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Veronica Guerin (2003)

An Irish journalist writes a series of stories about drug dealers.

IMDB: 6.95 Likes

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The Synopsis for Veronica Guerin (2003) 720p

Based on a true story, this is about the Irish journalist Veronica Guerin (Cate Blanchett), a reporter for The Sunday Independent, who exposed some of Dublin's most powerful crime barons and drug lords in 1996. But later that year she was gunned down by assasins hired by the same criminal drug lords she exposed.

The Director and Players for Veronica Guerin (2003) 720p

[Director]Joel Schumacher
[Role:]Cate Blanchett
[Role:]Brenda Fricker
[Role:]Colin Farrell

The Reviews for Veronica Guerin (2003) 720p

Highly underrated! Such a great movie that touches the biggest problem in society that no one wants to talk about!Reviewed byviviterVote: 10/10

Highly underrated! Such a great movie that touches the biggest problem in society that no one wants to talk about! Cate Blanchet is a great actress and she plays the role of Journalist Veronica Guerin in a marvelous way, just like she plays all her roles! This movie is based on the life of a real Journalist who had the courage to face the Drug lords of IReland as she couldn't stand watching the youth of her city in such a miserable state! This is a subject people don't like to talk about cause they are afraid , involved or don't care. MANY people out there do not realize that the drug business is one of the biggest in the world and that it is getting worse and worse each year taking many lives with it! The World needs millions of Veronica Guerins, brave woman and excellent film!!!

A travestyReviewed byMOscarbradleyVote: 2/10

A travesty and one reason why Hollywood shouldn't be let within a million miles of a story like that of Veronica Guerin, the Irish journalist whose stories in the press about Dublin drug barons lead to her murder in 1996. Guerin may not have been a very likable person, journalists seldom are, and it could be said that her reckless style of reporting didn't just put her own life at risk but that of her family as well, (she never courted anonymity). But equally it could be said she was one of the bravest of contemporary writers who did her best, in the only way she knew how, to put right the wrongs she encountered in Irish society. She moved in a violent, shadowy world and there is no doubt her story could have made a pertinent, realistic and moving drama. But this isn't it.

This is Hollywood's idea of 'realism' which, as we all know, has absolutely nothing to do with 'truth'. There is not a single moment in this dire film that rings true; everything is exaggerated. No New York crack den can be as bad as the Dublin flats where young kids are injecting themselves with heroin like some drug-fueled pubescent orgy; (outside there is a playground littered with syringes). Of course, this just might have been believable or at least acceptable if the tone of the film weren't so self-congratulatory.

But then are you surprised when you see that the producer is Jerry Bruckheimer, (there is a lot of action), or the director is Joel Schumacher, hardly known for his subtlety in the past or for making films of a 'crusading' nature. Worst of all, the film has the only bad performance I've seen from Cate Blanchett as Guerin. I've always thought great actresses, (and I believe Blanchett is a great actress), could redeem anything but given the dreadful dialogue she has to say and the fact that Schumacher's direction is so ham-fisted she was always fighting a losing battle.

So has the film got anything going for it, beyond a story that in itself is of interest? Well, hardly, although I admit the Irish actor Gerard McSorley's performance as John Gilligan, the man who supposedly ordered Veronica's murder, gives it a momentary kick, not because his character rings truer than anyone else's but because McSorley makes Gilligan such a monster he actually makes him entertaining which, of course, is the one thing this film should never be. Best you just avoid it.

Reviewed byLawsonVote: 9/10/10

Veronica Guerin is the kind of journalist I could never, ever be, if Ichoose to go into that field in the future. She was determined, ballsy,hard-nosed, a risk-taker, and instilled with a bravado that bordered onirrationality. This movie is based on the true story of how Guerin, an Irishreporter, galvanized her country into implementing stricter drug laws andcracking down on drug-related crimes and drug abuse. Veronica Guerin paintsher as a modern day Joan of Arc - misunderstood by peers and politicianswhile she was alive, but made a martyr and heroine after her death. It spansa period of two years, from Guerin's decision to take down Dublin's drugoverlord, to her eventual assassination. (I'm not revealing any secrets -she's shot at the beginning before the movie flashes back). Guerin'stenacious reporting-style - poking, prodding, nudging friends and foes alike- was effective, albeit often treacherous - there had been previous attemptson her life before the final, fatal one. It is this that critics pick on intheir reviews: Guerin's almost insane tendency to provoke known criminalsand gangsters to the point of immediate danger to herself and her family.While it would be somewhat implausible if this were a fictitious story, thestory of Veronica Guerin is a true one. Having not read her biography, Ihave no idea how much the filmmakers have embellished on it, but I'm willingto give them the benefit of the doubt. With the picture they painted ofGuerin, as well as Cate Blanchett's wonderful portrayal of her, I believethat Guerin, in her passion-fuelled moral crusade, would have been thatcompulsive, and ultimately, that heroic.

As much as I loved the story of Veronica Guerin, crusading journalist, Ihave some bones to pick with the technical aspects of the movie. One is withthe director's tendency to suddenly go into "Blair Witch Cam," or hand-heldcam, for those of you who haven't been nauseated by that movie. It'sintended to give the movie a documentary feel, but the sudden switches tofrom fixed to hand-held cams just leave me dizzy. Another problem I had,though a smaller one, was with the schmaltzy-ing of certain scenes,especially the last one, where Celtic songs are played in the background.While I understand the reverrence intended and the relevance of playingCeltic music, I couldn't stop images of the Titanic and Sarah McLachlan (Idon't know either) from appearing in my head. A suitably solemn,well-composed, non-Celtic piece would've been much more preferable. Butthat's just me. 9/10

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