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Three Kings (1999)

In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, 4 soldiers set out to steal gold that was stolen from Kuwait, but they discover people who desperately need their help.

IMDB: 7.242 Likes

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The Synopsis for Three Kings (1999) 720p

A small group of adventurous American soldiers in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War are determined to steal a huge cache of gold reputed to be hidden somewhere near their desert base. Finding a map they believe will take them to the gold, they embark on a journey that leads to unexpected discoveries, enabling them to rise to a heroic challenge that drastically changes their lives.

The Director and Players for Three Kings (1999) 720p

[Director]David O. Russell
[Role:Troy Barlow]Mark Wahlberg
[Role:Conrad Vig]Spike Jonze
[Role:Chief Elgin]Ice Cube
[Role:Archie Gates]George Clooney

The Reviews for Three Kings (1999) 720p

Reviewed bySean Gallagher ([email protected])Vote: 10/10/10

In 1994 and then 1996, David O. Russell proved himself to be one of the feworiginal voices in American comedy with his films SPANKING THE MONKEY andFLIRTING WITH DISASTER, respectively. He could have continued in that vein,but instead he seemed to be going mainstream with a studio film, starringGeorge Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube, which seemed to be anaction/adventure set in the Gulf War, at least if you only saw thetrailer(which left me going "Huh?"). After seeing the film, it's clear tome that Russell is now one of the major talents to emerge from the 90's, asthis is a masterpiece.

As I mentioned before, the trailer was confusing, but while the movie isclear, Russell(who re-wrote a script by John Ridley, though there's a lot ofcontention over who exactly did what) makes clear from the beginning hisintention to throw curves at us whenever he can, starting with Wahlbergasking as he draws his sights on an Iraqi soldier, "Are we still shooting atpeople?" He shoots the soldier anyway, and is immediately remorseful whenhe sees the soldier was holding a white flag. The movie goes from there tosoldiers who, although in a celebratory mood, are still somewhat puzzled asto why they're there, a reporter(played well by the underused Nora Dunn) whocan't help but talk in cliches, a tanker which, when shot, turns out to beholding milk, and Iraqi refugees who thought Americans were going toliberate them from Saddam Hussein and now are suffering because of it. It'sthis attitude which makes the otherwise normal-sounding plot - Clooney,Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze play soldiers turned thieves who end upwith a conscience - play as anything but normal-sounding.

Another thing which helps is the photography(I forget the guy's name, but healso did THE USUAL SUSPECTS). Far from the clear-looking photography we gotin the telecasts, this is rough, dangerous, and, just like the plot,constantly putting us off our guard.

Finally, the performances. Clooney I think has long been underappreciatednot, as most people assume, because he's a sex symbol, but because he, likeHarrison Ford and others of his type, make it look easy. There's nothingeasy about his character here, and Clooney doesn't take the easy way outhere. He doesn't coast on his charm and try to make the character likeable,but goes through the journey his character does, and even without a lot ofdialogue(at the end, his face when he signals to Wahlberg and Ice Cube saysall we need to know, as does their nods back). Wahlberg is fast becomingone of our better actors, and this proves it. He even finds comic potentialwhere you wouldn't expect any. Ice Cube has had a mixed career since BOYZIN THE HOOD, but this ranks up with that performance. Finally, Jonze hasbeen criticized for playing a hillbilly stereotype, but the key is how he'smore like a lapdog hungry for affection rather than just plain white trash,and he plays it as such. This is the best film I've seen so far thisyear.

Reviewed byP.T. McConvilleVote: /10

With the exception of 'Magnolia'and 'The Green Mile', I don't believe thatthere was a movie as great as 'Three Kings' last year. It was a brilliantlook at the Gulf War and stretched beyond the boundaries of all war moviesbefore it. David O. Russell did an excellent job writing and directing thismovie and George Clooney gave one of the best performances of the year.Mark Wahlberg proved that his work can go beyond that of Dirk Diggler.Spike Jonze was hilarious as Wahlberg's lacky. Watching the movie is amemorable experience. It's way out there with it's comedic sense oftiming,awesome action sequences, and morals to match. It dealt with the politicalissues of the Gulf War which was seen as a pretty harmless war from anAmerican's standpoint. Russell showed us the plight of the freedom fightersin Iraq and told a very serious story, but did it with a sense of humorthatwas neither tasteless nor melodramatic. Russell kept an even tonethroughout the entire movie and perfectly blended the action,blackcomedy,and war genres into what was one of the year's best. Anentertainingmovie that never ceases to amaze me. I still am trying to figure out whyitdidn't get nominated for any Oscars. I hope that one day people will seethis move for what it is...a masterpiece.

Reviewed bynamdcVote: 9/10/10

I avoided this film for some time because I have a strong dislike ofwar films, particularly relatively recent wars. Too bad for me. Ifinally rented it because of the impressive works I've seen by Mr.Russell. This is not a war film, even though it takes place during awar, and in a war zone. This is a film of humanity. Like many otherfilms that I find excellent, this film deals with the human conditionon many levels. There's pathos, humor, love, violence, ad infinitum.You'd get a sterilized version of what this film shows on the eveningnews. It shows that our soldiers, just as ourselves, are human, withall our frailities. And, I believe, it gives an honest account of whatlife is like for the people of the Middle East.

Fine acting by truly fine actors, great cinematography, and a veryintelligent script make this a must see film.

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