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We Blew It (2017)

We Blew It is a movie starring Ronee Blakley, Peter Bogdanovich, and Charles Burnett. How did America change from Easy Rider into Donald Trump? What became of the dreams and utopias of the 1960's and 1970's? What do the people who...

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The Synopsis for We Blew It (2017) 720p

How did America change from Easy Rider into Donald Trump? What became of the dreams and utopias of the 1960's and 1970's? What do the people who lived in that golden age think about it today? Did they really blow it? Shot in Cinemascope - from New Jersey to California - this melancholic and elegiac road-movie draws upon the portrait of a confused, complex and incandescent America one year after the start of the electoral campaign. That golden age has become its last romantic border and an inconsolable America is about to pull on a trigger called Trump.

The Director and Players for We Blew It (2017) 720p

[Director]Jean-Baptiste Thoret
[Director]Peter Bogdanovich
[Director]Charles Burnett
[Role:]Tobe Hooper
[Role:]Ronee Blakley

The Reviews for We Blew It (2017) 720p

Not what I expectedReviewed byjrneptuneVote: 6/10

I love informative documentaries and noticed this one referencing Active Measure which is one everyone should see.

Gave it a shot but the focus was purely on 1960s and 1970s and the influence it had on the US culture from the point of few of local communities and personalities with some celebrity interviews providing their own commentary.

Interesting to watch but it was underwhelming to me. Might as well spent my time watching Youtube videos.

I did like the segment about Route 66 and the statements made in that piece about the role of government although some might question if it was needed in that instance but it also showed how there is a role as well.

Great documentary about the loss of innocenceReviewed bySellers5Vote: 9/10

More than a documentary about cinema, this film asks the following question : how did we go from "Easy Rider" to Donald Trump ? Traveling through the United States, the filmmaker meets everyday people and some famous directors (Michael Mann, Tobe Hooper, Bob Rafelson, Peter Hyams...). With the use of beautiful photography, clever editing and great music, Jean-Baptiste Thoret digs deep in the heritage of the sixties and seventies, and gradually comes to the conclusion that it might not have been such a "golden era". "We blew it" is a road-movie that thinks, asks questions, and tries to define what is left of an era when cinema was important to people, and when it gave them answers to what they were living. A must-see for those in love with American cinema, and the USA in general.

No Thesis = No Finish From This ViewerReviewed byzkonedogVote: 2/10

Like many Americans, I still struggle sometimes to fully comprehend the repercussions of the 2016 Presidential Election. As such, I have watched a number of documentaries on the subject to try and gain some further perspective. Unfortunately, "We Blew It" has been the worst of those experiences.

The problem with this documentary is overwhelmingly obvious: there is no central focus or thesis. It sort of just rambles on about the "Easy Rider" era and the current "Trump era" without any definition on where it was all going. Fifteen minutes into it, I thought it showed real potential. After about an hour, however, it turned so muddy and scattershot that I didn't want to even sink another hour into the proceedings.

Perhaps older viewers who lived through the 1960s/70s will find more interesting material, but this 32-year old viewer saw it primarily as a jumble of conversations that lacked anything tying it all together.

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