The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) 1080p

A mysterious stranger arrives in the Missouri hills and befriends a young backwoods girl. Much to the dislike of her moonshiner fiancé who has vowed to find and kill his own father.

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The Synopsis for The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) 1080p

Young Matt Masters, an Ozark Mountains moonshiner, hates the father he has never seen, who apparently deserted Matt's mother and left her to die. His obsession contributes to the hatred rampant in the mountains. However, the arrival of a stranger, Daniel Howitt, begins to positively affect the mountain people, who learn to shed their hatred under his gentle influence. Still, Matt does not quite trust Howitt.....

The Director and Players for The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) 1080p

[Director]Henry Hathaway
[Role:]John Wayne
[Role:]Harry Carey
[Role:]Betty Field

The Reviews for The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) 1080p

Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 8/10/10

Herbert J. Yates of Republic Pictures must have gotten a tidy sum fromParamount for the use of his number one star for his first technicolorfeature film.

Shepherd of the Hills was the first film in which John Wayne workedwith director Henry Hathaway. They didn't work together again foranother 19 years and then in the Sixties did four films culminatingwith Wayne's Oscar winning performance in True Grit.

In fact Hathaway had directed the first outdoor technicolor film in thesame Ozark area for Paramount five years earlier in The Trail of theLonesome Pine.

You think of this area of the country and you either think of the comiccharacters of The Beverly Hillbillies or the inbred freaks ofDeliverance. In both films Hathaway avoids those stereotypes and hecreates characters of dignity and strength.

John Wayne is Matt Matthews whose father left his mother before she wasborn and she died leaving him to be raised by his aunt Beulah Bondi.Bondi's a bitter old woman who fills the Duke's head with evil thoughtsabout his father.

A stranger comes to their valley and has a lot of money, buys a pieceof property from the Matthews clan and settles there. Harry Carey winsover most of the people there with several acts of kindness andcharity. He especially makes a big fan of Betty Field who's a hankerin'after the Duke.

Carey's got a past secret and I think if you read the review you canfigure out what it is without me being explicit. But all is revealed inthe end and it's worth the wait.

Wayne and Carey have a great chemistry between them because next toJohn Ford, Harry Carey was probably the single biggest influence increating a star named John Wayne from a USC football player namedMarion Michael Morrison who earned some extra money working as a propman on silent movie sets. The same rapport between them is also carriedover to The Angel and the Badman which Wayne produced himself.

Shepherd of the Hills is a good film about some simple people with somegreat performances by the entire cast.

Reviewed bytheowinthropVote: 10/10/10

THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS was made into a silent film in 1919. HaroldBell Wright, the author of the story, was a popular novelist of theday, and a number of his stories were turned into films. He usuallyconcentrated on stories regarding people who lived in mountainousregions (one hesitates to call them hillbillies as they are usuallyshown to be non-stereotypes). As was mentioned in another of thecomments here, Wright also wrote the story that was the basis for theHenry Fonda / Fred MacMurray film THE TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE.

John Wayne is not the central figure of this film, although consideredthe star nowadays. In reality this film should be considered one of thebest in the career of Harry Carey Sr. A leading movie cowboy actor inthe silent period and early sound years, Carey had slowly moved intocharacter parts after 1933. Possibly his best recalled non-western roleis the Vice President of the United States in MR. SMITH GOES TOWASHINGTON. As a Western star, he proved to be Wayne's own model of theperfect western film actor. In fact, in the shooting of John Ford's THESEARCHERS, Wayne purposely honored Carey by copying a mannerism he had(holding his arm with his hand in a particular position) in Wayne'slast visible moment in that film.

In the movie Wayne is a member of a family centered around James Bartonand Beulah Bondi (Wayne's blood aunt), and his cousin Marc Lawrence.Bondi has never forgiven Wayne's father for abandoning the family, andindirectly causing the death of her sister. She has instilled in Waynea hatred of the father. At the same time, the death of the sister istied to the other tragedy of the family - that Lawrence is a mute. Hehas been unable to speak since he survived the fire that killed hisaunt (Wayne' mother). The only one who occasionally stands up againstBondi's vicious hatred is Barton, but he admits in his best scene inthe film that he really lacks the nerve to openly condemn her behavior.

This is a great film for character actors. Besides Barton, Bondi, andLawrence, please take note of Marjorie Main in one of her mostprescient performances. She is blind, and she requires expensivesurgery to have a chance for the restoration of her sight. At acritical moment Carey will lend her the money for that surgery. Whenher eyesight is restored everyone in the community rejoices, until Mainrecognizes somebody in the crowd she did not expect to ever see again.Her comment when she reveals this person's identity, and realizes thetragedy she may have unwittingly caused, is devastating in it'ssimplicity and ironic truth.

Carey is a newly arrived rancher in the area, who (as witness hisassistance to Main) gets involved trying to do good for his neighbors.And all usually benefit. Yet he too has his secrets, and they nearlyrip him and several others apart.

THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS is a movie about redemption and forgiveness,and it's cast shows the difficulties faced by common people whenpresented with these seemingly simple acts of behavior. All of thestars of the movie gave first rate performances in it, and for Wayne itwas the first big follow-up to his overnight success in STAGECOACH. Butthe best performance remains Carey's, who in the end has to commit anact of violence in order to try to save his last chance for acceptancefrom those who count the most.

Reviewed bycaa821Vote: 9/10/10

I first saw "The Shepherd of the Hills" outdoor drama when we visitedBranson for the first time, in the late 1970's. My family and I weretotally unfamiliar with this southwest Missouri area, and this was onlya few years prior to the Branson area's "explosion" onto theentertainment scene. It expanded from 6 or 8 theaters, then, withperhaps 5,000 seats, to several times this number today, with moreseats than all of Broadway. It's possible there now for someone toattend something like 50 or 60 shows for a month - one every eveningand a number of breakfast or matinée performances - and never see thesame one twice, with additional ones available if one wishes to begin asecond month.

From earlier days, and continuing today, two of the cornerstoneattractions in the Branson area are Silver Dollar City theme park(modeled after an 1880's silver mining complex, but with 21st-centuryNew York City or Hollywood pricing) and The Shepherd of the Hills farm,the original cabin, the large outdoor amphitheater which presents alavish production of the story, a restaurant, gift shop, etc. They alsohave all the information about characters upon whom the book is based,and Harold Bell Wright, that one could possibly want to know (and thensome!).

This film's "version" of the book and story is well-played, the scenerywell-photographed (especially since footage was done 65 years ago), andthe characters interesting. However, the story here represents the bookabout as well as if John Wayne's film, "Red River," had been presentedwith this title and its characters renamed to coincide with this story.

First, the elder Mathews were not a female moonshiner and her wimpyhusband. They were leading citizens, operated the mill, and were anasset to their rural community and their fellow residents.

Young Matt and Sammy, as a "couple", were more like characters from"The Waltons" than those portrayed. The "Shepherd" was also a modelcitizen-type, no gunfighter or ex-con, and was no relation to YoungMatt whatever.

Actually, the Shepherd was the father of the young man who had fatheredthe mentally-challenged young Pete, the son of the Mathews' latedaughter. His son had loved her, had returned East not realizing he hadleft her pregnant, and was prevented by his father (the Shepherd) fromreturning, and subsequently disappeared.

The Shepherd had come to the area to view the situation and attemptamends. During the actual book (and the drama as still presented inBranson today) the unknown "specter" character appears throughout, isshot, and dies, but before passing, is discovered to be the Shepherd'slost son, and there is a heartfelt resolution of matters towards theend.

The Shepherd also achieves rapprochement with Old Matt, who hadthreatened mayhem should he ever encounter the man he blamed for hisdaughter's broken heart and death.

Wash Gibbs is a nefarious character, with designs upon Sammy, and arival of Matt - in both versions - but in the book he is still a"Baldnobber" and gangster. The "Baldknobbers" were vigilantes who haddone worthy things for the citizenry in the post-Civil War period, withcarpetbaggers and others attempting to plunder the areas - but like alot of such groups, when there was no further need for their goodworks, they turned their prodigious physical strengths to illegal,self-serving ends.

Several interesting, key characters from the novel are missing fromthis film; e.g., Jim Lane (Sammy's father) is more of a key elementthan shown here. And the Marjorie Main character, with the over-the-topscene where she regains her sight, represents no key element ofWright's story. The name "Moanin' Meadow," and its representation inthe movie have no part in Wright's book. While in both presentations,the characters were simple "hill folk," neither sophisticated noreducated - the film provides many with a far greater "bumpkin" image.

Again, this is an excellent film, but I would have enjoyed even moreseeing the same characters presented as actually portrayed by Wright.

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