The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) 1080p

The Return of Bulldog Drummond is a movie starring Ralph Richardson, Ann Todd, and Joyce Kennedy. Drummond leads a black-shirted platoon of men from his former unit against foreign interlopers trying to pull England into dangerous...

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The Synopsis for The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) 1080p

Drummond leads a black-shirted platoon of men from his former unit against foreign interlopers trying to pull England into dangerous overseas entanglements.

The Director and Players for The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) 1080p

[Director]Walter Summers
[Role:]Ann Todd
[Role:]Francis L. Sullivan
[Role:]Ralph Richardson
[Role:]Joyce Kennedy

The Reviews for The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) 1080p

Politically non-conformist B adventure flick.Reviewed bydnriversVote: 9/10

Wonder why all of the other Drummond films are easily available and this one is scarce. No I don't. This one actually displays the political left in a SOMEWHAT unfavorable light (now think of it: would anyone complain if Nazis were displayed unfavorably - of course not - but the extreme left has murdered millions more and should be subject to the same level of scorn). Anyway the film is a take on Sapper's The Black Gang and actually is otherwise a typical Drummond entry. Think of it as the James Bond of its day. Richardson not the best Drummond but none were (are). Technically the bad guy is not a leftist and the movie lets the true hard leftists get away with just being dupes.

Enjoyable for its non-conformist politics. Entertaining B movie.

Bulldog Drummond's 2nd Talking Film Needed Ronald Colman.Reviewed byJ_Batek_IIVote: 7/10

(I can't believe I have watched more than one of these films this year...) Back in 1929 Ronald Colman played Bulldog Drummond, a character from British pulp fiction novels, in an early talking picture. Unfortunately for the movie studios, Ronald Colman actually WAS Bulldog Drummond (a WWI veteran injured on the Western Front, turned playboy and would-be tough guy). Bulldog Drummond had a limp because Ronald Colman had a limp - from WWI shrapnel in his leg. Ronald Colman had a unique style of delivery that contained almost constant wit and sarcasm, regardless of the situation. The movie happened to be pretty great. Kudos to Colman and company (see me review of 'Bulldog Drummond', 1929).

After a five year break, they couldn't get Colman to do a second movie, so they get this dead fish to play Bulldog Drummond. He sucks. And, so goes the rest of the film. They took chances and had some cool effects and camera work (underwater shots and maybe the first appearance on film of an electrified fence). But, no amount of 1934 special effects were gonna save this film.

RealReview Posting Scoring Criteria:Acting - 0.5/1Casting - 0.5/1Directing - 1/1Story - 0.5/1Writing/Screenplay - 1/1

Total Base Score = 3.5

Modifiers (+ or -):Technical Effects/Make Up: 1Believability/Consistency: -1

Total RealReview Rating: 3.5 (rounded up to 4 for IMDB)

Anti-War Propaganda...Reviewed byxerses13Vote: 6/10

The most interesting thing about this movie is the eccentric turn of Ralph Richardson as Bulldog Drummond and Francis L. Sullivan as His nemesis Carl Peterson. Plus an early look at the young Ann Todd as Phyllis Drummond. The film reflects some of the crudity of British Film production outside of the films of Alexander Korda. Exhibiting the same level of competence as the 'Poverty Row' studios in Hollywood, like Mascot, Monogram or P.R.C, etc.

Drummond leads a group of armed x-officers (The Black Clan) on a crusade against what is a perceived a threat to World peace led by Mr. Peterson. It was a popular theory that the GREAT WAR (WWI) was caused or manipulated into by Arms Cartels. Peterson's character being based on Basil Zaharoff. A international arms dealer affiliated with VICKERS with a more then suspect past of corruption, shady dealings, possible murder and sabotage too obtain His ends. Make a lot of money at other People's expense.

Well our Hero's accomplish there goals and Peterson meets his deserved end. Is peace brought to the World, well no. Imperial Japan would initiated the fun with the start of the 2nd Sino-Japanese war in 1937. Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia would use the Spanish-Civil War as a testing ground and Italy would trash Ethiopia, wanting too create a new Roman Empire. Then in 1939 things really got going with a BANG, enter WWII! A reality far beyond what was imagined by THE RETURN OF BULLDOG DRUMMOND.

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