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True Bloodthirst (2012)

True Bloodthirst is a movie starring Andrew Lee Potts, Heida Reed, and Claudia Bassols. Set in a not-too-distant future in which a synthetic blood substitute, dispensed by the Romanian government, allows humans and vampires to...

IMDB: 4.11 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.03G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 15

The Synopsis for True Bloodthirst (2012) 720p

Bucharest, Romania. The not-too-distant future, but an entirely different city. The human population is dwindling. The vampire population, meanwhile, is exploding. Having emerged from the shadows a decade earlier, vampires now walk openly amongst the human population, as a precarious peace exists between the two. A peace made possible by the introduction of a synthetic blood substitute, dispensed by the Romanian government, making traditional vampire feeding, and preying on humans, no longer necessary. But even so, it's not a peace that everyone is entirely comfortable with...

The Director and Players for True Bloodthirst (2012) 720p

[Director]Todor Chapkanov
[Role:]Claudia Bassols
[Role:]Ben Lambert
[Role:]Heida Reed
[Role:]Andrew Lee Potts

The Reviews for True Bloodthirst (2012) 720p

Not the best film ever but a ton of fun to watchReviewed byZippyNardwarVote: 7/10

Is this the best film every made? No. Not by a long shot. Is it the best film SyFy's ever made? No, not at all. Is it fun to watch? HELL YES!

The bad stuff, the writing isn't great and the side actors are not the best. That being said, let's be honest, the writing is always bad in these kind of movies. None of the actors appearing in them are looking to collect an Oscar for a made for TV movie. OK, so, let's move on.

The main cast did a great job with what they had. I completely LOVED watching Andrew Lee Potts in this role. He puts his all in every role he does and I love it. Neil Jackson was fantastic in this and I actually liked him in this more than I did in Push. I've never seen Ben Lambert in anything before but he did a very good job as Nickolai. This is especially true of his interactions with Heida Reed. I would have loved to have seen more of her character; I think it was under used which is a shame because I really think she could have risen to the challenge.

My only complaint with the entire SyFy production is the name. True Bloodthirst was trying way too hard. They would have done better to leave it as a true SyFy original and left the title as simply Bloodthirst or Vampyre Nation. By adding the True to it, they seem desperate to cash in on another shows popularity.

As I said before, the entire film is well worth watching. I really enjoyed it for what it was and I'd definitely by the DVD. :-)

Not a great movie, but compared to other SyFy features, True Bloodthirst is tolerableReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 5/10

Most SyFy movies are terrible, but to me there is something compulsively watchable about them, and I always do hope that they churn out something decent in a while. Actually they have, but as I've said, a vast majority of them are really bad to bottom-of-the-barrel. True Bloodthirst is one of their more tolerable movies. It is far from perfect, I have certainly seen worse special effects but they are rather artificial looking, and the creatures are more dumb than they are menacing. The script is rather hackneyed with too much of a goofy tone and more complicated than it needed to be, and the story while less dull than most SyFy features and it actually has a promising concept suffers from a lack of focus, it never knows what it wants to be, and too many scenes that fall into predictability. The characters are again an improvement, they are not that annoying and not made to do stupid things as often as these SyFy characters tend to but at the same time they could have here done with more development. On the plus side, the locations are beautiful to look at and actually used atmospherically. The soundtrack is more than decent too, not overbearing and much more fitting with the style of the film. The editing is not as choppy as I thought it would be as well, and the acting is better than average. I loved Andrew Lee Potts in Alice, he made that series work, and while not as good, he brings some charisma to his role as a vampire slayer if not as consistently hardcore as he could have been. Ben Lambert immediately appealed to me especially in his interactions with the sadly underused Heida Reed. Neil Jackson captures the angst of his character very well. Roark Chritchlow is both slimy and authoritative, his character is clichéd but he being a veteran in this kind of role he makes an effort to make it more interesting despite the accent. All in all, a tolerable if flawed SyFy movie. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Fun, somewhat original vampire taleReviewed bykannibalcorpsegrinderVote: 9/10

After a rash of brutal killings, vampires and a team of cops must work together to solve the mysterious killings, only to find the source to be a greater enemy than they imagined and race to stop it's deadly origins.

Overall this was a pretty enjoyable vampire effort that comes off rather well. Among the better qualities here is the smarter story than expected, working with a couple smarter ideas than normally found in these kinds of films. The main idea of vampires coming out to expose their existence willingly is something that may have been done before elsewhere, but the follow-up part of a high-level governmental cooperation between the two societies to the level here where fake blood is produced and developed for them, special sections of town devoted to them and the sort of alliance set here that are not only fresh and original but make for a great basis for the final half which really utilizes the better story aspects here to really come off with a better story than expected. As well, the great story here allows for the film's biggest selling point, the high level action on display. There's no shortage of incredibly fun and enjoyable scenes here that move this along at a frantic clip as mass swarming attacks, raids, shootouts and gunfights which are all utilized into quite exciting. The early attack underground in the catacombs, the gunfight with the hyper-vampires in the night-club and a fantastic encounter in the main coven all make for great action scenes with the vampires flying around, exploding into dust and chasing after their targets while offering plenty of impressive defensive tactics, a few graphic kills and a couple rather exciting encounters that that make these so enjoyable. The finale as well offers some rather exciting action as well with the massive swarm of creatures loosened upon the population, a series of fine gunfights to both get their teammates free and hold down their advantage points as well as the confrontation on the roof which definitely offers this one with some really good moments to end this on. These are enough to prevent it from falling to a few missteps here and there, mainly from the origin of the disease and how it affects the vampires to begin with. Though this states that the mutations are caused by the synthetic creations, there's also a rampant problem in the film of black-market human blood, which tends to make no sense as that would supposedly keep them from turning by not being exposed to the other products. That ends up leaving this one somewhat confused about what's it's trying to tell by offering up both explanations yet never doing much with either. The other flaw here is the usually-atrocious CGI present, not just for usual blood-splatter during the kills but also during the action scenes which make them look quite cheap and obvious with their lame fireballs and constantly changing appearance giving away their origins. Overall, though, this was still far better than expected.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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