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Urban Justice (2007)

Seagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son.

IMDB: 5.43 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Urban Justice (2007) 720p

Seagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son.

The Director and Players for Urban Justice (2007) 720p

[Director]Don E. FauntLeRoy
[Role:]Steven Seagal
[Role:]Carmen Serano
[Role:]Eddie Griffin

The Reviews for Urban Justice (2007) 720p

Absolutely terrible, even for Segal Standarts...Reviewed bycskopeVote: 2/10

I watched this movie knowing nothing about it except that its a Segal flick and I have at times enjoyed those in a guilty pleasure type of way. Well Urban Justice does not fit into that category. It is an absolutely terrible film. The story/ending is predictable from the beginning, the casting could not be worse, the dialog is cheesy and stale, the music does not fit the scenes and the direction does not make sense from one moment to the next.

I think anybody who wants to watch a Segal flick should just rent Under Siege, even if that means you are seeing it for the 50th time. Urban Justice is a waste of time, unless you want to see how bad movie-making can get at its worst...

It's true......Steven Seagal returns in fine form!Reviewed bymarkansmanVote: 8/10

This movie, though it does have some noticeable goofs, is actually quite good. Great action, violence, arm breaking, and everything else only Seagal can do with ease. The story is great too...If you are a Seagal fan, this movie is a must watch...if your not a Seagal fan, well, you will enjoy it, but maybe not as much as a die hard Seagal fan....You can tell he is back to doing his own stunts, and not using wires from some of his previous works...Steve has aged, but he is still a master at what he does. What is really good is the story..a true revenge movie. There are enough gun fights to raise the stock price of Smith & Wesson. Eddie Griffin does a good job, but he is not in the movie as much as you would think as a main character on the box picture.

Which one is Seagals best straight to DVD. Belly of The Beast or Urban Justice?Reviewed bySemen_MonsterVote: 7/10

This is a tough one for me. I saw UJ on my already small computer screen with bad sound and a YouTube sized window so I think I got far from the whole experience. I had a great time watching it on this small screen format and bet the experience watching it on DVD on my my 32" TV, and a lot better sound will certainly enhance the experience. UJ definitely had better fights. Real hard gritty, old school style Seagal Aikido fights. Better than the fights in Exit Wounds and I haven't seen Seagal fight this much and with such style since Fire Down Below. BOTB had very entertaining Fu-Whire work and a bit better pacing. but then again I watched UJ on a tiny, tiny window. Perhaps the camera work should have shocked less during the actions scenes and a few less close ups, but it's Seagal alright, doing all his own old school kind of fighting with bone crunching, Aikido throws and wristlocks. There are a few wide shots of the fighting so one can see that he still is very fast, and the fights were done for real. Mostly it was medium sized shots so no editing tricks here. Not just the magic of editing. He even pushes people around like in his old days before punching them out. Now the story in BOTO was a slightly better end more emotionally involving. The story here were the simplest possible, but then again it only worked in favor of the movie. The plot is very brave for daring to be this simplistic. But it's professionally told. One doesn't really care this time who Seagal beets up to a bloody pulp. Seagal just wants to kill anyone who comes his way. I don't think I have ever seen Seagal this mean spirited before. Not even in Out For Justice, because in that movie he had more of a reason to be brutal. In UJ the audience doesn't hate the bad guys with a vengeance, as they do in many of the classic Steven Seagal revenge flicks. But Seagal does. It is good to see Seagal skip the self righteous preachiness of his older movies. In this one he's just a bad mother... Who cleans up the neighborhood for no higher cause than to get his revenge. And he's not to particular with who gets hurt in the proses. As he says, he has no care for if he lives or dies.

BOTB had a lot of doubles for Seagal even if he also did a lot of his own fighting, and he was voice dubbed for a lot of scenes. The Fu-Whire work were very entertaining and the action scenes over the top fun. BOTB had more humor than UJ, but UJ had Seagals own old school gritty style. The acting in both movies were pretty much OK. UJ had better acting overall. The cinematography was slightly better in BOBT and more style too burn with the camera work. UJ also had good cinematography. Better than in Mercenary where some of the indoor scenes were to dark. There is a lot of that kind of photography in UJ also but this time it's better done. UJ is gritty and almost documentary like in its style. Very laid back and it only capture its action straight on, without a lot of stylized camera angels or camera movements. The editing is a bit sloppy in UJ though as it was in Mercenary. Perhaps Faunt need to plan his shots in advance a bit more careful. But then again they had a crazy shooting schedule, only 20 days including the shooting of the action. It takes some craftsmanship to make something like this fairly high quality looking production. BOTB had top notch production qualities and craftsmanship in the technical department. A bit to wild in its style but made for great mindless entertainment.

OK, this is a tough decision. Both BOTB and UJ are for me Seagals best movies since Fire Down Below, and definitely better than his other STVs. I'm no big fan of Exit Wounds. For me both BOTB and UJ are way better. Into The Sun is slightly behind these two STV productions. There's no obvious winner between these two. But I have to declare UJ the winner of these two late Seagal flicks.

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