Thief of Hearts (1984) 1080p YIFY Movie

Thief of Hearts (1984) 1080p

Thief of Hearts is a movie starring Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, and John Getz. A woman trapped in a boring marriage begins an affair with a handsome man who seems able to read her mind. She doesn't know that he has broken into...

IMDB: 5.81 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.90G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 100
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 30 / 41

The Synopsis for Thief of Hearts (1984) 1080p

A woman trapped in a boring marriage begins an affair with a handsome man who seems able to read her mind. She doesn't know that he has broken into her house and read her diaries, where she has recorded her deepest thoughts and fantasies.

The Director and Players for Thief of Hearts (1984) 1080p

[Director]Douglas Day Stewart
[Role:]David Caruso
[Role:]John Getz
[Role:]Steven Bauer
[Role:]Barbara Williams

The Reviews for Thief of Hearts (1984) 1080p

If you're capable of feeling...Reviewed bystormer-2Vote: 10/10 just might "get" this film. In my heart, Douglas Day Stewart is a genius. That he is capable of such sensitivity, instinct and passion just gives me chills, as said emotions are so pitifully rare in mainstream filmmaking (let's not even discuss the hollow garbage that has risen to the surface in the past decade). The infatuation, the sickness that plagues Scott Muller in this film is so clearly, so intensely conveyed through Stewart's meticulous direction (it's his frickin' script) and the thoroughly phenomenal performance of Steven Bauer. I'll grant certain persons there being plenty of "flash," (otherwise known as brilliant photography and an energetic soundtrack) but...welcome to the 80's. That "flash" epitomized the decade and I've seen no slicker example, no smarter implementation of it than in this little picture here. The film is tremendous, ridiculously moving, simply magical. Invariably, the final scene leaves me in tears--of frustration for the characters, of enchantment for the beauty that is Thief of Hearts. I love that it is Bruckheimer/Simpson's lowest grossing film. It only stands to prove what idiots make up the bulk of American audiences.

sexy, sensuous and seductiveReviewed bytrvwatsonVote: 7/10

Sexy, sensuous and seductive, thats the only way i can sum up this movie. A young interior designer is fed up up with her life, married to a man thats more interested in his computer than satisfying her needs, decides to spend most of her time writing in her diarys, but when these are stolen by a house thief, she starts to notice a dashing hunk is paying a little to much attention to her than normal, the thief has stolen her diaries and is living out her sexual fantasies, without her knowing who he is, if this reminds you of one of those really overly sexy channel 5 movies then your right but its fantastic to watch, and is not one bit tacky, and you will love the 80s sound track.

Always remember this film ...Reviewed byronalamontVote: 10/10

I saw this film IN 1984 and loved it. To this day, every time I see Steven Bauer, David Caruso or Barbara Willians I flashback to this film. It left a lasting impression on me both for its chilling concept and it's execution of the story. The acting, soundtrack, locations and cinematography were all great and the film was both intimate and erotic yet as chilling and scary as a Hitchcock film. The chemistry between the leads was electric and believable. Steven Bauer's looks certainly didn't hurt either. I'm surprised it got some bad reviews ... it's one that will always stick in my mind as very entertaining.

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