The War Game (1965) 1080p YIFY Movie

The War Game (1965) 1080p

The War Game is a TV movie starring Michael Aspel, Peter Graham, and Dave Baldwin. A docudrama depicting a hypothetical nuclear attack on Britain.

IMDB: 8.14 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | War
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 48
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 
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The Synopsis for The War Game (1965) 1080p

The War Game is a fictional, worst-case-scenario docu-drama about nuclear war and its aftermath in and around a typical English city. Although it won an Oscar for Best Documentary, it is fiction. It was intended as an hour-long program to air on BBC 1, but it was deemed too intense and violent to broadcast. It went to theatrical distribution as a feature film instead. Low-budget and shot on location, it strives for and achieves convincing and unflinching realism.

The Director and Players for The War Game (1965) 1080p

[Director]Peter Watkins
[Role:]Kathy Staff
[Role:]Dave Baldwin
[Role:]Peter Graham
[Role:]Michael Aspel

The Reviews for The War Game (1965) 1080p

Recommended School EducationReviewed byTheodor16Vote: 10/10

I can recall the day when, in the 1970's here in Germany, my classmates and I went down to the cinema cellar of our big school, meanwhile flirting with the giggling girls, cracking jokes, trying to be cool - and watched this dramatized short documentary. Afterwards we were stunned and speechless, and in some of the faces you could read they had had tears during the show, deeply disturbed by the prospect that the pictures just seen could be our "future".

As good pedagogics goes, in the following hour we had time to talk with our class teacher about our impressions, thoughts, and fears. I am still grateful for that teacher and his idea to show us this movie, because it was one milestone in me towards a nonviolent world view.

After three decades I chanced to see this film again. It is as intense as ever and doesn't fail to show the audience that there won't be any winners of a nuclear war - ever. What bothers me is that nuclear deterrence still exists as a means of "defense". Don't think the menace is over.

I strongly recommend this documentary to be seen in as many classes as possible. The movie shows drastically what the nuclear abominations of the Cold War could (and still can) do. Hopefully our children's generation will be able to live without the threat of complete annihilation by a monstrous nuclear arsenal. Films like "The War Game" can change the public opinion and help building a more peaceful world.

This is nuclear war.Reviewed bylastliberalVote: 8/10

If you like horror films, you will absolutely love this film.

It was made for BBC television, but deemed too horrendous to show. It was later shown in theaters and won an Oscar for best documentary film in 1966.

You cannot tell that you are not watching real live news instead of a film. It shows not only the horror of nuclear war, but the fact that the government is not prepared in the least to cope with the evacuation and damage.

It has some really horrible scenes of death, but the most terrifying aspect of the film is the naivety and total lack of realistic expectations. The aftermath is a testament to the stupidity of nuclear weapons.

The film draws on the aftermath of Dresden and Hiroshima and Nagasaki for realism.

One has to realize that this was 1965 before we reached the level of weapons we have today.

This is a film that should be seen by everyone.

Mandatory viewingReviewed byMOscarbradleyVote: 9/10

Made in 1965 for BBC television and subsequently banned as being too horrific to screen, (it was released to cinemas and won an Oscar in the Best Documentary category, although, of course, it isn't a documentary), Peter Watkins' masterpiece is just as effective today as it was forty years ago. What Watkins chose to do was to make a fictionalized film, (though using all the facts at hand), in the style of a documentary about Britain just before, during and after a nuclear attack and it all looks remarkably real.

There are no central characters, no-one to identify with, nothing, in fact, to make us think that this is anything other than what it appears to be, namely a Public Information film on the aftermath of 'the Bomb'. The Cold War may have ended and warfare, in general, may have taken a different turn but this extraordinarily powerful, terrifying and ultimately moving film should, nevertheless, serve as a reminder of what could still lie ahead of us. Mandatory viewing.

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