To Write Love on Her Arms (2015) 720p YIFY Movie

To Write Love on Her Arms (2015)

A drama centered around Renee Yohe and her battle with drugs, depression, and other life issues that ultimately leads to the founding of charity group To Write Love on Her Arms.

IMDB: 6.62 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 897.32M
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 118
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 2

The Synopsis for To Write Love on Her Arms (2015) 720p

The story follows 19-year-old Renee (Kat Dennings) who has always loved fairy tales: the idea of a princess, a hero and a happily ever after. But Renee's life is that of a darker tale: she's a young woman battling addiction, depression and self-injury. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy balanced with harsh reality, the movie follows Renee on her courageous journey towards recovery.

The Director and Players for To Write Love on Her Arms (2015) 720p

[Director]Nathan Frankowski
[Role:]Kat Dennings
[Role:]Rupert Friend
[Role:]Chad Michael Murray

The Reviews for To Write Love on Her Arms (2015) 720p

Reviewed byPatrick LoanVote: 9/10/10

9 out of 10, what am I, crazy? Hear me out.

For one thing, the story alone is about someone going through adifficult time in their life that is able to overcome one of thehardest obstacles that most people cannot even imagine. This person,with there friends whom abandoned them originally, is able to recoverfrom a difficult scenario.

Now for the rating. Often times you find directors often cutting thefilm so often its like staring into a strobe light on full blast. Thisfilm is not afraid to do long cuts and as a result draws you into thefilm as if you are experiencing it yourself.

Kat Dennings plays an amazing performance that has you feeling as ifyou are apart of everything and going through the same experiences asshe is.

The visual effects in this movie are also note-worthy. It brings youback to your childhood where every static thing becomes a reality-moving, breathing, a life-hood of its own.

If you have never watched this movie, owe it to yourself and give it ago. Ignore the haters, watch it with an open mind, and you will findsomething about yourself in this film.

Reviewed byGordon-11Vote: /10

This film tells the story of a young woman who has mood and addictionproblems. She is helped by friends to stay clean, and subsequently theyfounded an organisation to help other young people.

"To Write Love on Her Arms" is not an easy film to watch or comment on,because it is a person's intensely personal journey. However, viewingit as a film, I found the plot rather difficult to understand. I don'tunderstand why Renee is depressed and is on drugs to start with,leaving me confused for the rest of the film. Renee does not seem tohave the big heart described in the plot summary immediately after herdischarge from the detox centre. It was someone else who founded thecharity organisation, and Renee is not even ready to deal with her ownproblems - let alone other people's problems. So I was left feelingmuddled and cheated throughout the film.

Of course I have to say that it is great that Renee her friends arestill running the charity organisation to help others, which shows thatthey are altruistic and compassionate. I just wish there is more ofthat portrayed in the film.

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