The Streetfighter (1974) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Streetfighter (1974) 1080p

Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken is a movie starring Shin'ichi Chiba, Goichi Yamada, and Yutaka Nakajima. Tough karate master Terry Tsurugi takes it upon himself to protect a late businessman's daughter from the Yakuza.

IMDB: 7.10 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.73G
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  • Language: Japanese
  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 29 / 32

The Synopsis for The Streetfighter (1974) 1080p

Terry is a tough, mercenary, master of martial arts. When an important business magnate dies, leaving billions to his daughter, the Mafia and Yakuza try to hire Terry to kidnap the daughter. When they refuse to meet his exorbitant price, then try to kill him to conceal their secret plans, he promptly offers his services to protect her. Much ultra-violent martial-arts fighting action, as expected, ensues. This also includes a subplot of a family's bloodfeud with Terry over a disputed debt.

The Director and Players for The Streetfighter (1974) 1080p

[Director]Shigehiro Ozawa
[Role:]Yutaka Nakajima
[Role:]Shin'ichi Chiba
[Role:]Chiyoko Kazama
[Role:]Goichi Yamada

The Reviews for The Streetfighter (1974) 1080p

Sonny Chiba Messes people upReviewed bydarrenmurray84Vote: 7/10

This was the film that made Chiba an international star, and is also famous as being the first film in America to be given an X certificate due to its violent content and not for sex or swearing.

There is very little plot in the film. Luckily there is some excellent action along the way which makes up for any of the plots shortcomings. Chiba is excellent and proves once again that he is one of the best martial arts stars ever. Here he plays Takama Tsuguri, the Streetfighter of the title. He isn't you'r usual kind of hero, and in any other film he would be probably classed as a villain. The film begins with Tsuguri being hired to break out a convict from prison which he does with extremely violent results. Afterwards he is double crossed by the family. Most people would get their revenge by just beating them up, not Tsuguri. Instead he beats up the convicts brother and sells the sister into prostitution, and this is the hero of the movie.

What lies ahead of this are a number of increasingly violent action scenes culminating in an excellent fight on board a giant tanker fighting the main villains henchman until he comes face to face once again with the convict that he freed at the beginning of the film.

Direction in the movie is basic, other than a use of an x-ray shot that shows broken bones, which was utilised to better effect years later in the Jet Li movie "Romeo Must Die". Also there are no performances of note other than Chiba, and even then he is known more for his fighting skills than his thespian ones.

It is no surprise that this film made Chiba a star as he is definitely in a class of his own. His popularity in America was also due to the death of Bruce Lee and audience's wanted to fill the void left by him. Personally I prefer Chiba to Bruce Lee. He may not be as skilled as a Martial Artist, but just seems more deadly on screen than Lee was. Even in its dubbed and re-edited form, the Streetfighter is still a great Martial Arts movie.

Masterpiece of Martial ArtsReviewed bywhpratt1Vote: 7/10

This picture held my interest from the very beginning to the end with a film that is full of blood and gore. Sonny Chiba, (Terry) is hired to protect a young gal who has inherited a very large fortune and the the Asian mafia gets involved with trying to kidnap this rich young gal. There is eye-balls torn out, rape and drugs injected into a girl's veins in order to turn her into a full time prostitute. The martial arts was outstanding throughout the entire picture and Sonny Chiba put his entire heart and soul into this great 1974 film. I have never seen such a great film and was very glad I was able to obtain this film which I can enjoy over and over. Enjoy

RecommendedReviewed bysimon_boothVote: 9/10

I had believed that I had seen this film on a lousy cropped + dubbed DVD some years ago and found it not deserving of the affection/adoration with which it is usually discussed. However, the film seemed so wholly unfamiliar when I watched it tonight that I think I may simply not have seen it before at all - I can't believe that widescreen + original language/subtitles would make _that_ much difference. Then again, my memory is very poor! Regardless, it seems I've finally found my Sonny Chiba groove, and can completely see why this film is loved and revered. It's as ultra-violent, nasty, sleazy a piece of 70's karate-sploitation as you're ever going to see! Chiba plays Tsurugi, a merciless karate master whose moral stance is at best ambiguous - the baddest of asses, if ever an ass was bad! He is quite happy to kill for money, but his real wish seems simply to fight an opponent of equal skill and bloodthirstiness. He volunteers to protect a wealthy heiress, though whether his real motive is to steal her money is never quite resolved. Once the bad guys start sending their karate masters to kill him it's a moot point, though, as he's much more interested in maiming and mutilating them! The film was made only a year or so after Bruce Lee's death, and it's clear that Chiba was being offered as the Japanese replacement for him - but unlike many abortive attempts by the HK studios to produce a "new Bruce Lee", Toei realised from the start that imitation wasn't the right approach... Chiba is in many ways an "anti-Bruce"... rugged, mean, visceral and brutal. He's definitely not a "hero" in any traditional sense... he even warns the heiress' family that he may be worse than the people he's going to protect her from.

The film is action packed pretty much from the beginning to the end, with a small army of goons apparently willing to throw themselves on Chiba's lack of mercy - which he rewards with a whole lot of bone cracking, eye gouging and body part ripping violence. Chiba's style is distinctive, and the fights have a rawness that is quite different from the kung fu films of the day. Much of it seems to be full-contact, with Chiba hitting pretty hard. The film piles on the gore gleefully and gruesomely, though obviously the special effects look dated today.

The film delivers all that fans of trashy, violent exploitation might be looking for except perhaps for nudity - conspicuously absent given the trends of the times... perhaps they didn't want to distract people's attention. It's easy to see why Chiba became an international icon, and why the film is regarded as a classic of its genre.

Highly (but selectively) recommended!

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