The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013) 1080p

A young Pakistani man is chasing corporate success on Wall Street. He finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American Dream, a hostage crisis, and the enduring call of his family's homeland.

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  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
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The Synopsis for The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013) 1080p

A young Pakistani man is chasing corporate success on Wall Street. He finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American Dream, a hostage crisis, and the enduring call of his family's homeland.

The Director and Players for The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013) 1080p

[Director]Mira Nair
[Role:]Riz Ahmed
[Role:]Kiefer Sutherland
[Role:]Liev Schreiber

The Reviews for The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013) 1080p

Reviewed bygradyharpVote: 10/10/10

For those who have read Mohsin Hamid's brilliant novel on which thisfilm is based the story will be easier to follow than the somewhatdisconnected screenplay that was written by Hamid with Ami Boghani andWilliam Wheeler. Mira Nair directs, and knowing her previous worksuggests that it is this very disconnect that she wishes to emphasizein this profoundly moving film - in these times of global unrest andfear because of terrorist acts we don't know who to trust and who todislike, but the answer is that there is no right or wrong. Nairachieves this by beginning her film with a conversation between anAmerican journalist Bobby (Liev Schreiber) and a Pakistani professorChangez (Riz Ahmed) in a setting of high tension in a bar in Lahore andour initial belief is that the Bobby represents the core we trust andwith whom we identify, that Changez is the unknown 'different culture'stranger who is suspect. In the course of the film that position isdeeply altered. And that is where the power of the message is soaffecting. But we must go through flashbacks of eleven years tounderstand the real drama.

Changez Khan (the very handsome and very fine actor Riz Ahmed) liveswith his poet father Abu (Om Purl) and mother Ammi (Shabana Azmi) inPakistan. The family is poor but educated and Changez decides to go toAmerica to find his place in the corporate world of money and success -and help support his family (his sister is ready to marry but thefamily can ill afford a traditional wedding). Changez arrives inAmerica, attends university, and rises rapidly, gaining a position witha Wall Street company that specializes in financial advising forbusiness internationally. The head of the company Jim Cross (KieferSutherland) personally picks Changez after testing his skills and sendsChangez on missions to the Philippines etc where he examines thefinances, cuts waste (and jobs of workers) and makes the businesses runefficiently, increase profits, but sacrificing the working class. Onone such mission Changez is asked to analyze a publishing house inIstantbul, the owner Nazmi (Haluk Bilginer) has translated Changez'fathers poetry into Turkish, and pleads with Changez not to destroy hispublishing house. Cross demands Changez shut it down and Changezrefuses and submits his resignation. As he prepares to pack to return,jobless, to the US he is watching television and the twin towers of9/11 are being attacked. His attempts to return to the US are met withpolice and airport interrogations since he is not a native bornAmerican, and this allows the viewer to witness the horrible anddemeaning treatment 'foreigners' received in the wake of 9/11.

Changez does return to New York and has another setback with hisphotographer artist girlfriend Erica (Kate Hudson), herself deeplybruised by the loss of her lover in a car crash she caused in therecent past, who has an art opening that includes videos and images ofbits of conversation she has shared with Changez - information which inthe exhibition further underlines the concept of Changez as a potentialterrorist. Changez flees to Pakistan, becomes an anti-violence butfiery professor whose students seek to rid their Pakistan of theAmerican intruders. And this is where the conversation at film'sbeginning ultimately makes sense (it is now 2011). The manner in whichthe film ends is left for the viewer to experience. As in the bookthere are many sidebar stories and characters that underline thestories of both Bobby (who has been talked into joining the CIA) andChangez who moves from his love of the American Dream and hissweetheart, to his spiritual commitment to his Pakistan. Thesecharacters, as well as many others in this film, allow us to see thereis no one way to view acts as right or wrong. It is all perception andhopefully this brilliant film will assist us in understanding theconfusion that deeply affects us all everyday as we walk around thetopic of terrorism. Grady Harp, May 13

Reviewed bycinematic_aficionado ([email protected])Vote: 7/10/10

Whilst it is tempting to dismiss this as just another 9/11 relatedtale, it goes a little deeper than one might think.

A young Pakistani whose upward path to wealth in the finance industryin New York is interrupted by the atrocities of September 11, 2001 whothen becomes the Asian looking man with a beard, the centre ofeveryone's suspicions. The country he had come to grow so fond of,suddenly puts him in a dark corner, which raises some uneasy questions;is hatred the response to hatred, or extremism the cure to extremism? Asingle event, with a chain of events that followed caused him toquestion everything.

This is a story about two extremes. On the one hand is the religiousfundamentalism which drives people to kill for the sake of dogma andblind obedience to a book whilst on the other hand lies the financialfundamentalism which drives people to gamble the livelihoods of othersfor the sake of individual profit maximisation and wealth accumulation.The former type of extremism is well noted and condemned, whilst thelatter is noted but not so openly condemned although it is possiblethat it is causing more damage than religious fundamentalism.Regardless where one stands on such issues this film puts a young manin the middle of two extremes.

Changez is a conflicted soul and whilst he starts out as a financialfundamentalist, should he not swap one extreme for another? Can herealise that fanaticism is harmful no matter whichever root it has?

An interesting, and very relevant film.

Reviewed bypvtbrooksVote: 10/10/10

This movie challenged my views of American policy. I thought that itwas definitely written with an Indian audience as the demographic itwould do best in. We had an opportunity to listen to the Director (MiraNair) speak about this and her other movies. She told us "This movie isintended to start a conversation", and that it does. If you are aHollywood / blockbuster fan you probably will not enjoy this as much.If you are open- minded, watch film for more than just entertainment,and like Bollywood / Indian film, this is for you. I think that just as20 years ago film depicting disability, or sexuality was far lesspopular such is true about a film that illustrates a point of viewthat's not that of a gun toting American.

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