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The Song of Lunch (2010)

A London publisher recounts a lunchtime reunion with a former lover, in poetic monologue.

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The Synopsis for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

An existential parable of a wistful journey to ones heady youth with the excitement and bitterness of that time trapped in the mind. A former romance is re-evaluated by the rose coloured filter of time but confronted by the present. Time has moved on but the past has trapped the author.

The Director and Players for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

[Director]Niall MacCormick
[Role:]Emma Thompson
[Role:]Alan Rickman
[Role:]Andi Soric

The Reviews for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

The Song of Losing My LunchReviewed byelfdoradoVote: 3/10

This would have been unwatchable (and even unlistenable) had it not been for Rickman and Thompson. The writing is tedious, clichéd, and overwrought and every "insight" banal. There is even a slight mystery whose solution you can see from space. Why anyone would have decided to film this ridiculous poem is beyond me; I suppose the poet had some good connections.

As it is, Rickman is too perfect for the role. His looks and his voice too easily lend themselves to the pathetic and the desperate. He gets to both too quickly, partly because the language and narrative take him there and partly because the language, bad as it is, made me feel worse for him, made me pity him as an actor, thus creating another uncomfortable distraction. All that pity so soon and in one layer too many made me lose patience with the whole production. I kept hoping for something more, thinking that Rickman and Thompson would never have been involved with something this bad unless it offered something real and true. Instead, I think their participation has to do with the work ethic of the English actor: you must never take a break, you must always be acting. And if you can do a well-produced project with another excellent actor, then why not do it? Maybe other friends or respected colleagues were on board. I can't think of any other reasons why Thompson and Rickman would have done this. Sigh.

Reviewed byMariam BayatVote: 7/10/10

A beautiful tale of two long lost lovers that doesn't fail to lift yourspirit. Despite only being a short film I enjoyed it very much.Perfectly assembled with great cinematography which compliments theoriginal poem greatly. The melancholy and passion between theprotagonists were definitely sustained through out the film steering itaway from titles bearing names such asDepressing-love-story-for-the-over-40s or a Horny-middle-aged-people-have-a-rendez-vous. No better actors could have beenpicked for this. A brilliant performance on behalf of both Alan Rickmanand Emma Thompson who portray the characters exact to how I hadimagined them to be.

All in all 'tis a great film. However, I advise people to read the bookfirst before watching the film.

Reviewed bymiss_lady_ice-853-608700Vote: 8/10/10

Alan Rickman plays a jaded publisher meeting a past flame (EmmaThompson) at an old haunt, now impersonally renovated. The publisherhas a one-track mind and views her every move as erotic.

This is a dramatised narrative poem. I'm sceptical about modern poetrybut this one's quite good. It may be familiar ground but a lot of thephrases are actually quite good: consciously poetic but a concisedescription. Fans of Alan Rickman might find it hard to control himselfas his character is aroused by everything: a squeezed hand, a glass ofwine meeting his lips, a comely waitress, even a pepper shaker. Thestory is told through his perspective, much of it as voice-over. Theswitch between voice-over and dialogue really works, creating tensionand drama in what is a fairly undramatic scene. It's like a short play.

Both Rickman and Thompson speak the blank verse (with the occasionalrhyme) very naturally. Their characters are intellectual people and thetalk comes naturally to them, particularly Rickman'semotionally/creatively/sexually frustrated character.

It's only 50 minutes so it's worth a watch. It would have been nice ifit were part of a series of poems.

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