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Victory (1981)

As allied POWs prepare for a soccer game against the German National Team to be played in Nazi-occupied Paris, the French Resistance and British officers are making plans for the team's escape.

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The Synopsis for Victory (1981) 720p

In World War II, a group of Nazi officers come up with a propaganda event in which an all star Nazi team will play a team composed of Allied Prisoners of War in a Soccer (Football) game. The Prisoners agree, planning on using the game as a means of escape from the camp.

The Director and Players for Victory (1981) 720p

[Role:Director]John Huston
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]Michael Caine

The Reviews for Victory (1981) 720p

Reviewed bybob the mooVote: /10

When Major Karl Von Steiner sees POW's playing football he suggests afriendly match between the guards and a select 11 of the prisoners. Howeveras word of the match spreads, the German high command seize on it as achance to publicly show the strength of the Germans to the world, while theescape committee within the POW camp start planning for a major escape tohumiliate the Germans on their big day.

Well worth seeing simply because of the range of `famous' footballers in thecast and the fact that it is one of a select few films that is based aroundfootball. That is not to mean it is any good – because of course it simplyisn't. The film is a strange mix of POW movie and sports movie. The POWside of it is full of cliché and rip offs of better films, the music itselfsounds like a watered down version of The Great Escape. The football actionitself is saved for the final third. I think the film would have workedbetter if it had focused more on training (al la Dirty Dozen) rather thanopening up the stuff around Hatch's escape. As it stands the game isactually quite enjoyable, of course it doesn't really play out like a realfootball match, but it's very hard to get that in a film.

For all those who say that coming back from 4-1 down at halftime isunrealistic and laughable, I say HA! A few seasons ago I watched Man Unitedwin 5-3 over Spurs despite losing 3-0 at halftime. Even in the past 3 weeksI have seen both Wolves and West Brom come back from a 3-0 halftime loss towin 4-3 against Leicester and West Ham respectively. Of course the longmidfield runs etc are a little unrealistic but the game itself is the moreenjoyable aspect of the film.

The cast are not that great. Caine does almost nothing and seems to havejust been interested in playing football alongside Pele and Moore (whowouldn't!). Pele, Moore and the other footballers all do OK and seem happyto play (but have major problems with delivering their lines withoutsounding a little wooden). However, Stallone is probably the best of thecast. For the most part his performance is pretty weak and he is forced tobe a strong chin in an escape plot, however he also does well with somecomic stuff and seems to enjoy being a footballer!

Overall the film is a very strange hybrid, none of which really works verywell. It is best viewed as a bit of fantasy football where the `Brits' beatthe Germans at football (and everything else) mainly worth watching becausethey can't do it in real life! The sub-par rip offs of other films keepreminding us that this is not as good as it's peers, but it is worth seeingif you are a football fan – even if it's a pretty poor product as afilm.

Reviewed bydantt777Vote: 10/10/10

This a great movie for any football fan. A great set of stars from the70's, Pele and Stallone as a funny goalkeeper. This is one of myfavorite soccer movies. The storyline is not the best, but it iscatchy. Now the way the stadium was set up, the noise, it feel reallyreal. I would love to see a similar movie remade. Maybe a victory 2with todays's stars. Some people do not like the idea of sly as afootball player, I disagree, I think he playing the"football-ignorant"american is good. Now I also think that the way thesoccer players acted was very realistic. In special Pele was good. Iknow many friends in many countries outside the USA who just love thisfilm.

Reviewed bymdiffeyVote: 10/10/10

Despite being universally derided by everyone I know, I still believe thatEscape To Victory is possibly the greatest feelgood movie ever made. Foranyone who has a passion for football this is an absolute must see, ifjustfor a chance to see legends such as Bobby Moore and Pele playing in thesameteam.

However, while the football is marvellous, the drama is on a similarlevel.Everyone always goes on about this film being cheesy, but I really believeit has some great dramatic moments: Caine telling Stallone "I won't beresponsible for your death", the tragedy of the Eastern Europeanprisoners,and of course the performance of Max von Sydow.

He really does make the film what it is with a hugely dignified portrayalofa man who has no interest in the war going on around him. When he tellsCaine "if all the nations of the world could solve their problems on thefootball field, wouldn't that be something?", it may be a hugely naive(andslightly corny) sentiment, but you honestly believe that he meansit.

There are some minus points, however; it's clear that Stallone has neverplayed as a goalkeeper before (I should know because it's my position),someof the lines delivered by the footballers do sound enormously false (aproblem similar to that with the musicians in The Blues Brothers, anotherclassic), and many of the British and German officers are incrediblycaricatured. Also, as a war movie it's about as far removed from theterrible reality of war as it's possible to get.

However, to state that Escape to Victory is unrealistic is to miss thepointentirely. It's pure escapism. As such, it can lay claim to being one ofthe few specifically male-oriented feelgood movies around.

In conclusion, it surely deserves to be regarded as something of a modernclassic.

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