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Twelve O'Clock High (1949)

Twelve O'Clock High is a movie starring Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe, and Gary Merrill. A hard-as-nails general takes over a bomber unit suffering from low morale and whips them into fighting shape.

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The Synopsis for Twelve O'Clock High (1949) 720p

In this story of the early days of daylight bombing raids over Nazi Germany, General Frank Savage must take command of a "hard luck" bomber group. Much of the story deals with his struggle to whip his group into a disciplined fighting unit in spite of heavy losses, and withering attacks by German fighters over their targets. Actual combat footage is used in this tense war drama.

The Director and Players for Twelve O'Clock High (1949) 720p

[Director]Henry King
[Role:]Gregory Peck
[Role:]Millard Mitchell
[Role:]Hugh Marlowe
[Role:]Gary Merrill

The Reviews for Twelve O'Clock High (1949) 720p

Well-directed and well-played movie about a tough General becomes too involved with the pilots in his commandReviewed byma-cortesVote: 7/10

Intimate as well as spectacular WWI airplane movie with an enjoyable cast , aerial battles and thought-provoking themes , being one of the first Hollywood films to deal with the psychological effect of war on its soldiers . The film's dedication states: "This motion picture is dedicated to those Americans, both living and dead, whose gallant effort made possible daylight precision bombing. They were the only Americans fighting in Europe in the fall of 1942. They stood alone, against the enemy and against doubts from home and abroad. This is their story" . Gen. Frank Savage (Gregory Peck , though John Wayne turned down this leading role) is sent by Gen. Pritchard (Millard Mitchell) to the combat group after the Bomber Commander Col. Keith Davenport (Gary Merrill) is relieved of duty . As a hard-as-nails general takes over a bomber unit suffering from low morale and whips them into fighting shape . However , the newcomer General also begins to feel the strain of the leadership . This is a story of valiant twelve men as their women never knew them . It is an example of a pilot's enemy position call . During World War II pilots would call-out the positions of enemy airplanes by referring to their bearings via the use of a pretend face of a clock . In this case, 12 O'Clock meant the enemy was directly ahead, whereas 6 O'Clock would mean directly behind. "High" or "Low" referred to whether the enemy was above or below the airplane respectively. "Even" meant that the enemy was level with the pilot's plane.

This is a thrilling film dealing with patriotism and heroism , starred by a maverick General and his underlings carrying out risked feats on air and bombing German installations . However , the air battles were cut together from authentic World War II footage . In fact , the opening prologue states : "The air battle scenes in this Motion Picture were photographed in actual combat by members of the United States Air Force and the German Luftwaffe" . Much of the flick concerns the relentless fight of a brave General , masterfully played by Gregory Peck , to whip his outfit into a disciplined team in spite of heavy casualties . This film is frequently cited by surviving bomber crewmembers as the only accurate depiction from Hollywood of their life during the war . Based on a novel by Beirne Lay Jr. and Sy Bartlett ; being well adapted by these authors , they wanted the script to concentrate fully on the psychological effects of war and the theme of commanding . Many characters in this film were based on real-life people such as Gen. Savage inspired by Gen. Frank Armstrong and many others . Excellent Gregory Peck as the flight commander who takes over an England-based bomber squadron and it helped assure him a place in Hollywood immortality . Very good support cast such as Hugh Marlowe as Lt. Col. Ben Gately , Gary Merrill as Col. Keith Davenport , Millard Mitchell as Gen. Pritchard , Robert Arthur as Sgt. McIllhenny , Paul Stewart as Capt. 'Doc' Kaiser and Dean Jagger as Maj. Harvey Stovall , he won an Academy Award for secondary actor for his fine acting ; most of them inspired on real characters .

Evocative as well as sensitive musical score by the classic Alfred Newman . Atmospheric cinematography in black and white by Leon Shamroy , usual cameraman of super-productions . Henry King 's direction is well crafted , though William A. Wellman was attached to direct at one point . Here Henry King is more thought-provoking and inclined toward brooding issues and no much action , as a romantic subplot, which features in the book, was dropped at the studio's insistence . King is an expert on compelling Adventure/Western genre , as he directed classic Westerns as ¨ Jesse James¨ (1939) and ¨The gunfighter¨ (1950) with Peck again . Koster was specialist on Adventure genre as proved in ¨Untamed¨ , ¨Captain King¨ , ¨Captain of Castilla¨ , ¨Black Swan¨ , ¨Stanley and Livingstone ¨and many others . Rating : Better than average . Worthwhile watching

UnderratedReviewed bypizzamonsterdudeVote: 10/10

The same fate has fallen upon 12 O'clock High as other classic films such as Citizen Kane and The Wild One, and that is to be an underrated film. I would attribute this to the fact that most people who rate films on IMDb are adolescents, or at least have the typical mindset, and are thus too in love with gratuitous over-the-top scenes of sex, violence, and foul language in the cinema, as if such sensationalism expresses realism. What this folk fail to realize is that the french new wave cinema movement, for instance, was inspired by the realism of such work as Welles' masterpiece...

Twelve O'clock High is no different. In fact, the air combat sequences in the film are actually footage from World War II--not that it matters, of course. What makes a good film, if we suppose film is art, and not just entertainment (which we should, as long as we're going to rate films), is a good story, good acting, and good filming technique(s).

In more or less words; this film has all three of these things... A very good script, exciting film-making techniques (i.e. realistic battle scenes, variety of shots/cuts, no awkward time gaps between scenes), and an especially moving performance by Gregory Peck, make this film...a very good one.

I wouldn't expect anybody to watch films like this one again and suddenly realize the quality of them, but the fact that 12 O'clock High has a rating of 7-something, and films like Fight Club and Scarface are rated higher than it, makes one seriously wonder how we (have decided) to determine what constitutes a good film to begin with.

Outstanding war movie.Reviewed bybarnabyrudgeVote: 9/10

Similar to "Command Decision", which was released a year earlier, Twelve O'Clock High is one of the most fondly-remembered and well-made war movies of all-time. It deals with its subject from a psychological viewpoint, with little direct action, but is nonetheless an absorbing and compelling film.

Gregory Peck is magnificent as General Frank Savage, a tough-talking air force general given the unenviable task of taking command at a beleagured American base in Britain. The previous commander, Colonel Davenport (Gary Merrill), lost his nerve as the toll of bungled missions and dead pilots began to weigh on his conscience. Savage initially whips the men into shape and, although they dislike his frank and uncompromising attitude, the fliers gradually find their morale improving. With their upturn in fortunes, however, comes a series of increasingly dangerous missions - and even Savage finds himself cracking under the pressure as did Davenport before him.

Peck is in fine form here (rarely was he better, other than in "To Kill A Mockingbird"). Special mention also to Hugh Marlowe as a misfit pilot who proves himself to be braver than anyone had ever foreseen, and Dean Jagger (an Oscar-winner for his work here) as an elderly paperwork clerk who occasionally stows away on risky bombing raids. The film explores the effects of high-pressure missions on the men involved, and comes to the disturbing conclusion that even the most iron-nerved of men can fold when the toll of war catches up with them. The psychological state of the characters becomes the main story thread - much more focal than, say, the actual bombing missions - but director Henry King ensures that the film remains thoroughly absorbing. You may come to Twelve O'Clock High expecting a film full of exhilarating aerial action, yet you won't get it. In spite of this, I guarantee you will still come away from the film totally affected by what you have seen. Great stuff.

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