There's Always A Woman (1938) 1080p YIFY Movie

There's Always A Woman (1938) 1080p

There's Always a Woman is a movie starring Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, and Mary Astor. An investigator for the district attorney and his amateur-sleuth wife compete to solve a murder mystery.

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  • Genre: Comedy | Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 81
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Synopsis for There's Always A Woman (1938) 1080p

An investigator for the District Attorney's office quits to open his own detective agency. However, business is so bad that he finally decides to give it up and go back to his old job. As his wife is at his office closing up, a wealthy society matron walks in with a case: she wants to know if her husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, who is now married. The wife accepts what looks to be an easy case, figuring than she can then persuade her husband to re-start the agency. However, when the client's husband is found murdered, she decides to investigate the murder herself. Her husband has also been assigned by the D.A. to investigate the murder, and he doesn't know that his wife is also on the case. Complications ensue.

The Director and Players for There's Always A Woman (1938) 1080p

[Director]Alexander Hall
[Role:]Mary Astor
[Role:]Melvyn Douglas
[Role:]Frances Drake
[Role:]Joan Blondell

The Reviews for There's Always A Woman (1938) 1080p

It's not the THIN MAN, but it is...Reviewed bymkilmerVote: 7/10

My wife tells me that she liked THERE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN as much as THE THIN MAN (and its progeny). I don't put them in the same league ? and chances are, you won't either ? but my wife tells me that she liked that the woman (Joan Blondell) was the detective and the smart one. (The "smart" part can be debated, as it is not constant, but this film was made in the 1930s.) The cast was very good, but there is no William Powell. I don't care how many awards he won, Melvyn Douglas is no William Powell. And neither is Joan. (There is no Myrna Loy/subordinate wife character, which takes us back to why my wife liked this so.) If you are reading this review, chances are you'll like this film. It has the charm we can always find in comedies of this period, and Joan is wonderful as always. (And for THIN MAN fans, there is a period of suitable drinking.)

The wife of a detective takes a case of her ownReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 7/10

Joan Blondell and Melvyn Douglas are Bill and Sally Reardon in "There's Always a Woman," a 1938 screwball comedy. Douglas is a former detective with the D.A.'s office who has opened his own office. However, there are no clients after a few months, so he returns to the D.A. Sally, his wife, is supposed to close the office, but when a Mrs. Fraser (Mary Astor) enters, Sally passes herself as a detective and gets the case - plus a retainer. It then becomes a competition between husband and wife to see which one will solve the case, which becomes more complicated, involving murder and blackmail.

It's hard not to love Joan Blondell is just about anything, and she's excellent in this. She and Douglas make a good team, though in the sequel, it's Virginia Bruce who steps into her role.

The script is witty, and the acting is excellent from all involved. This is no "Thin Man" - there were a few of these husband-wife detective movies that came out after the success of "The Thin Man" - in fact, one try at a series featuring Joel Sloane, a rare book dealer, and his wife, Garda, starred Melvyn Douglas in 1938. None quite measured up, but often these films were entertaining. "There's Always a Woman" is definitely a good one.

Madcap detectiveReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 7/10

Party mystery, part screwball comedy There's Always A Woman features MelvynDouglas and Joan Blondell as a man who opened a private detective agency andhis ever helpful wife.

Douglas had worked for the DA's office as an investigator and felt he was in acareer rut so he opened a private agency. As clients haven't been flocking tohis office he's ready to go back to work for DA Thurston Hall, But Blondell saysshe wants to keep the agency open just in case.

No sooner does Douglas get his job back than in walks a client Mary Astor. Sheplunks down 3 century notes.which pays a lot of back rent and she wants FrancesDrake who has been carrying on with husband Lester Matthews.

She does some surveillance in a madcap sort of way at a nightclub. The nextday Matthews is shot to death and Robert Paige who had made some threatsat him is arrested.

Douglas gets the investigation at the DA's office and Blondell keeps going onher investigation. She's from the Lucy Ricardo school of criminology and willhave an awful lot of 'splaining' to do eventually.

Three years later Mary Astor and Jerome Cowan who plays a gambler in There'sAlways A Woman would be part of the immortal cast of The Maltese Falcon.And ironically in this film both would have the same function.

Columbia might have made more of these had its stars not been tied to otherstudios. But Blondell was with Warner Brothers and Douglas with MGM. Thetwo had a good chemistry and Blondell is a hoot.

A good combination of genres is There's Always A Woman.

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