The Wild One (1953) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Wild One (1953) 1080p

The Wild One is a movie starring Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, and Robert Keith. Two rival motorcycle gangs terrorize a small town after one of their leaders is thrown in jail.

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The Synopsis for The Wild One (1953) 1080p

Cop-hating Johnny Strabler is recounting the fateful events that led up to the "whole mess" as he calls it, his role in the mess and whether he could have stopped it from happening. The Black Rebels, a motorcycle gang of which Johnny is the leader, cause a ruckus using intimidation wherever they go, with their actions bordering on the unlawful. On the day of the mess, they invade a motorcycle racing event, at which they cause a general disturbance culminating with one of the gang members stealing a second place trophy to give to Johnny. Despite not being the larger winning trophy, it symbolizes to Johnny his leadership within the group. Their next stop is a small town where their disturbance and intimidation tactics continue. Some in town don't mind their arrival as long as they spend money. Harry Bleeker, the local sheriff, doesn't much like them but is so ineffective and weak that he doesn't do anything to stop them, much to the annoyance of some of the other townsfolk, who see the ...

The Director and Players for The Wild One (1953) 1080p

[Director]Laslo Benedek
[Role:]Mary Murphy
[Role:]Robert Keith
[Role:]Lee Marvin
[Role:]Marlon Brando

The Reviews for The Wild One (1953) 1080p

there is and isn't much to it.Reviewed bydaviddaphnereddingVote: 5/10

Except for the fact that Marlon Brando (as Johnny Strabler) wore a black leather jacket and led a motorcycle gang, known as the Black Rebels that took over a small modern-day California town, there's not much to this piece. On the other hand, it does show clearly that there was and is too much hate and defiance toward the law-enforcers, and thus the establishment. Yet in this 1953 Stanley Kramer production from Columbia Pictures, there was little action to speak of: Lee Marvin, who played Chino, the leader of the motorcycle gang the Beetles in this movie, had an altercation with Brando, toward the end one night there was a shop window crashed and Brando was blamed and beaten mercilessly for it, but other than that there was, again, little action to speak of. The motorcycle gang rode into the town and rode around in circles in the small street. Mary Murphy was a good actress in this as a young lady who was concerned about the man who cared about nothing or no one. The calm and expressionless Robert Keith played the town sheriff who, in the movie, was also Mary's father; she referred to him as the town joke and she herself admitted that she was stuck with him. J.C. Flippen played the part of Sheriff Stew Singer, a firm and hard sheriff, a part which he performed well. It was really not among any par excellence movies for Brando, anymore than it was for,again, Kramer, though the story did have a good, sound message to it.

A Teen Rebellion-Biker Movie I Actually LikedReviewed byccthemovieman-1Vote: 8/10

The was first famous "biker" movie and so it's dated, for sure, but still interesting. In fact, it's so dated in parts that it's charming. What surprised me was that some of the expressions of the day and the hand-slapping is still around today! I'll bet a lot of people did not know they didn't do these "hip" things so long ago.

Marlon Brando, as the lead character "Johnny Strabler," was fun to watch and Mary Murphy - an unknown actress to me - was very attractive as "Kathie Bleeker."

What looked strange was the bikers, in general. They looked so clean-cut it was almost laughable, hardly like the bikers since then. The gang member who looked the part was Lee Marvin as "Chino," who was a hoot the first time I saw this film but an overblown clown on subsequent viewings.

The movie had some nice film-noir photography, too, with some nice nighttime shots. The only negatives were a couple of stupid dialog scenes but you'll get that in dated pictures (and in most movies of today, too!)

'The Wild One" is corny, but, on a personal note, I felt far better than the other '50s teen-rebellion stories, such as Rebel Without A Cause.

If you like black & white movies & 1950's themes, then this movie is for you.Reviewed byhotrodlincVote: 10/10

I rated this movie a 10 for a host of reasons. If you were a teen-ager from 1954 through 1966 & liked motorcycles & James Dean's attitude, then this movie was right up your alley. It caught the 50's themes of rebellion & non-conformist ways of the youth of the times. Brando & Marvin were perfect against one another & Mary Murphy played the nieve small town girl as if she in fact was her. The supporting cast were also in tune with the story & responded appropriately. They even had the old rivalry of the "Harleys against the Triumphs". I think this one is a classic for the ages & highly recommend it for any free spirit.

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