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Tristana (1970) 1080p

When the young woman Tristana's mother dies, she is entrusted to the guardianship of the well-respected though old Don Lope. Don Lope is well-liked and well-known because of his honorable ...

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  • Language: Spanish  
  • Run Time: 95
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The Synopsis for Tristana (1970) 1080p

When the young woman Tristana's mother dies, she is entrusted to the guardianship of the well-respected though old Don Lope. Don Lope is well-liked and well-known because of his honorable nature, despite his socialistic views about business and religion. But Don Lope's one weakness is women, and he falls for the innocent girl in his charge, seduces her, makes her his lover, though all the while explaining to her that she is as free as he. But when she acts on this freedom, Don Lope must deal with the consequences of his world-view.

The Director and Players for Tristana (1970) 1080p

[Director]Luis Bu?uel
[Role:]Franco Nero
[Role:]Catherine Deneuve
[Role:]Fernando Rey

The Reviews for Tristana (1970) 1080p

Reviewed byClaudio CarvalhoVote: 7/10/10

In the 30's, in Spain, the teenager Tristana (Catherine Deneuve)becomes an orphan when her mother, who is the servant of Don Lope(Fernando Rey), dies. Don Lope is a decadent but respected aristocrat,anticlerical and liberal with socialist principles, and he becomes theguardian of Tristana. Don Lope sexually abuses of Tristana and developsa strange lover/father relationship with her.

When Tristana meets the painter Horacio (Franco Nero), they fall inlove with each other and Tristana flees from Don Lope. However, yearslater, Horacio brings Tristana back to Don Lope with a terminal diseaseon her leg. She has a severed leg and survives, and Don Lope asks herhand in marriage. She accepts but now Tristana is a bitter and cynicalwoman and Don Lope feels the consequence of his acts in the past.

"Tristana" is a morbid tale of lost of innocence by Luis Buñuel. I hadseen this film for the last time on 05 Feb 2003 and despite thewonderful performances of Catherine Deneuve and Fernando Rey, it is notamong my favorite Buñuel's films. As usual, the director criticizes theChurch and the bourgeois class but his famous surrealism is onlypresented in Tristana's nightmare. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Tristana"

Reviewed byboltinghouc2Vote: 9/10/10

A cinematic masterpiece, Bunuel's Tristana works on manylayers,and can be enjoyed at face-value, as a dark romance, or asascathing social criticism of pre/post World War II Spain. Thelatterinterpretation is rather difficult to digest with just oneviewing,but its allegories of Tristana and Don Lope as fascism andsocialismpresent a richly disguised history of the Spanish Civil War andSpain'sconstant struggle between the socialist and the fascist. As istypicalof Bunuel's work, his characteristic criticism of the Church aswellas bourgeoisie lifestyles also presents itself in Tristana,howevernot as markedly as in such features as L'Age D'Or or TheDiscreetCharm.

Bu?uel, the genius...Reviewed byHenry FieldsVote: 8/10

One of the latest works from the genius of Calanda, he was still stigmatized by Franco's dictatorship and he adapted a text by Benito Pérez Galdós about a young pretty girl (Catherine Deneuve) whose mother dies and has to go to live (and something else) with his stepfather (Fernando Rey).

"Tristana" contains many of the common factors of Bu?uel's movies: his total contempt for the ruling sectors of society and the rich people, for hypocrisy and Puritanism; his irreverence, and a wicked and implicit sexual content. Only the man who made "Belle de Jour" would dare to amputate a leg to the goddess Deneuve (one of the most beautiful creatures that ever walked the earth). Fernando Rey plays a typical Spanish "hidalgo" that's come down in the world and that sexually harass his stepdaughter.

So, Bu?uel not only hadn't lost his touch with the years, on the contrary, he felt more and more free as the time went by to let his genius flow? *My rate: 8/10

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