Trapped in Paradise (1994) 720p YIFY Movie

Trapped in Paradise (1994)

Residents of a friendly Pennsylvania town foil three brothers' plan to rob a bank on Christmas Eve.

IMDB: 5.93 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 980.68M
  • Resolution: 720x400 / 23.976 (24000/1001) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 111
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Trapped in Paradise (1994) 720p

Bill Firpo has managed to stay honest, but can't help but be dragged into things by his larcenous brothers, the clever Dave and the kleptomaniac Alvin. When the three find a bank so easy to rob that they can't resist, the only question is whether or not they can get out of town before the big snowstorm hits. While the three brothers run around town with their stolen loot, they are beseiged with the kindness of the townfolk that might just set them on the path of rightousness.

The Director and Players for Trapped in Paradise (1994) 720p

[Director]George Gallo
[Role:]Nicolas Cage
[Role:]Dana Carvey
[Role:]Jon Lovitz

The Reviews for Trapped in Paradise (1994) 720p

Reviewed byjohn427Vote: 9/10/10

I just can't understand why this movie has such a low rating, its a goodChristmas movie, and Dana Carvey is hilarious. Overall, it has a very goodcast, with him, Jon Lovitz and Nick Cage. I enjoyed, good way to spend asnowy day.

Reviewed bytedg ([email protected])Vote: /10

What we have here is an experiment in no writing, no directing, justgathering some actors together and turning them loose. Many of these havebeen funny in skits, and each was encouraged to develop their own comicpersona. But since these are not very clever comics, we have copies ofHarpo, Jonathon Winters, Laurel and Hardy, Lucy and so on. There's nothingoriginal or entertaining here except to watch how strong is the magnetism ofthe past masters.

Watching Cage flounder is also interesting since there are some whocelebrate his talent. I'm coming more and more to appreciate how manydifferent types of actors there are and how widely they differ. Cage as aperson always sits nervously in his character. This is no problem if he iscast as a person who sits nervously in himself, and of course this is how heis typed. Sometimes it works, for instance with DePalma's experimental`Snake Eyes,' the disembodied EMT of `Bring out the Dead,' and the prettysensitive `Raising Arizona.' But when it fails, it fails spectacularly withCage staring goofily as in that lottery movie, or with shouting as here.Spectacular.

Reviewed byIMSandmanVote: 8/10/10

This was a surprisingly funny movie. Having Cage, Lovitz and Carvey inthesame movie is hilarious. Carvey has to have the best role as akleptomaniac. Watching the movie just to see Dana in this role is worthitall by itself. If you liked City Slickers, you would probably likeTrappedin Paradise. 8 Stars.

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