The Two Jakes (1990) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Two Jakes (1990) 1080p

The Two Jakes is a movie starring Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, and Meg Tilly. The sequel to Chinatown (1974) finds J.J. "Jake" Gittes investigating adultery and murder, and the money that comes from oil.

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The Synopsis for The Two Jakes (1990) 1080p

After the war, L.A. private eye Jake Gittes is hired by realtor Jake Berman. He proves the infidelity of Berman's wife Kitty and sets up a way for her to be caught in the act. At the rendezvous, Berman shoots the co-respondent who turns out to be his business partner. Gittes finds himself in the middle of a complicated web, under pressure from all sides for a wire recording of the fatal encounter. He then realises that the land the partners were developing was once an orange grove connected with a case that he has never quite gotten over.

The Director and Players for The Two Jakes (1990) 1080p

[Role:]Meg Tilly
[Role:]Harvey Keitel
[Role:]Madeleine Stowe
[Role:Director]Jack Nicholson
[Role:]Jack Nicholson

The Reviews for The Two Jakes (1990) 1080p

a sequel to 1974's Chinatown,lacking the same spark and imaginationReviewed bydisdressed12Vote: 3/10

this movie is the sequel to 1974's Chinatown.Jack Nicholson directed this film and stars again as Jake Gittes.Robert Towne wrote the script and the movie is based on characters created by is hard not to compare this movie to its predecessor and comparisons are here goes.First off this movie plods along at a snail's pace.there doesn't seem to be a clear direction.Also,Gittes seems less likable this time around.the surrounding characters seem to lack any real imagination,as do the situations.put simply,there is no spark.and the femme fatalle angle,which worked so well in the original,doesn't work here.but then who could fill the shoes of the mega star charismatic actress Faye Dunnaway?,the femme in this case is less fatalle.the script is also lacking in imagination,giving the director(Nicholson)less to work will be bored nearly to tears here.a disappointing followup to Chinatown.,as a stand alone film,however-also disappointing.this movie is not quite awful,but not quite good either.not recommended. 3/10

The Return Of J.J. GittesReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 9/10

Fortunately for the movie going public, Jack Nicholson got to do another version of one of his most popular roles as private detective J.J. Gittes in The Two Jakes. It's not as good as Chinatown, few films are, but Nicholson is right back in stride as the laconic Philip Marlowe like private eye from the Raymond Chandler era of fictional detectives.

In fact repeating their roles from Chinatown besides Nicholson are James Hong, Joe Mantell, and Perry Lopez. And the plot is a continuation in many ways of Chinatown and the case that we knew would haunt Nicholson the rest of his days.

It's now post World War II in Los Angeles and Nicholson has been retained by real estate mogul Harvey Keitel whose first name is also Jake in a divorce matter. He's hoping to catch wife Meg Tilly en flagrato with his partner whom he's been thinking has been two timing him with his wife. Nicholson keeping up with the times as a good gumshoe has now the latest recording device and he's got the trysting place bugged with he and Keitel in the next room.

But when at one point Keitel produces a revolver and bursts into the two of them and shoots the partner it looks at first like a case of Keitel acting on the unwritten law. But appearances are quite deceiving, as deceiving as they were in Chinatown. And a lot of people want that recording of the event Nicholson most of all because it has a mention of the child of Faye Dunaway from back in the case he Nicholson was involved with in Chinatown.

The rest of the film is Nicholson stalling everybody while he tries to find out just what all this is about. Along the way he meets criminal attorney for Keitel, Eli Wallach, a Mickey Cohen like mobster in Ruben Blades, and the widow of Keitel's partner, Madeline Stowe who is ready and willing to make Nicholson an offer he will find it hard to refuse.

Nicholson directed himself in this version, taking over for Roman Polanski whom as we know was in exile from the USA back then. He knew his character well and smoothly continued the saga of J.J. Gittes. The atmosphere of the Forties Los Angeles is well done.

It's mentioned that a third Gittes film was planned. Hopefully those plans are not scrapped and we'll get to see Nicholson once again in one of my favorite roles of his.

Nicholson and writer Robert Towne revisit old haunts...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 7/10

Long-delayed follow-up (of sorts) to 1974's "Chinatown", which was directed by Roman Polanski and featured Jack Nicholson as 1930s private detective J.J. Gittes. "The Two Jakes" was written by returning screenwriter Robert Towne and directed by Nicholson himself, who also stars, but--despite a certain patchy swagger and style--it's a let-down for admirers of the previous film, and a yawner to latter-day Nicholson fans who might be expecting some combative, belligerent fireworks. Jack's gumshoe delves into an infidelity scandal which quickly leads to dirty doings in the oil business (it was water the first time). Confusing and deadly slow, with the irritating, gravel-voiced narration by Nicholson failing to supply the proper mood. There are a few arty camera set-ups and good players in the cast (including Meg Tilly, Harvey Keitel, Eli Wallach, and a nice 'bit' by Faye Dunaway), but it fails to intrigue even on a nostalgic level. * from ****

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