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The Song of Lunch (2010)

A London publisher recounts a lunchtime reunion with a former lover, in poetic monologue.

IMDB: 7.61 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
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The Synopsis for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

An existential parable of a wistful journey to ones heady youth with the excitement and bitterness of that time trapped in the mind. A former romance is re-evaluated by the rose coloured filter of time but confronted by the present. Time has moved on but the past has trapped the author.

The Director and Players for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

[Director]Niall MacCormick
[Role:]Emma Thompson
[Role:]Alan Rickman
[Role:]Andi Soric

The Reviews for The Song of Lunch (2010) 720p

Reviewed byinfodaddyVote: /10

He came close to his fantasy, a renewal. But shortly let his mind takehim down a trail of various sorts of negativity. He was on that line abit, a line where he could have been witty and upbeat and challenging,a line he crossed into torpor and, well, annoyance, and more.

Or perhaps He knew something the other reviewers here (and they are avery solid group of reviewers) did not know: That She too wanted arenewal. Though her words bely that possibility, well into the film,she touches his hand in a way that is personal and perhaps a biterotic. Perhaps in her wonderful life with a successful author and twonondescript kids, she would like to recoup her past with He.

Perhaps He knew this, and sabotaged it. If so, Why?

The subject that screenwriters love to chat about, subtext, comes up. Ithought the Mamet fiasco, PHIL SPECTOR, had the characters alldelivering subtext as dialogue. Thus there was no mystery. Here,however, the subtext was given us in his unspoken words, his thoughts,as voice-over dialogue in his own head. Perambulating in his skull. Itworked.

For Rickman, I find this his second most compelling work, the firstbeing CLOSET LAND (which I saw on a Saturday night in a popular movietheater, but only me in the room for that film). Both works exploit hisrich voice.

Reviewed byjgw321Vote: 10/10/10

It is not easy to transfer poetry to film. Poetry does not tell a storylike a simple novel, with the plot explained in logical prose. Insteadit approaches the subject sideways; with ideas, hints and suggestionswith which, by enrichment from your own experience, you arrive at ashadowy glimpse of something profound about what it is to be human.

This films achieves this in just the same way that a poem does. It is abrilliant film that I could watch over and over again, getting morefrom it each time. This is because the poem and film are catalysts tothe beholder's share, which will be different each time I view as mymood changes, and my experiences grow.

If you don't understand poetry then this film could be rather bleak,since it dwells on ageing, lost love, mortality and similar themes. Ifyou accept that these themes are ever present in our daily lives and wehave to come to terms with them, and you understand and enjoy poetrythen this is a must see film for you.

Reviewed byMariam BayatVote: 7/10/10

A beautiful tale of two long lost lovers that doesn't fail to lift yourspirit. Despite only being a short film I enjoyed it very much.Perfectly assembled with great cinematography which compliments theoriginal poem greatly. The melancholy and passion between theprotagonists were definitely sustained through out the film steering itaway from titles bearing names such asDepressing-love-story-for-the-over-40s or a Horny-middle-aged-people-have-a-rendez-vous. No better actors could have beenpicked for this. A brilliant performance on behalf of both Alan Rickmanand Emma Thompson who portray the characters exact to how I hadimagined them to be.

All in all 'tis a great film. However, I advise people to read the bookfirst before watching the film.

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