The Sex Monster (1999) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Sex Monster (1999) 1080p

The Sex Monster is a movie starring Mariel Hemingway, Mike Binder, and Renée Humphrey. Marty Barnes gets more than he wishes for when he asks his wife to join him in a menage-a-trois. She loves it and he has created a Sex Monster.

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The Synopsis for The Sex Monster (1999) 1080p

A neurotic L.A. building contractor pushes his wife into entering into a three way sexual relationship. Unfortunately for him, his wife gets more out of it than he does and becomes a tigress seducing every female she meets including the contractor's secretary.

The Director and Players for The Sex Monster (1999) 1080p

[Director]Mike Binder
[Director]Mike Binder
[Role:]Taylor Nichols
[Role:]Renée Humphrey
[Role:]Mariel Hemingway

The Reviews for The Sex Monster (1999) 1080p

Reviewed bymxb2001Vote: 1/10/10

For a movie titled so provocatively it sure had very little sex or nudityinit. The plot is your typical 90's lame pop culture brain rot. Thewriter/director is an ignorant and dishonest sell-out. I gave this nuggetofnastiness a 1. I suppose one can mention a single good thing about thiswaste of time: Mariel Hemingway did it during a spell in which she wasminusher usual breast implants. Her lack of talent was routinehowever.

I was expecting a little moreReviewed byDecathVote: 3/10

With a title like Sex Monster I was expecting a little more than what was shown. There were many suggestions and noises of sex happening, but no visuals.


Mike Binder is no Woody Allen..Reviewed byhrlaserVote: 7/10

If Binder sold HBO on his pathetic "Mind of the Married Man" series based on having written and directed and starred in this film, it wouldn't surprise me, as both had a lot of the same elements and ideas, and both were equally lame.

Binder is no Woody Allen. For that matter, he's no Albert Brooks either. He's not even a Gene Wilder, about the most unlikely actor for a sex farce I can imagine, but then maybe women see some kind of appeal to that sad puppy personna..

But someone must think Binder is funny, else they wouldn't be throwing money at him as HBO did..

Sex Monster (don't let the title deceive you.. this isn't a movie about Godzilla humping Tokyo).. can be taken as a prequel to Mind of the Married Man with one exception.. instead of fantasizing and visualizing in his mind, other women in bed with his wife, this film explores the possibilities in a very tame way. If you're looking for Mariel Hemingway nude, forget it. In fact for a sex romp, this film has alarmingly little nudity at all. Lots of tease shots, and women moaning and groaning behind a closed bedroom door, one almost topless shot in a swimming pool, that's about it.

Mariel Hemingway, still gorgeous after all these years, and quite a screen presence, plays Binder's straight and faithful wife to whom he pitches the idea of a second woman in bed with them.. most every guy's unfulfilled fantasy.. at first put off by the concept, she aims to please him, she warms to it, then dives face first, as it were, into it, to the point that he got what he wished for and now he wants to un-wish it..

The way this film was shot and edited reminds me of an even tamer version of the way "adult" hardcore videos are presented on tape, versus how they end up on channels like "Spice" where you see the tops of a lot of heads bobbing up and down..

I kept waiting and waiting for the big payoff.. but this is a sex film with no "money shot", both literally and figuratively.

It's a one line joke that somehow got stretched to an hour an a half, and it moves at such a glacial pace that I actually fell asleep the first time I tried to watch it.

Mariel Hemingway is still beautiful, still talented, and she deserves to be pitched much better scripts than this one, and someone needs to tell Binder that his fantasies are simply just not rip-roaringly hilarious..

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