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Werewolf of London (1935) 1080p

After botanist Wilfred Glendon travels to Tibet in search of a rare flower, the Mariphasa, he returns to a London haunted by murders that can only be the work of bloodthirsty werewolves.

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The Synopsis for Werewolf of London (1935) 1080p

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[Director]Stuart Walker
[Role:]Henry Hull
[Role:]Valerie Hobson
[Role:]Warner Oland

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An almost forgotten classicReviewed byjluis1984Vote: 8/10

When someone talks about the Golden Age of Horror films at Universal, the conversation always revolves around Karloff, Lugosi and Chaney Jr. and their respective characters Frankenstein's Creature, Dracula and the Wolf Man respectively; so it is almost tragic that the first Werewolf movie made by Universal is terribly forgotten. That is the Werewolf of London.

Before I continue, the plot in short: Henry Hull plays Dr. Wilfred Glendon, a biologist who on a trip to Tibet gets bitten by a strange creature with disastrous consequences. Warner Oland is Dr. Yogami, a mysterious colleague that warns him about the Lycanthropy, the werewolf's curse. Things gets even more complicated as his wife Lisa (Valerie Hobson) starts to feel attracted to Paul (played by Lester Matthews), an old flame who just returned to England.

As someone who grew up not knowing of the existence of this film, I watched it believing it was a cheap movie to cash on The Wolf Man; after watching, all I can say is that boy I was wrong with those two statements.

Not only this movie was done 6 years before the classic werewolf movie, it presents a unique portrayal of the werewolf curse, showing it from a scientific perspective. The Lycanthropy here is not a curse rooted in folklore, it is a terrible disease that, paraphrasing Dr. Oland, "takes out the worst things of both wolf and man". The werewolf here has the intelligence of man and the savage brutality of wolf; and the way it is portrayed here is more than a nod to "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

The movie is very atmospheric, like the earlier Universal films where the expressionist influence was still very present; it also includes awesome transformation scenes that I dare to say surpasses those from The Wolf Man. The make-up here, by Jack Pierce of "Frankenstein" fame, is outstanding and fits to perfection the tone of this movie in contrast to the more beast-like make-up created for Larry Talbot's adventure.

The acting is quite average for the most part, but I'm of those who believe that Henry Hull's performance was supposed to be that way, since he starts as an annoying selfish man that begins to appreciate what he loves as the diseases takes control of him (the scene of the prayer is very moving).

Oland and Hobson also give worthy performances, but the rest of the cast is not that lucky and I found Lester Matthews to be a bit annoying at times. Comic relief is well placed in scenes of a couple of old ladies arguing, that scene is a perfect example of how was comedy in those days and I think it serves well the purpose of lightening a bit a movie that would be very very dark.

The movie also has its troubles, not only the cast is average, the script gets very boring at times, and it seriously hurts the film. A bit of more care on the development of the story would had turned this movie into a perfect movie. Nevertheless, I must say that the dramatic and horror scenes were handled very well.

A terribly forgotten classic, I'm very glad that it is now available again since it is a movie that, while probably on the "love it or hate it" category, deserves to be watched at least once in a lifetime. 8/10

Interesting precursor to "The Wolf Man"Reviewed byTeknofobe70Vote: 7/10

Okay, a quick history lesson -- After the success of Dracula and Frankenstein, Carl Laemmle Jr., who was head of production at Universal Studios in the 1930s, wanted to bring another monster to the big screen. They were planning a movie called "The Wolf Man", which would star Boris Karloff, but that fell through so in 1935 they decided instead to create a Frankenstein sequel ... and this little gem. He called upon makeup legend Jack Pierce, who had already created the Dracula and Frankenstein monsters we know and love, and who would later go on to create Lon Chaney Jr.'s Wolf Man. Also involved was special effects guru John P. Fulton, who also worked on most of Universal's monster movies of the 30s and 40s. And so, at least some of the ingredients were here that would later created a classic werewolf that everyone would remember in the years to come.

Henry Hull gives a creditable performance here as a botanist cursed with lycanthropy, but the same cannot be said for the whole cast. I found Warner Oland's acting ability to be particularly suspect, as the villain of the story. The sets are fairly well designed and mostly believable, and the directing is competent enough. The score has it's moments, although it is a little intrusive at times.

On the whole, the movie is well written and well acted, although admittedly there are huge sections which are just plain dull, and the werewolf here isn't particularly horrific. The only truly memorable sequence is the initial transformation. Already interesting interpretations are being made of the Werewolf myth -- here they say that a man will become a wolf "between the hours of nine and ten at the full of the moon", thereby introducing the idea that wolves only change at the full moon.

Although the movie was a fair commercial success, it just didn't scream of a franchise. But six years later, that "Wolf Man" project that Universal had been interested in would eventually come into being, and the rest is history ...

Surprisingly ordinary considering it was the first and so much different than later werewolf filmsReviewed byplanktonrulesVote: 7/10

I had a hard time deciding whether to give this film a 6 or a 7. Sure, it was only mildly entertaining, but I also have to give the film makers credit for making the first werewolf film--thus creating a new sub-genre.

The biggest differences you'll find between this film and the greatest of the werewolf films, THE WOLF MAN (1941), are the likability of the character as well as a very, very different set of "rules" for the monster. This certainly isn't much like the Lon Chaney version! While Chaney played a very sad and sympathetic character (one you really felt sorry for), Warren Hull seemed more snippy and selfish and only got worse as the film progressed--so it was very hard to care about him and his plight. As a result, the humanity of the character was missing. Additionally, while you needed to shoot the monster with a silver bullet AND he only became the wolf man during a full moon, neither of these ideas were in WEREWOLF OF London. In fact, I guess you could have just shot him with a regular bullet, dropped a safe on his head or stabbed him--he was far from invulnerable AND he became a killer every night or when he was in contact with a "moon lamp"--which, by the way, the idiot doctor ALWAYS seemed to be walking under yet he never seemed to get the connection!

Still, it was entertaining. I liked seeing the roots of the character plus I liked the idea of another werewolf who showed up who was much more of a jerk--a nice touch. While the non-classic horror buffs probably will score this closer to a 5 and not be particularly enthralled by it, as I am a HUGE Universal horror fan, I still see it as a must-see for fans of the genre.

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