Torpedo Run (1958) 1080p YIFY Movie

Torpedo Run (1958) 1080p

Torpedo Run is a movie starring Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, and Diane Brewster. A submarine commander is forced to blow up a Japanese ship with prisoners.

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The Synopsis for Torpedo Run (1958) 1080p

The commander of an American submarine during World War II sets out to destroy the Japanese Aircraft carrier which launched the attack on Pearl Harbour. His wife and child have been captured by the Japanese and they are using them and other prisoners of war as human shields for the carrier.

The Director and Players for Torpedo Run (1958) 1080p

[Director]Joseph Pevney
[Role:]Dean Jones
[Role:]Glenn Ford
[Role:]Ernest Borgnine
[Role:]Diane Brewster

The Reviews for Torpedo Run (1958) 1080p

Good Movie; Good Acting ; Probably reflects the attitude of the military during WWIIReviewed bypetronirVote: 7/10

Read all of the posted comments pertaining to the movie. Seems some viewers thought the Greyfish was going after a Battleship, but the evasive target was a Japanese Carrier and it looked like a big one. Based on my knowledge of WW II Submarine warfare events, I think it is partially based on some actual events. Also, in response to one commenter's thoughts about Momsen Lungs: This invention was successfully used in October 1944 to bring 8 sailors to the surface from the USS Tang (SS 306) after it sank in 180 feet of water in the East China Sea. I served on submarines in the mid 1950's and used the Momsen lung to ascend 100 feet in a training tank. Two years later the device was abandoned in favor of the so called "blow-and-go" method of free ascent to the surface. I made this ascent in the same training tank from a depth of 50 feet. Like some of the folks that commented on the movie, I too watch all the submarine movies that I can. Seen some of them three or four times. Last comment, there IS info to be found on the Internet pertaining to the Momsen lung.

Old Fahioned Which Isn't A Bad Thing For BritsReviewed byTheo RobertsonVote: 6/10

This is one of these films that we don't get nowadays and hasn't been produced for decades . Hardly surprising since 1945 only two submarines have killed ships in conflict . The first one being the Pakistani submarine PNS Hangor that sunk the Indian frigate INS Khukri in the 1971 India - Pakistan war and the last time was the Argentine Cruiser The General Belgrano being sunk by HMS Conqueror in the 1982 Falklands War . On top of the 1981 movie DAS BOOT has got to be the last word on this sub genre of war movie . It's very easy to express tension in these type of movies , of having silent routine as enemy ships patrol over head dropping depth charges and have close ups of submarine crewmen with beads of sweat slowly dripping down there foreheads but DAS BOOT did this type of drama so effectively and so vividly any successor would be a very pale imitation

TORPEDO RUN on its own merits isn't a bad film . It doesn't break any new ground but follows the formula rather well . Like so many other films especially American war films there's a fair bit of artistic licence used such as no American submarine actually penetrated the Tokyo harbour during the war and the mega massive Japanese aircraft carrier is an invention for the film . There is a slightly annoying aspect and that is many of the model shots look unconvincing but this is common problem seeing as scale involving fire and water are impossible to achieve on screen and even DAS BOOT suffered slightly from this

One thing the film does deserve great credit for is the British character Lt Redley played by Robert Hardy . All too often recent American productions such as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and BAND OF BROTHERS portray the Brits as either amateurish buffoons needing rescuing by the tough , brave and resourceful Americans or make an already bad situation much worse leaving the hard pressed Americans to pick up the pieces while the British stop to drink some tea . Here we see Redley put forward a suggestion that gets the crew out of a very tight spot . Nice to see the war shown as a joint effort amongst allies who had a mutual respect for one another

A Classic Submarine Picture!Reviewed bywhpratt1Vote: 10/10

If you are interested in the way the Navy crew operates under the ocean floors, you will love this great Navy story about how the U.S. Navy was able to out wit the enemy which was Japan during WWII and all the tricks of the trade that were utilized under the very depths of the Pacific Ocean. The photography was great for a 1958 film and Glenn Ford( Lt. Cmdr.Barney Doyle),"Pocket Full of Miracles",'61, gave a great performance along with some mental blocks that was interfering with his command of his submarine. However, Ernest Borgnine(Lt.Archer Sloan),"Marty",'55, was a loyal officer to Barney and turned down his own commission as Commander to assist Barney in his hopes to destroy a FLAT TOP (aircraft carrier) of the Japanese Navy. There was a very interesting scene where the submarine crew was able to evacuate their sub and be able to surface to another submarine for safety. This is truly a Classic film from the past and I am quite sure some of these events actually happened during WWII.

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