The Very Thought of You (1998) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Very Thought of You (1998) 1080p

Martha - Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence is a movie starring Joseph Fiennes, Monica Potter, and Rufus Sewell. The lives of three life-long friends are thrown into chaos by the arrival of Martha, a beautiful young American woman who...

IMDB: 6.40 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 27 / 44

The Synopsis for The Very Thought of You (1998) 1080p

The lives of three life-long friends are thrown into chaos by the arrival of Martha, a beautiful young American woman who arrives in London looking to find herself. Joseph Fiennes and Monica Potter star in this hilarious and touching romantic comedy.

The Director and Players for The Very Thought of You (1998) 1080p

[Director]Nick Hamm
[Role:]Monica Potter
[Role:]Tom Hollander
[Role:]Joseph Fiennes
[Role:]Rufus Sewell

The Reviews for The Very Thought of You (1998) 1080p

"Some People Are Such Harsh Critics"Reviewed byfierypoeticgirlVote: 10/10

I cannot believe how some people viewed this film. Peter Morgan is a brilliant writer. Do we really expect a "predictable" love story from such a great writer? No way. Monica, as usual, is incredible to look at and watch. In my opinion, she's the next Julia Roberts. Rufus Sewell can obviously play any sort of character. I have seen him in "Tristan and Isolde," "Uncorked," and now this film. I am in love with his eyes and well everything he does is superior to most British actors today. Everything about this film was delightful. Tom Hollander is also very versatile. Thank you, Peter, for giving us a movie with love, life-long decision-making, style and wit. This film is pure genius! Joseph is slowly becoming the actor his brother Ralph has become. Good movie which has to be taken the right way, or it will fly right over the average movie-goers' heads!

woefulReviewed bytalya-5Vote: 7/10

Joseph Fiennes acts unbelievably badly in this movie, it was really painful to watch. His brother Ralph must be appalled! He wasn't quite as bad in Shakespeare in Love. It could have been an OK piece of fluff to watch on the couch if it weren't for his acting. At least he's really good looking which gives a slight compensation! Rest of the cast range from bad to ordinary acting- wise, and the characters are all quite irritating - especially Rufus Sewell's character. The character of the neighbor was OK. Monica Potter was reasonable. Production values were fine - it looks like a regular film with an OK budget, and the camera work etc. were all fine for a B movie. The plot wasn't in any way credible and despite the premise that three guys are attracted to one girl there didn't seem to be any chemistry between anybody at all. I didn't feel that I cared in the slightest about what happened to anybody. I really disliked this movie, in case you can't tell already!

Poor MovieReviewed byeastbergholt2002Vote: 4/10

This film was a disappointment, my cable provider described it as a witty comedy, but it was awful. The cast proved that light romantic comedy is harder than it looks. Avoid this movie it's not very funny and doesn't make any sense.The script from Peter Morgan (The Queen, Last King of Scotland) was weak, the plot feeble and you didn't really care about any of the characters.

Martha (Monica Potter)is an American woman on the rebound. She escapes from a failed romance in Minnesota and hops on a cheap flight to London. At the airport she meets Daniel (Tom Hollander), a short but successful music executive. Everyday he meets attractive women but falls in love with Potter at their first encounter. Martha does not reciprocate Daniel's advances but because she only has $35 to her name she accepts his hospitality. Martha meets Laurence (Joseph Fiennes) and promptly falls in love with him. Fiennes and Hollander are best friends. The series of coincidences and chance meetings defy credibility.

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