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Wedding in White (1972) 1080p

A father will do anything to protect his family's reputation when his unmarried teenage daughter becomes pregnant because she was raped by her brother's friend.

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The Synopsis for Wedding in White (1972) 1080p

It's the early 1940s in small town Ontario. Sixteen year old Jeannie Dougall is slightly dim, naive and lacks any self-confidence, she immersing herself in the romantic lives of characters she sees on the movie screen as witnessed by the pictures she has plastered on her bedroom wall. Anything that Jeannie tries that is new or different is usually a result of being egged on by her more experienced best friend, Dolly, who flaunts her burgeoning sexuality. Jeannie lives with her working class parents, Jim and Mary Dougall, Scottish immigrants who live by their conservative and religious beliefs. Jim is a member of the Honor Guard, and has a view that anyone who wears a uniform in service to the country, such as his and Mary's son Jimmie Dougall, is to be admired regardless. Jimmie's non-battle service in Canada is in munitions requisitions. One day, Jeannie announces to her mother that she believes she's pregnant from what was her only sexual encounter to date: being raped by Jimmie's ...

The Director and Players for Wedding in White (1972) 1080p

[Director]William Fruet
[Role:]Donald Pleasence
[Role:]Carol Kane
[Role:]Doris Petrie

The Reviews for Wedding in White (1972) 1080p

small Canadian indieReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

It's WWII in a small working class Canadian town. Jeannie Dougall (Carol Kane) is a good girl living at home with her parents (Donald Pleasence, Doris Petrie). Her brother Jimmie comes home on furlough with military buddy Billy (Doug McGrath). After a night of drinking, Jeannie's friend rejects Billy who ends up raping her instead. Jeannie gets pregnant. Her father refuses to believe a soldier would act dishonorably. He forces her to marry his elderly drunken war buddy Sandy to maintain his honor.

This is a small Canadian indie. It's pretty good. The accent is a little tough. The production is definitely older. It's grimy and old working class. The acting from Pleasence and Petrie is terrific. Carol Kane is sadly naive and in need of a big hug. It does need more in terms of intensity. I wonder if the movie needs a scene where Jeannie begs Billy to accept his part in the pregnancy. This movie needs something to elevate the drama.

TorturousReviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 1/10

Writer-director William Fruet, adapting his play about a 16-year-old Irish wallflower in a Canadian town during World War II who is raped in her own living room by the soldier pal of her visiting brother, has a very limited vocabulary and an even narrower imagination. The wartime period décor is drably evoked, while the characters are of a frustratingly limited intelligence. Fruet has his cast emote and emote until the actors are shiny-faced with sweat. Worst of the offenders is Paul Bradley as the Dougall family's son celebrating being home on leave (Bradley, acting drunk with his mouth hanging open, looks almost as old as Donald Pleasence playing his father). As the wallflower's would-be loose, self-centered girlfriend, screechy Bonnie Carol Case is nearly as bad (and no explanation has been provided as to how these polar-opposites ever became friends, or why Case is so eager to meet soldiers but barely notices the two army men in her own friend's dining room). In the lead, young Carol Kane has been directed by Fruet to stay doe-eyed and vulnerable--with a humiliated look on her face. Still three years away from her breakthrough role in "Hester Street", Kane exudes promise but can't do much to bring shading or subtlety to this overstated scenario. * from ****

Almost authenticReviewed bySonofamoviegeekVote: 9/10

At first I thought that this was another dumb Canadian film financed by my tax money. Then it occurred to me that there was quite a bit in this film that was realistic and hard hitting. Anyone born after the 1960's won't appreciate that the negative attitude of everyone to a girl getting pregnant out of wedlock portrayed in this movie was the norm in Canada during the war and into the 50's. Nobody's being hypocritical. That's the way it was.

The old men and misfits who were pressed into Canada's "Zombie Army" to guard prisoners is also authentic.

The movie is quite authentic in its portrayal of a crummy town in the Maritimes. No, it's not Ontario. The accents are all Maritime except for Ms. Kane and Ms. Case, who are too American to fit the scenery. That's not to disparage their acting which is perfect for the characters they portray. Donald Pleasance does not exaggerate his accent. That's how people talk "down east".

Where the movie goes astray is in the economy of the wartime years. There is reference to food shortages but there seems to be no shortage of Scotch and beer. Also, the store that Jeannie robs looks exactly like a Woolworth's store of the era except that the shelves are brimming with things to sell. That was not the case. Finally, Sandy doesn't seem to have any problem getting tires (unobtainable) and gasoline (rationed) during the war years.

Give this movie more than 10 minutes of attention if it comes on late night TV in your area.

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