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The Return of the Musketeers (1989)

The Return of the Musketeers is a movie starring Michael York, Oliver Reed, and Frank Finlay. In France in 1649, the services of the Four Musketeers are needed again, and they run into some old foes from twenty years before.

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The Synopsis for The Return of the Musketeers (1989) 720p

It's 1649: Mazarin hires the impoverished D'Artagnan to find the other musketeers: Cromwell has overthrown the English king, so Mazarin fears revolt, particularly from the popular Beaufort. Porthos, bored with riches and wanting a title, signs on, but Aramis, an abbé, and Athos, a brawler raising an intellectual son, assist Beaufort in secret. When they fail to halt Beaufort's escape from prison, the musketeers are expendable, and Mazarin sends them to London to rescue Charles I. They are also pursued by Justine, the avenging daughter of Milady de Winter, their enemy 20 years ago. They must escape England, avoid Justine, serve the Queen, and secure Beauford's political reforms.

The Director and Players for The Return of the Musketeers (1989) 720p

[Director]Richard Lester
[Role:]Frank Finlay
[Role:]Michael York
[Role:]C. Thomas Howell
[Role:]Oliver Reed

The Reviews for The Return of the Musketeers (1989) 720p

One for all for one last timeReviewed bydidi-5Vote: 7/10

This fun instalment of the Musketeers series (fifteen years after 'The Four Musketeers' was released) reunites the original four cast members (Michael York still looking impossibly young as D'Artagnan, now in the King's army; Oliver Reed on good form as Athos, now with a weedy son Raoul (C Thomas Howell) who really doesn't need to be there; Frank Finlay in a very silly wig as Porthos and still accident prone; and Richard Chamberlain as Aramis, now an Abbe and the Queen's confessor, but ready (eventually) to join in the swordsplay).

Kim Cattrall appears as Justine de Winter, daughter of Milady, and is completely inadequate. Making a return are Christopher Lee as Rochefort, and Roy Kinnear (who died during filming) as long-suffering servant Planchet; and fine additions to the cast include Alan Howard as Oliver Cromwell, Bill Paterson as Charles I, Jean-Pierre Cassell as Cyrano de Bergerac (an idiot who thinks geese will help him fly in a balloon to the moon) and Philippe Noiret as Mazarin.

Is it as good as the 1970s instalments, also directed by Lester? The sword fights are there (and also an hilarious scene involving trapdoors in the rooms of Justine de Winter); there's the usual set of stunts and slapstick; and there's the darker sections - Athos remembering Milady, the execution of Charles I, the young French king imprisoned in the Tower, the gunpowder-laden ship.

For me the cast member who is most memorable (as in the earlier films) is Oliver Reed, in a perfect part which gives him chance to get lots of references to alcohol in there (in one bit son Raoul offers him tea 'a new infusion', which Athos sprays out after a swig when being told there's no alcohol in it!), has him stuck in a castle window, and plummeting into a water tank from the punctured balloon. Aside from the funny bits, he's at home with the serious stuff too - proving yet again that he could act when he wanted to.

There's lots in 'Return of the Musketeers' to brighten your day and it was great to see the boys back for one last fling.

An mediocre third filmReviewed byelgregoVote: 5/10

In the early 70's many of the same actors made one excellent and a second really good but not quite excellent fun action film based on Dumas' classic stories with a small amount of fairly inaccurate history thrown in. By this film history is completely gone as is any relation to Dumas' book other than the characters. This film is based on the concept of aging musketeers. It is a funny concept, but just doesn't carry a film. The same gag, guys who can't do it anymore, gets old pretty quickly, and it then it just isn't fun to watch. There is a reliance on things like dwarfs being funny to look at, and elaborately silly hidden panels and such, funny costumes, and Mel Brook-ish humour and funny accents in very poor rhythm with the plot line. The move between gags and the plot is just plain jarring. It is intended as a parody of the first two films--a lovely idea in concept--but it would work as a 15 minute skit, not a feature.

Part of why it worked was the quality of the stars with the three central characters (not in order of billing) (of the film) D'Artagnon, Cardinal Richelieu, and Lady De Winter being played by Michael York, Charleton Heston and Faye Dunaway. Chareleton Heston and Fay Dunaway do not return to this film and they are very missed. Kim Catrell plays the Faye Dunaway role (as her daughter) and lovely though she is, she just is not close to the actress that Dunaway was. Dunaway managed to be really be scary and sexy (Think Vagina Dentata as a surprise to a lover kind of feeling). And Heston, crazy gun coot that he was then, was pretty scary in a fun way too. The actor in his role just is not very convincingly malevolent. Also missing from this cast is Raquel Welch, playing the dumb, funny gorgeous sexpot (against Dunaway's scary, super-intelligent sociopathic sexpot).

Given the quality of the original two films, and how mediocre the script for this is, I am surprised the rest of the major players returned: Christopher Lee (great in all), Oliver Reed (playing a drunk--big surprise), Geraldine Chaplin (her role is larger and Much more poorly written--she is not a comedienne), and Richard Chamberlain. All wonderful actors but poorly used in this film.

There is a young love interest couple: OK I've mentioned it exists.

Finally, Michael York was rivetingly sexy in the first two films. In 1974 he was 32 and played an 18 year old quite convincingly. In 1989 he was 47 playing a 47 year old who appeared to be 30. He was still fun to watch, but I think he kind of dumbed-down his physical grace, where as the other musketeer actors clearly couldn't run (ya know in real life) couldn't run more than four or five steps. Oliver Reed and Richard Chamberlin did still sizzle a bit in 1974 but by 1989--nada in the sexy pants division for these two. Like Chaplain, comedy is not their forte. This has no credible dramatic elements. They are not enjoyable to look at, so it doesn't leave lots for them to add.

Oh yeah, don't confuse this with the Disney Three Muskateers film made in the 90's. It is almost unwatchable.


I noticed from someone else's review that an actor known in the UK for physical comedy actually was killed doing a horse stunt, and that partly accounts for folks in the UK likely this film more than folks in the US. It always seems awful when you read someone dies making a film doing a stunt. It is especially dreadful when the film comes out to be mediocre like this one.

I gave this a five, meaning fair. An unfortunate thing about this site is that if you actually watch a film, you rarely really hate the film--at least if you are watching it on video. So my evaluation of 5 really does mean fair, but a film that has an average of 5 on this site is generally truly rotten.

Richard Lester's following to his two successful films of the 70s realized in similar styleReviewed byma-cortesVote: 6/10

Spectacular swordplay in lively style in this acceptable version of the classic Dumas novel ¨Twenty years later¨ . Producer Pierre Spengler presents Dumas' exciting story of love and adventure ,¨The four musketeers, Twenty years later¨. For the innumerable times adapted , it's filmed in the greatest splendor , the complete romance , the historical characters, the full novel just as Alexandre Dumas write it . It is packed with comedy , derring-do , intrigue, a love story , action , drama and moving swordplay. An awesome casting and big production shot in Spain make for a fairly amusement swashbuckler . This is the classic version of the Dumas's novel with a handsome Michael York in a brave role as veteran and handsome musketeer , a dashing, audacious lover. This is a slight and acceptable budgeted retelling about the durable Alexandre Dumas's novel with all star cast. This delightful adaptation based on Alexandro Dumas classic novel starts with a mature D'Artagnan who attempts to reunite the remaining Musketeers , the three two-fisted Musketeers , Athos (deliciously performed by Oliver Reed), Porthos(Frank Finlay) and Aramis (Richard Chamberlain) . Athos , the old adventurer , fighting to live and living to love , nowadays he has a rollicking son (C. Thomas Howell), Porthos married a rich woman and Aramis as dreary priest . Dártagnan invites to unite them in their objective to struggle against guards of astute Cardinal Mazarin (Philippe Noiret), his deputy Rochefort ( Christopher Lee ), and a devious secret agent , the Milady De Winter's daughter ( Kim Cattrall ) who such as his mother is lovely as a jewel, deadly as a dagger the wickedest woman in all Christendom , she seeks vengeance against the Musketeers. Furthermore , there is developed an intrigue between the kid king Luis XIV, Queen Anna of Austria( Geraldine Chaplin), dazzling as her gilded palace for her, men dared a thousand perils ; and of course the nasty Mazarino . The musketeers join forces for royal vengeance and save the queen Anna from machinations from villain Cardinal Mazarin , all of them with the shout : ¨One for all and all for one¨. The Musketeers entangled in a web of treachery and intrigue become involved into historic events as the Fronda riots with the Duke Beaufort (Eusebio Lazaro) and execution of Charles I (Bill Patterson )as King of England by Oliver Cronwell (Alan Howard).

It's a passable take on from the immortal novel with quite budget and breathtaking scenarios .The picture contains rousing action, intrigue , romantic adventure, mayhem and a lot of fence. Entertaining swashbuckling , glamorous gowns by Ivonne Blake and luxurious sets by Oscar winning Gil Parrondo. Sympathetic performances by main star cast as York , Reed , Finlay , Chamberlain and enjoyable secondary cast . Kim Cattrall makes a stunning Milady De Winter's daughter. Comic relief by Roy Kinnear who unfortunately died in an equestrian accident , falling down horse during the production and the film is dedicated at the same . As the marvelous main actors are completed by stellar cast full of classical and veteran players as Roy Kinnear as unforgettable Planchet ,Philippe Noiret , Christopher Lee , Geraldine Chaplin ,Billy Connolly , Jean Pierre Cassel as Cyrano De Bergerac and several others. Atmospheric cinematography by Bernard Lutic though is necessary a fine remastering .This is an entertaining swashbuckling, full of action, adventures,romance comedy with tongue-in-cheek and broad slapdash and of course , lot of fights . This glamorous film was utterly shot in Spain , on location of Aranjuez , Alcazar of Toledo , Studios Roma and Royal Palace (Madrid) and many other places well photographed . Packs an evocative and atmospheric score by Jean Claude Petit . The motion picture is compelling directed by Richard Lester who twenty years before filmed ¨ The three Musqueteers¨and ¨The four Musketeers¨ that were really made simultaneously and with similar artist and technician team . Lush production design is well reflected on the luxurious interiors and exteriors mostly filmed at Madrid and Toledo .

This classy story about the famous ¨Musketeers ¨ is subsequently remade on several versions , firstly take on about this classic is the following : 1921 silent version by Fred Niblo with Douglas Fairbanks and going on the 1935 adaptation by Rowland V Lee with Walter Abel and Paul Lukas ; 1973 amusing version by Richard Lester with Michael York, Oliver Reed and Raquel Welch ; 1993 modern adaptation by Stephen Herek with Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt and Chris O'Donnell, and 2001 rendition by Peter Hyams with Justin Chambers, Mena Suvari and Tim Roth , among others. ¨The return of Musketeers¨ is an amusing and entertaining adaptation of the classy that will appeal to the costumer genre buffs and it results to be an average adaptation with some flaws based on the classic tale and inferior the two former entries much better directed by Richard Lester . The picture failed in Box office and the USA was released (1991) directly to cable-television Rating : 5,5 .

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