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Venomous (2001) 1080p

Venomous is a video starring Treat Williams, Mary Page Keller, and Hannes Jaenicke. Mutant snakes survived a terrorist attack on a government laboratory, and they now threaten the town of Santa Mira Springs, California. Seismic...

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  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Venomous (2001) 1080p

Mutant snakes survived a terrorist attack on a government laboratory, and they now threaten the town of Santa Mira Springs, California. Seismic activity has brought snakes to the surface, where residents are being bitten. Victims can transmit the virus to healthy persons. The military puts the town under quarantine. Local physicians try to control the epidemic, while the military is primarily concerned with keeping the virus a secret.

The Director and Players for Venomous (2001) 1080p

[Director]Fred Olen Ray
[Role:]Treat Williams
[Role:]Hannes Jaenicke
[Role:]Mary Page Keller
[Role:]Catherine Dent

The Reviews for Venomous (2001) 1080p

Plays like a made-for-TV movie, strictly AVERAGEReviewed byBurmese PythonVote: 7/10

As you might be able to tell from my nickname, I am a snake NUT. So, viewing this movie was essential for me, no matter what the quality of the film was SUPPOSED to be. Going in with my eyes wide open, I was aware immediately of two things: 1. The movie is VERY low budget, and 2. The effects were, for the most part, very realistic.

While I can't say that the movie fails to entertain, it does have problems. The acting is average at best, the plot is predictable, and the style of filming is very much like a made-for-TV movie. Think of a Stephen King ABC Mini-Series, and that sums up the film's style.

That said, what the movie does right also impressive. There is no computer animation, and at no point do any of the slithering baddies of the film do anything "supernatural". The reptile action is very plausible, a refreshing change from other recent pictures like "Anaconda" and "Python". What the film also does right is not take itself too seriously. There is not a lot of over-acting, and no character in the film seems beyond belief. One thing I also appreciated was the fact that the snakes are treated as a menace, but not as villains.

Where "Venomous" fails most notably is its lack of ability to build suspense. There is one particular scene that stands out among the rest, but aside from that golden moment, little else is particularly chilling.

I have read reviews of this film that call it a copy of "Outbreak". While there are several similar elements, "Venomous" does stand well on its own. The running time is nearly an hour shorter between these two movies, and "Venomous" does a good job of character development. It also focuses more on the carriers of the virus than the virus itself.

"Venomous" also relies on stock footage more than once, perhaps to keep the overall budget down. I will be general here not to spoil any of the film's moments: There is one crash scene where the vehicle crashing is TOTALLY different from the one in the previous shot. Watch for it with your remote in hand, it is amusing that the film makers thought no one would notice.

My overall opinion? Rent before you buy, and only buy if you really like snakes.

Great fun.Reviewed byruskinlaceladyVote: 9/10

If you're a fan of disaster movies, you'll enjoy this one. Acting by the principal characters was excellent, except for Anthony Denison who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. He provides the comic relief, and the lines he had to recite were ludicrous. An interesting subplot between the two principal characters carries the movie. If you like to watch the science in these movies, there's an error in the premise. You don't get antibodies from the snake venom. You get them from the bloodstream. But it wouldn't have been half as fun watching them try to draw blood from a snake as to milk it for venom. This movie was great fun to watch.

Rather weak overall creature featureReviewed bykannibalcorpsegrinderVote: 7/10

After a strange series of attacks, a small-town doctor and his staff find that a military cover-up involving a deadly virus transmitted through venomous snake bites released by a terrorist attack and disturbed by seismic activity forcing them to come together to stop them.

This here was a decent if decidedly unimpressive offering. Among the few positives here is the fact that there are quite a few scenes with the snakes here that really plays up the advantage of using the real animals. The fact that the scenes involving them are quite fun, from the first scenes of them biting on the civilians and the outbreak that causes the different quick-shot attacks that are carried out in the houses around town which are quite nicely handled in instigating their need for the quarantine. There's a great deal of these scenes that work throughout here due to the others carrying out the need for the real-sized snakes which has the nice lead-in to the different action scenes in the finale where there are all sorts of big fun to be had with the military ambush tactics and the big ambushes trying to get their plan under control. However, this is all that really works here since this one doesn't really have a whole lot to really enjoy and has a ton of flaws. Among the biggest ones is the fact that there's just not a whole lot the film can do with the rating featured here as it really neuters the possibilities for action within here. There's not a whole lot of vicious or graphic kills throughout here and the most blood shown is in a series of test-tube vials so it really leaves a lot of chances of to the sidelines which makes it feel rather weak. There's also the films' incredibly weak and obvious low-budget tone here which comes off quite apparent in the final half but is still a big deal throughout here, giving this one the kind of weak-toned and out of control with how it carries out these elements. Along with a distinct lack of action and confined sets, the film's biggest action scenes here are all stock footage scenes taken from other movies that includes several car chases taken to escape from the authorities and to later escape from the confined area and it containing action scenes and explosions taken from other films that really seems obvious with the change in audio and video quality during these scenes that highlights the pilfering. The film's last flaw is the fact that the actions could've been avoided had the nonsensical cover-up never occurred as everything that happens from the outbreak of the virus to the town quarantine and the snakes getting loose is due to their cover-up of the tests and the snakes being there. These here really hold this down.

Rated PG-13: Violence, Language and scenes involving strong suggested child violence.

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