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Walk of Shame (2014)

A reporter's dream of becoming a news anchor is compromised after a one-night stand leaves her stranded in downtown L.A. without a phone, car, ID or money - and only 8 hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life.

IMDB: 6.169 Likes

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The Synopsis for Walk of Shame (2014) 720p

Meghan Miles is a TV correspondent who works at a local Tv station. She gets an opportunity to work at a network. She goes home to celebrate with her boyfriend. Her friends show up to celebrate with her. But they find her despondent. It seems like her boyfriend left without saying good bye and the network is leaning towards someone else. Her friends convince her to go out and get drunk. They get her to put on a hot dress. She eventually gets so drunk that a guy offers to take her home but she prefers to go to his place. And she spends the night. When she wakes up she gets s call telling her that the network is reconsidering her so she has to go to work but her car was towed away and her wallet which in her purse is also in it. And she left her phone at the guy's place. She then finds herself wandering around downtown LA and runs into drug dealers and people think she's a hooker. So she has to find a way get to work. And even the police are after her.

The Director and Players for Walk of Shame (2014) 720p

[Director]Steven Brill
[Role:Rose]Gillian Jacobs
[Role:Denise]Sarah Wright
[Role:Gordon]James Marsden
[Role:Meghan]Elizabeth Banks

The Reviews for Walk of Shame (2014) 720p

Hysterical, smart and sexyReviewed byJake ThompsonVote: 8/10

Forget every negative review you may have read. This is a delightful film from start to finish. It's hilarious, first of all, and second of all, it's about people you actually care about. What a refreshing change! With echoes of "The Out of Towners" and "After Hours," the movie works mainly because of Elizabeth Banks's character. She's funny, she's likable, she's sexy... what more could you want out of a screen heroine?! The writing, for the most part, is realistic and smart. A well-structured story full of unpredictable events and offbeat characters. Full of surprises. Full of tiny details (like the plastic center in a pizza delivery box... how many times have we dealt with that... yet when has it ever been in a movie??) But perhaps most importantly, the movie has heart. And taste. It goes so far above and beyond what passes for comedy these days, it's ridiculous. Farrelly Brothers, Apatow and especially Adam McKay -- watch and learn. So if you want to see a well-written, well-directed, hilarious movie with a great premise that will put a smile on your face for 95 minutes, see "Walk of Shame." I have absolutely no shame in admitting I loved it. (And normally I hate just about everything these days.)

Enjoyable and Funny!Reviewed bybergie25Vote: 8/10

If you know what you're getting into, and you're in a good mood, this is a fun & funny movie. Just don't expect Casablanca or The Godfather from Elizabeth Banks in a tight yellow dress. It felt a little sitcom-like at times, going from one hijinx into the next hijinx, but Elizabeth Banks is gorgeous and seeing her run around in a little yellow dress alone was worth the price of admission. The best part? Her interactions with the "crack house" fellas. Hilarious! And the commercial jingle thrown in? Had me gut-laughing out loud. I recommend this .... provided you know that it is a stupid comedy and not some Art House hoity-toity film noir.

"When a crackhead gives you his crack, you have his heart right there."Reviewed byutgard14Vote: 6/10

Elizabeth Banks plays a local reporter who has a chance to move up to the big time but that's largely dependent on her making it to an interview. The problem is while she was having a one-night stand with bartender James Marsden, her car was towed, and now she's stranded in downtown LA with no car, no money, and no phone. I really looked forward to this. I like Elizabeth Banks and it looked promising. The early parts aren't that funny but once the plot kicks in and she has to find her way out of "the hood," it picks up. It reminded me somewhat of After Hours or maybe even Adventures of Babysitting. Banks is very good, as well as being particularly hot in this. The supporting cast is really what makes it work. Kevin Nealon is fun as a weirdo helicopter reporter. Bill Burr and Ethan Suplee are great as a couple of clueless cops. But the highlight for me was the trio of Pookie (Alphonso McAuley), Hulk (Da'Vone McDonald), and Scrilla (Bob from Walking Dead). I don't want to spoil too much about their scenes but all three are terrific, especially McAuley who talks like a Fat Albert character come to life. This is a funny comedy with a generally pleasant tone that I liked. Yeah it's somewhat predictable and formulaic but no one's trying to reinvent the wheel here. It's a good way to spend an hour and a half. One little thing I wanted to mention because when it happened in the movie, I had to roll my eyes a bit. James Marsden's bartender character is revealed to not just be a bartender but also a writer. Why is it that movies always do that? Someone can't be JUST a bartender or a waitress or a mechanic -- they always have to be something more "respectable" on the side or they are aspiring to be something like that. Just once I would like one of these movies to feature a working-class character who is happy with their life and does not want to go to law school or own the company or become a big movie star. Because ultimately what they are saying is that Marsden is not good enough for Banks if he is just a bartender, which is shallow and sad.

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