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Three Kings (1999) 1080p

In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, four soldiers set out to steal gold that was stolen from Kuwait, but they discover people who desperately need their help.

IMDB: 7.16 Likes

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The Synopsis for Three Kings (1999) 1080p

A small group of adventurous American soldiers in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War are determined to steal a huge cache of gold reputed to be hidden somewhere near their desert base. Finding a map they believe will take them to the gold, they embark on a journey that leads to unexpected discoveries, enabling them to rise to a heroic challenge that drastically changes their lives.

The Director and Players for Three Kings (1999) 1080p

[Director]David O. Russell
[Role:]Mark Wahlberg
[Role:]Ice Cube
[Role:]George Clooney

The Reviews for Three Kings (1999) 1080p

Reviewed byPhilip Van der VekenVote: 7/10/10

If there is one thing you can't accuse the makers of this movie of,than it must be that they weren't original. I don't think I've everseen a 'war movie' that is sometimes shocking, but also funny, one thatcriticizes the politicians for what they did during the war, but alsooffers a big adventure at the same time...

The story goes like this: A few days after the first Gulf War hasended, a group of American soldiers come across a secret Iraqi map.This map reveals where the bunker can be found in which the Iraqi'shave stored the gold and the treasure that they had stolen from Kuwait.But they aren't thinking of giving it back to the Kuwaiti's. They wantto keep it for themselves and get as rich as kings and so they go on atrip full of adventure. Even though they are very egoistic at first,they aren't blind for what is happening around them. They soon learnthat the Iraqi's have been encouraged by the U.S. government to rebelagainst the regime and fight Sadam Hussein. But the U.S. militaryrefuses to help them with their uprising, which means that the rebelsare facing certain death. What should they do? Take the money and run,not caring about the fate of the civilians or helping them across theborder into Iran and risking to loose all their wealth...

Calling this a war movie isn't exactly right. It's true that its storyis told during the first Gulf war, but the war isn't the most importantthing in this movie. Personally I think you better call this anadventure movie, because that's what it really is. They go on anadventure to find a lot of gold.

The acting and the story in this movie are really good and more thanjust worth a watch. It's an original movie that blends drama, comedy,politics and war together into a fine mixture, but I wouldn't call it amasterpiece. Nevertheless this is a good movie that is certainly wortha watch. I give it a 7.5/10

Reviewed bynamdcVote: 9/10/10

I avoided this film for some time because I have a strong dislike ofwar films, particularly relatively recent wars. Too bad for me. Ifinally rented it because of the impressive works I've seen by Mr.Russell. This is not a war film, even though it takes place during awar, and in a war zone. This is a film of humanity. Like many otherfilms that I find excellent, this film deals with the human conditionon many levels. There's pathos, humor, love, violence, ad infinitum.You'd get a sterilized version of what this film shows on the eveningnews. It shows that our soldiers, just as ourselves, are human, withall our frailities. And, I believe, it gives an honest account of whatlife is like for the people of the Middle East.

Fine acting by truly fine actors, great cinematography, and a veryintelligent script make this a must see film.

Reviewed byGemma DearingVote: 9/10/10

A film for anyone who ever relishes the triumphal note of western warfilms,who gets carried away by the moral high of being on the winning side. Forthose who saw the good in the Gulf War, saw how many people America helpedand was proud to live in the Western world.

Three Kings is an anti-war film. Its opening scenes are not thedeclarationof war, but soldiers celebrating its end. Then coming to grips with itsconsequences.

Of course, Saddam Hussein is depicted in the customary role of the villain,but then so is George Bush whose abandonment of the Iraqi people he hadcalled to rise against Saddam is illustrated with examples of humansuffering - emotional as well as physical.

Don't get the idea that this is a bleak and 'worthy' film, in many ways itis, but it does it with such style and black humour - that forces you tolaugh even while being disgusted or perturbed - that it is eminentlywatchable. But still edgy, I was pleased to see one couple walk out(thoughthey might just have gone to the toilet, who knows, I was absorbed by thefilm and didn't pay enough attention).

Director, David O Russell, ensures that the film never gets carried awaywith action scenes - bullets have consequences (good and bad) even whenfired by an all-American soldier. There is some stunning cinematography.Particularly shocking to me was when Iraqi soldiers fire at a tanker.Nothing's more shocking than the unexpected and dramatically understated (Ididn't see the trailer, though I believe that scene was actually init).

There are some interesting cinematic devices in the film. The next timethat sepsis comes into conversation I'm sure anyone who has seen the filmwill call to mind scenes of a bullet travelling through the body. I'veseenless violent films than some people, but have been swept away by theirpowermany times - become blasé about bullets and cinematic death. I've seen itall too often before to care about nameless victims that stand in the wayofthe power, wit, and understanding of the hard-bitten, long-serving soldier,wielding a justice in the shape of a gun.

Russell claimed to make every bullet count in the film, and in onememorablycalm scene of confusion and crossfire, he certainly does. The style of thefilm however doesn't detract from its content. Three Kings doesn't havepretensions of addressing difficult issues by showing the manly, seriousface of George Clooney looking a little concerned after killing a few dozenof the enemy. It has intelligent dialogue and moving scenes ofconfrontation between the opposing ideologies of the Americans and their'allies' and 'enemies' alike.

Not the best date movie in the world. Funny, shocking, thought provokingand honest, 8.5/10.

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