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Tokyo Story (1953)

T?ky? monogatari is a movie starring Chish? Ry?, Chieko Higashiyama, and S? Yamamura. An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city; but the children have little time for them.

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The Synopsis for Tokyo Story (1953) 720p

Elderly couple Shukishi and Tomi Hirayama live in the small coastal village of Onomichi, Japan with their youngest daughter, schoolteacher Kyoko Hirayama. Their other three surviving adult children, who they have not seen in quite some time, live either in Tokyo or Osaka. As such, Shukishi and Tomi make the unilateral decision to have an extended visit in Tokyo with their children, pediatrician Koichi Hirayama and beautician Shige Kaneko, and their respective families (which includes two grandchildren). In transit, they make an unexpected stop in Osaka and stay with their other son, Keiso Hirayama. All of their children treat the visit more as an obligation than a want, each trying to figure out what to do with their parents while they continue on with their own daily lives. At one point, they even decide to ship their parents off to an inexpensive resort at Atami Hot Springs rather than spend time with them. The only offspring who makes a concerted effort on this trip is Noriko ...

The Director and Players for Tokyo Story (1953) 720p

[Director]Yasujir? Ozu
[Role:]S? Yamamura
[Role:]Chieko Higashiyama
[Role:]Chish? Ry?
[Role:]Setsuko Hara

The Reviews for Tokyo Story (1953) 720p

A cinema of tearsReviewed byGyatsoLaVote: 7/10

I can vividly remember the first time i saw this movie - it was during a festival of Japanese movies in an art house cinema here in Dublin. I must admit to never having heard of Ozu before, i went out of boredom and casual curiosity. I was embarrassed at the end to find myself in tears. I quickly wiped them away in that subtle way guys do when they don't want anyone to know, and got out to leave. What struck me was that even as the credits were finishing, I was one of the first to go. As i walked up the aisle I realized that most of the nearly full cinema was still sitting quietly, without the usual post movie chatter - and more than half of the audience had tears pouring down their faces. I have never, ever witnessed that in a cinema.

Since then, i've watched it on DVD, and had to think a lot about why such a simple movie is so powerful, and so many people rate it as one of the greatest ever. And why i find myself agreeing with that rating, i truly think it is in the top 10 ever made - certainly the top 5 of any I've seen. But its hard at first to know why. It doesn't have the greatest script of any movie, there are few things in it that are truly original. The acting is great, but not the greatest ever seen, and the technical qualities are just average. I've come to the conclusion that the reason for its greatness is that it comes closest to pure art in cinema. By pure art, i mean art that in its simplicity but technical genius still reveals deep truths about our lives. When i think about Tokyo Story I don't find myself comparing it to other movies, instead I think of a Rembrandt self portrait, a Vermeer painting, or my favourite short story, 'The Dead' by James Joyce. It is simple, unadorned, and deeply wise. I realise in writing this I'm rapidly approaching pseuds corner, but this is my genuine conclusion (writing as someone who is shamefully uneducated in most of the arts).

Of course there have been many great movies about families, about growing old, about the nature of life.... but I think somehow Ozu achieved a sort of perfection with Tokyo Story. Thats why its the only movie I would give a '10' to.

Life is simple and unique. That's very true.Reviewed byelvircorhodzicVote: 9/10

TOKYO STORY is a film that has a moderate tone, unobtrusive style and quiet family story. An elderly couple from the provinces coming to Tokyo to visit their grown children. The story shows how the children, preoccupied with their daily lives, do not show enough care for their parents, as opposed to the former daughter-whose husband died in the war. At first glance, everything in this film seems simple and clear, but on the other hand is a sensitive topic and family discord, somewhat generational conflict with fairly deep emotions without excessive melodrama.

Staff are interesting, a little strange, however, show sincere emotion without many words. Of course, you need to understand Japanese culture, which I somehow fascinated. The story can be identified three generations of which is the oldest in a harmonious relationship. Although it can be concluded that it is not always the case. The younger do not have time for yourself and not for others.

Most people do not live. Survive. Understanding and tranquility in fact represent the fund in relation to the sentiment and satire. People consciously or unconsciously influence the lives of others. People woven in one's life are there, even when they are not physically present.

Setsuko Hara as Noriko Hirayama really is a beauty. She plays a woman who has all the prerequisites that clearly says "Life is disappointing", but again full of mercy, kept calm and beautiful smile that does not come off from the face. Well, sometimes that smile accompanies large tear.

Not that great.Reviewed bythevisitor967-526-781026Vote: 6/10

I thought TOKYO STORY was OK but nothing to write home about. It was not that great. Besides lacking character development, I just felt this film needed a plot! It just didn't seem to go anywhere until the parents left Tokyo. And even then it didn't seem like much of a climax.

I really don't understand what is so great about TOKYO STORY. IMO Ozu made much better films. My personal favorite is THE ONLY SON with THERE WAS A FATHER a close second. Those films had two-dimensional characters. Those films had a plot. Those films had a theme. I mean, that scene in THE ONLY SON where the mother told her son that she had to sell her house to pay for his education was incredible. That whole scene was incredible with the son explaining to his mother how hard it was to find a decent job in Tokyo.

So, yes, Ozu made some great films but IMO TOKYO STORY is not one of them. IMO the greatest Japanese films are THE ONLY SON, IKIRU, RAN, TAMPOPO, THE EEL, THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI, STILL WALKING, NOBODY KNOWS.

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