War Paint (1953) 1080p YIFY Movie

War Paint (1953) 1080p

War Paint is a movie starring Robert Stack, Joan Taylor, and Charles McGraw. An Indian and his beautiful sister attempt to destroy a cavalry patrol trying to deliver a peace treaty to their chief.

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  • Genre: Adventure | War
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  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
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The Synopsis for War Paint (1953) 1080p

Lieut. Billings and his army patrol are ordered to deliver a new peace treaty to the Indian Commissioner, who is missing. They have nine days to get the treaty to Chief Gray Cloud or there will be war. Chief's son Taslik offers to guide them. But as their water runs low and conflicts escalate, they can't help wondering why Taslik is wearing war paint.

The Director and Players for War Paint (1953) 1080p

[Director]Lesley Selander
[Role:]Joan Taylor
[Role:]Robert Stack
[Role:]Keith Larsen
[Role:]Charles McGraw

The Reviews for War Paint (1953) 1080p

Pinnacle of the genreReviewed byKojacqueVote: 10/10

An unjustly-overlooked masterpiece. The almost-unrecognizably young Robert Stack plays the hardened CO of a company entrusted with delivering a treaty. If the chief for whom it is intended does not receive it within the week, he will declare war. Of course, complications ensue...Many of the characters and plot points seem cliched, but only because the film shows its age. Look past the vestiges of '50s moviemaking--blue-eyed squaws, etc.--for strikingly modern subject matter: divorce and Native American rage at continued injustices in particular. Tremendously taut and exciting, to boot. See this movie!

This paint is peelingReviewed bytracywinters-44332Vote: 1/10

Simply horrendous imitation (like countless other films) of John Ford's cavalry westerns.

Director Lesley Selander delivers no surprises in this stinky flick that features stoic Bob Stack as an army commander; Keith Larsen as an Indian - Keith Larsen? .... yeah, right; and gorgeous Joan Taylor as a squaw (not even close, but who cares? Joan is beautiful). Unfortunately, Peter Graves, one the poorest excuses for an actor in cinematic history, plays one of the stupid soldiers (type-casting, I guess).

Film has virtually nothing of value (except Joan), but at least it's short, though even at only 90 minutes, you'll still consider hanging yourself from the big tree in the backyard to escape the boredom this movie has to offer.

Cut the cowboys and indians off at the pass and watch something else, preferably John Ford's 'Fort Apache' (1948).

Meandering western but a great cast and beautiful Death ValleyReviewed byNewEnglandPatVote: 5/10

This western has great natural beauty but more talk than action in a film that should have been better than it was. The plot is simply that of a cavalry patrol that has a few days to deliver a peace treaty to a chief and prevent the Indians from going on the warpath. Robert Stack is the big cast name here and he is in complete "Eliot Ness" mode as a no-nonsense lieutenant who drives his men hard in the name of honor and duty. The patrol is guided by the chief's son who has a completely different agenda. The supporting cast is terrific, with names like Charles McGraw, Douglas Kennedy, Peter Graves, Robert Wilke and John Doucette along to carry out their mission. The picture is not a cavalry-Indian western as the title implies but instead focuses on the travails and frustrations of the troopers, not the least of which is thirst, as they make their way to the Indian village. The movie is worth watching for the old-time character actors and the striking beauty of Death Valley.

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