Under the Sand (2000) 1080p YIFY Movie

Under the Sand (2000) 1080p

Sous le sable is a movie starring Charlotte Rampling, Bruno Cremer, and Jacques Nolot. When her husband goes missing at the beach, a female professor begins to mentally disintegrate as her denial of his disappearance becomes...

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  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Under the Sand (2000) 1080p

Marie, a professor of English literature in a Paris university, has been happily married to Jean for 25 years, although they have no children. During their summer vacations in the southwest of France, Jean leaves Marie sunbathing on the beach and goes to swim in the sea. When Marie turns back, she cannot find Jean. Has he left her? commited suicide? drowned? With no clue and no body to mourn over, Marie acts as her husband was still alive.

The Director and Players for Under the Sand (2000) 1080p

[Director]Fran?ois Ozon
[Role:]Bruno Cremer
[Role:]Charlotte Rampling
[Role:]Jacques Nolot
[Role:]Alexandra Stewart

The Reviews for Under the Sand (2000) 1080p

She does her best to deny the death of her husband...Reviewed byvic-12Vote: 9/10

Charlotte Rampling does an award-winning acting job depicting a woman's reaction to her husband of 25 years disappearing into the ocean in the south of France. They seemed to be a serenely and smoothly functioning couple taking their annual vacation together. They had a lovely seaside villa and seemed to know the routine of travelling, opening the house and preparing to relax. They seem like a loving couple, but she is in her 40's, fit and trim while he was aging and overweight. He got wood for a fire and she made pasta and they went to bed together with affection, but no passion.

The next day was lovely and he lovingly applied sunblock to her back. He went swimming by himself as she preferred to relax for awhile and read a book. She never saw him again as he never returned. She was frantic and initiated a search, but no body was found. The following year she was trying to get on with her life, still denying her husband's death. Her friends grew increasingly concerned and tried to fix her up with a pleasant single man, and eventually she agreed to have a date with him and make love. The image of her husband remained with her in a soft, friendly way.

Events accelerate, the finding of the body, a shocking talk with her aged mother-in-law. Ultimately she seems to come to grips with reality as she breaks down and cries on the beach, but the sudden ending must be watched closely for a clue to how she eventually copes.

After the love-making scene, there is a shocking realization by the new boyfriend, that their physical intimacy meant nothing to her after the fact. This is what many lovers feel when they realize the physical intimacy was only skin deep and temporal. One wonders by what magic enduring love and commitment happens.

If you think you might like this you probably will.Reviewed bymoovyfellowVote: 8/10

I disagree with a few comments below: first, I believe it 'is' appropriate to switch back and forth between French and English because the character is an english literature professor in Paris and has bilingual friends; second, I feel it is unfair of anyone to characterize the main character as elderly, she is sensual, attractive, and tentatively has a good life to live in her future. I think the loss to the woman of her husband is like suddenly confronting the loss of the last 25 years of her life. To be able to cope with this changed reality she must cautiously explore a new experience; she is afraid to let go of her past and afraid to take hold of a future. I believe at the end of the movie we are shown that she will continue to refuse to relinquish the past, yet, invariably, it is shown to her that she must go on, embracing the present, as must we all.

Life, Death, Grieving , Loss and CopingReviewed bygradyharpVote: 7/10

Fran?ois Ozon is a rare director, one who takes a simple story, places it in the eyes and bodies of his cast, and simply lets the tale tell itself. SOUS LE SABLE (UNDER THE SAND) is an unforgettable film experience that probes deeply into our psyches, hearts, and reason: how do we cope with sudden death? Opening quietly in the French countryside, a loving middle-aged couple begins a brief vacation in a family house, quietly and lovingly going about removing dustcovers, opening shuttered windows - settling in for a time of being alone together. Marie (Charlotte Rampling) is a professor of English in Paris (her specialty is Virginia Woolf) and Jean (Bruno Cremer) is her retired husband. Their long-term love is palpable: Ozon provides almost no dialogue, as none is needed to establish this special relationship, so powerful is the non-verbal communication between Rampling and Cremer. They visit the beach the next day and while Marie is sunbathing, Jean goes for a swim - and never returns. Marie searches for him, engages lifeguards, and ultimately returns to Paris, trembling but intact. Months later, while Jean is never found, we see Marie reacting as though he still exists. She visualizes him in various situations and the two actors (yes, Jean is present in these scenes) interact as though nothing has changed. But Marie's friends note with great concern that she is 'delusional' and make various attempts for her to seek professional and emotional help. When news eventually arrives that Jean's body has been found, she internally denies this possibility but eventually returns to the vacation house town to identify the bloated corpse. Even at this point, though obviously in shock, she denies that the corpse is that of her beloved Jean. She walks back to the site where she last saw Jean and in the distance a figure rekindles her hope...

Charlotte Rampling delivers a performance wholly committed. She communicates the spectrum of feelings of this challenged strong woman with her eyes, her gazes in the mirror, her interaction with her class of students, her friends, her admirer with such power that makes her Marie a wholly credible creature stricken by loss yet surviving in her chosen manner. It is one of the great performances of cinema. The entire small cast of this film is perfection. Ozon is a magical director and continues to prove he is one of the most honest and quietly powerful figures in today's cinema. Highly recommended.

Grady Harp

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