the scene, and this is excellently offset by the sleazy atmosphere, which is propped up by scenes of prostitution and voyeurism. The majority of Giallo fans will be used to seeing the story take place in a lush vibrant world of colours; and that is something lacking here. Prior to this movie, Flavio Mogherini was the art director for a few well known Giallo films; but it seems that the style's preoccupation with tension and thrills didn't wear off on him. The film is held together by Ray Milland, who stands out as the old detective investigating the case. He is joined by a talented cast of Italian performers, including an excellent Dalila Di Lazzaro in the title role. Overall, this isn't the greatest Giallo and fans of the more macabre entries may be disappointed; but if you ask me, The Pyjama Girl Case is definitely worth a watch.

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