The Strongest Man in the World (1975) 720p YIFY Movie

The Strongest Man in the World (1975)

Dexter Riley and his friends accidently discover a new chemical mixed with a cereal seems to give anyone temporary superhuman strength

IMDB: 6.00 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 
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The Synopsis for The Strongest Man in the World (1975) 720p

A school laboratory accident mixes one student's vitamin cereal mix with Dexter Riley's chemical experiment. When the kids decide to dispose of the mess to their neighbor's cow, they learn that the cereal gave the cow the super-strength to give a massively vast supply of milk. When they try it out on themselves, they discover that the stuff gives any human superhuman strength for a few minutes. The school sees this as the thing needed to save their school from closure, as the Dean makes a deal with his relative who owns the company that makes the cereal for financial support, unaware that it was Dexter's chemical which was solely responsible for the strength. When her competitor learn of this deal, he hires two criminals to stop it.

The Director and Players for The Strongest Man in the World (1975) 720p

[Director]Vincent McEveety
[Role:]Joe Flynn
[Role:]Kurt Russell
[Role:]Eve Arden

The Reviews for The Strongest Man in the World (1975) 720p

Reviewed bybmagnetic7Vote: 6/10/10

I was inspired to get this movie after seeing (and enjoying) Sky Highwith Kurt Russell and I happened to recall this movie. I originally saw"The Strongest Man in the World" as a child (I was 5 years old) andenjoyed it VERY much. As an adult, I find it's VERY silly, and campyand wonderful.

Very enjoyable is the opening animation, which depicts a little boydoing AMAZING & IMPOSSIBLE things: catching a king-kong style gorillathat fell from a building, carrying a cruise ship, & holding (with onehand mind you) a stage carrying 3 grown men pressing over their headswhat looks to be about 1000 lbs. WOW! College science student, DexterRiley (Russell) creates a vitamin formula that, by pure accident,becomes a temporary superhuman strength formula. News of the formulacomes to the attention of two rival cereal companies who stage aweightlifting contest to see which cereal would render the eater thestrongest. One cereal, supposedly having the strength formula in it. ItDOESN'T. Now Dexter, must race against the clock to get the realformula in order to win the weightlifting match.

Again, funny, goofy, slow in certain areas, but it doesn't take awayfrom the humor of the film.

Reviewed byMister-6Vote: /10

Having seen all of the Dexter Riley films that Disney has put out, I canhonestly say that "The Strongest Man in the World" is myfavorite.

And why not? Not only does it have Russell in all his youthful exuberanceand Flynn as the eternally befuddled Dean Higgins but it also features partsfor Eve Arden, Phil Silvers and Cesar Romero as A. J. Arno, the Alonzo Hawkfor the '70s.

When Russell and his fellow college cronies discover a potion and add it totheir favorite breakfast cereal, it gives whoever consumes it super-humanstrength. Of course, every unscrupulous character within reach is after itand will go to any lengths necessary (even Chinese acupuncture hypnosis. You heard me.) to gain their ends.

Wild special effects highlight this film, and as always, Flynn takes hisbroad, funny role as Higgins and runs with it, showing off the benefits ofsuper-human strength to an amazed Arden and her associates.

It may be set in the '70s but gags like this stand the test of time. And"The Strongest Man in the World" is still as funny now as it ever was.

What can I say; If it has Joe Flynn in it, I'll watch it.

Ten stars. And one more thing: if you're the dean of a college, never letKurt Russell borrow your car.

Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10/10

Kurt Russell for the third and last time plays Dexter Riley in theDisney Studio's film The Strongest Man In The World. I presume that hefinally graduated from Medfield College and Dean Joe Flynn's life got awhole lot less interesting.

Actually Russell was trying very hard to break free from the Disneyimage and I would say he's succeeded rather nicely. Although he didmake a recent return to the studio for Sky High.

In this final film as Riley, Kurt Russell once again in the laboratorystumbles on a formula for superstrength. At first he and his fellowstudent scientists think it went into Michael McGreevey's breakfastcereal and that starts a whole industrial espionage war between theKrumbly and Krinkly cereal dynasties as personified by Eve Arden andPhil Silvers. Arden has a traitor in the ranks in the person of DickVan Patten and he enlists Russell perennial foe Cesar Romero for somenefarious activities.

And once again the Magic Kingdom makes Medfield College completelyoblivious to the outside world. Well at least student protest and theVietnam War were over by this time so who would notice?

The Strongest Man In The World still contains the amusement value ofits predecessors.

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