They/Them (2022) 720p YIFY Movie

They/Them (2022)

LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale set at a gay conversion camp.

IMDB: 2.81 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 2.8/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 3

The Synopsis for They/Them (2022) 720p

LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale set at a gay conversion camp.

The Director and Players for They/Them (2022) 720p

[Director]John Logan
[Role:]Anna Chlumsky
[Role:]Kevin Bacon
[Role:]Theo Germaine

The Reviews for They/Them (2022) 720p

Insanely TerribleReviewed byDraysan-JenningsVote: 3/10

Believe me when I say this. That was one of the worst films I've ever watched. I'm sure Kevin Beacon was super pissed after watching the final cut. The film would of been a lot better if they stuck with the basic slasher film concept. You know, the one where a masked maniac runs around the woods killing campers and counselors. Because let's be honest here, every character in this film was unlikable except for the dog. It would of been nice to watch them all get hacked up. 3 stars.

Pointless confusing nonsenseReviewed byjasonsgkVote: 2/10

The first half was a decent setup. While not spectacularly acted it had a ton of directions the film could go that would make sense. Then the second half was just bizarre. It felt rushed, the acting shifted to a new character that absolutely could not act and it was genuinely distracting how bad she was. But for a fun camp movie you could still make that work. The real problem was that nothing made any sense. Their counselors themselves made no sense and they didn't provide any background or explanation. We didn't even know who they were by the end. Like, who was Bacons character? I'm not sure they told us his name in fact. The villain was the most confusing character since their story was full of gigantic plot holes, like so bad you could not watch the movie twice. They tried to get a surprise ending but went about by deceiving the audience but yet it was still somehow predictable. But at the end, what was it even about?! Was is an empowerment movie? It wasn't effective if it was supposed to be. Was it trying to make a point about culture today? Was it a hyperbole? If any of those, how were they trying to say it? Like, it was total nonsense. I assume what happened is that maybe they didn't have a good story and then just super rushed it at the end and maybe the point was completely loss? I don't know. Maybe people got behind because of it political messaging, if there was any, which, their wasn't. It was an extremely amateur film that borrowed from a million before them, like Sleepaway Camp. It's just a mess.

The gays are going to riotReviewed bychrismwolfeVote: 3/10

This movie was... unsuccessful, on multiple fronts. It was almost insulting the low amount of effort put into this story and how uninspired it was.

Let's start at the beginning of the rainbow with the obvious fact that this is exploiting the lgbtqia+ community in the most *gay eye roll* exhausted, heteronormative-perspective type of way. The non-binary one, the sassy black one, the jock, the popular girl, the masc Asian girl... just riddled with tired tropes and cliches. I mean, really, there was a GD musical number... and a bad one at that. I'm not even offended, it's just like, ffs try harder lol

Moving onto the next color, the acting. We don't need to harp on this but it was bad. All around. Not even my man Kevin could save this one (the only person who did a good job). A smorgasbord of stilted and over acted performances.

As far as the plot goes, this is where we get to the heart of minimal effort and uninspired cliches. This was not scary, it was not thrilling, it was barley engaging and it was most certainly predictable.

I am never overwhelmingly negative with my reviews, but I am struggling to retrieve any redeeming qualities with this one. If you're going to perpetuate stereotypes, at least entertain me while doing so. I don't think I have to reiterate this, but I would not recommend this one.

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