Vampyres (1974) 1080p YIFY Movie

Vampyres (1974) 1080p

A lesbian vampire couple waylay and abduct various passer-byes, both male and female, to hold them captive at their rural manor in the English countryside in order to kill and feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood.

IMDB: 6.24 Likes

  • Genre: Horror |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.67G
  • Resolution: 1920x1040 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 2

The Synopsis for Vampyres (1974) 1080p

Fran and Miriam are a pair of beautiful vampires who get victims to pull over by hitchhiking. They proceed to bring them back to their house and drink their blood.

The Director and Players for Vampyres (1974) 1080p

[Director]José Ramón Larraz
[Role:]Murray Brown
[Role:]Anulka Dziubinska
[Role:]Marianne Morris

The Reviews for Vampyres (1974) 1080p

Reviewed byInfofreakVote: /10

If you like 1970s erotic vampire movies then you will LOVE Jose Larraz's'Vampyres'! It's as good as the best Jess Franco or Jean Rollin movies inthis genre. It's very low budget (on the DVD commentary track producer BrianSmedley-Aston claims it was only around 80,000 pounds, and he should know,he mortgaged his house to pay for it when the financing fell through!), butlooks great, especially the new print on the disc I watched. Like Franco andRollin Larraz isn't all that interested in plot as such, more atmosphere anderoticism, and this movie has it in spades. The gorgeous Marianne Morris(brunette) and Anulka (blonde) play a couple of very hot vampires whobetween seducing men and draining their blood, share a passionaterelationship. There's plenty of nudity, especially from the stunning Morris,and some very erotic scenes, though Larraz was constrained by the Britishcensorship of the day. There's also quite a lot of blood, and thesex/violence combo makes it quite special. The DVD commentary is highlyrecommended, even if you're familiar with the movie. Larraz's English isshaky but he is absolutely hilarious! After commenting that the version ofthe movie he owns is heavily cut ("the Vatican version" he jokingly callsit) he gasps with glee at some of the racier scenes, and gets particularlyanimated when Anulka's pubes are briefly seen on screen. I'm very glad heenjoys his own movie as much as I did. 'The Vampire Lovers', 'Fascination','Vampyros Lesbos' are all outstanding examples of 1970s vampiresexploitation. Add 'Vampyres' to that list!

Reviewed byFuzzbombVote: 7/10/10

Have you ever been bored of either the pathetic shot-on-video gothfantasiesthat seem to clog up the shelves, or even good old Jess Franco's cool butboring sleaze epics? This film is pretty much alone in the LesbianVampiregenre in that it has real zeal - the girls really seem to get into theirroles and the result is the most erotic non-porn feature I've ever seen.Excellent stuff.

Reviewed byTromafreakVote: 10/10/10

Murder, mystery, and a soft-core vampire lesbian scene, all in thefirst sixty seconds. Alright, I'm just going to say it right here andnow, I'm giving this one a ten. Our story begins in a dark, eeriecastle in England. Inside, two hot ladies are loving on each other, theparty is soon spoiled, by a mysterious figure, who shoots them dead.Now, after the title, we get the idea that it's years later, and forwhatever reason, the hot ladies, Fran and Miriam, are now hot vampyres,hot vampyres who hitch rides on the side of the country road, only tolure their victims back to their lair, in the castle, to be loved on,and of course, to be drained of all blood. We got sex scenes, bloody,erotic killings, Pleasant, country scenery, and some more sex scenes, Ido believe this is my all-time favorite British Horror film. Vampyresis amazing on many different levels. Our two leading ladies, areportrayed brilliantly by Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska, and thesubtle score is positively haunting. In this film, the atmosphererules, it really feels like you're witnessing a dream, at least on VHSit does, not so much on DVD. That roaring sound, along with theovercast sky is just captivating. Yet another fine example of alow-budget adding to the horror vibe. One of the many problems withtodays horror is that they lay everything out for you, leaving nothingfor the imagination, that is not the case with Vampyres, if anything,they leave out too much, several occurrences are never explained atall, which, would probably irritate most, but if looked at it the rightway, should just keep you on your toes. Ultimately, Vampyres is justbeautiful, grim horror for true fans of the genre, which also happensto include some really decent sex scenes. Especially recommended tothose who prefer their horror dark and hot. Jess Franco never didanything half this good. 10/10

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