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West Is West (2010)

West Is West is a movie starring Aqib Khan, Om Puri, and Linda Bassett. An immigrant father decides to take his truant son back to the old country.

IMDB: 6.51 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 17 / 23

The Synopsis for West Is West (2010) 720p

Salford, North of England, 1975. The now much diminished, but still claustrophobic and dysfunctional, Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, the runt of the litter, is deep in pubescent crisis under heavy assault both from his father's tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition, and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard. So, in a last, desperate attempt to 'sort him out', his father decides to pack him off to Mrs Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters he had abandoned 35 years earlier. It is not long before Ella Khan (Mrs Khan No2) with a small entourage from Salford, England, swiftly follows to sort out the mess, past and present.

The Director and Players for West Is West (2010) 720p

[Director]Andy De Emmony
[Role:]Om Puri
[Role:]Robert Pugh
[Role:]Aqib Khan
[Role:]Linda Bassett

The Reviews for West Is West (2010) 720p

Terrific Family DramaReviewed bygeraldclareVote: 8/10

I had seen the earlier film, East is East, though I didn't remember it till I visited this site. So I enjoyed this picture all on its own.

And it stands on its own quite well. I found it well written, well acted and a fascinating look into traditional Pakistani culture. Lately all one hears of Pakistan is war and conflict. So it was a real pleasure to see the people through their own eyes.

I thought the acting was superlative especially the Mr. Khan and his wives, though young Sajid does an excellent job and has much to do in the movie.

I thought it was terrific. I liked that a message in it is that in matters of the heart we are all pretty much the same. Outstanding

On the other sideReviewed bykosmaspVote: 6/10

Even if you didn't know everything points out to the previous "entry" that was called East is east. So they thought they'd make another movie with immigration and other problems crammed into one movie. Actually the movie has really high ambitions trying to light even the grayest of areas and everything that surrounds it.

Unfortunately though the ambitions might have been to high to reach. It's not a bad movie by any means, but trying to juggle all the threads of the story proves to be more than difficult. It does seem to stir away from time to time instead of focusing on certain problems. Which in itself wouldn't be a bad thing, but again it doesn't have total control of everything that goes on, which might leave you with an unsatisfying feeling.

Beautifully explains the torn personalities of people settled away from their mother land with some great ethnic music.Reviewed bybobbysingVote: 7/10

As suggested by its title the film is a sequel to the late nineties Hit flick "EAST IS EAST". But it really doesn't matter if you haven't seen its first part as the movie is quite self explanatory for the viewer, without depending much on its original. Clearing the confusion which might be there looking at its promos, it's an English film with a regular use of Punjabi language throughout its almost 2 hours of duration and has some great soulful tracks in Punjabi too.

Where EAST IS EAST was more English, witty and entertaining, its present sequel is more traditional, emotional and meaningful in comparison. In the first part (released in 1999), the script revolved around the youngster's fast life in England, but in its present new version, the family visits their mother land, Pakistan and tastes the traditional way of life in a village. For the viewers not familiar with the story, WEST IS WEST is basically about Om Puri (who was a Pakistani national), now happily settled in England, with his new family looked after by his second wife who is a loving British Lady. After few incidents of his youngest son being bullied in the school and also getting caught for shop lifting, Om decides to take him to Pakistan and introduce him to his own culture. And there we get to see some impressive transforming sequences involving everyone in the family.

The film doesn't excite you enough in its first 10 minutes but as soon as the family reaches Pakistan, the pace picks up and some new interests are generated by the script. But here I would like to mention that apart from a few comic scenes mostly dealing with the language conflicts, WIW is not a comedy film from any angle. In fact that is a wrong kind of promotion strategy followed by its makers. As a result all the viewers opting for it taking it as a Brit-Asian comedy are going to be disappointed for sure.

On the contrary, WIW is a true to life, emotional depiction of the trauma faced by a torn personality living abroad who still has his heart caught somewhere in his mother land. It has some interesting characters like that of a Sufi Saint, a young wandering boy, a 'trying to be honest' relative who speaks broken English and many more. The director, Andy De Emmony beautifully captures the emotional distress of four of his characters in particular. Om Puri, who still can't make up his mind and always feels confused between his two families living in different countries following extremely diverse traditions. Ila Arun, his first wife, who is unwillingly living her life in a Pakistani Village still waiting for her husband to return. Linda Bassett, his second wife who is a loving British national and a very understanding, caring women willing to empathize with Ila and her helpless situation. And Aqid Khan, the youngest son of Om-Linda, who gracefully tries to study his father's country and its tradition but at the end has to return for his own future.

The film becomes a watchable effort mainly because of the splendid performances by these four actors. Especially watch out for the highly sensitive and impactful portrayal of an aging lady by Ila Arun who has undoubtedly given one of career best performances in the movie. Just look for a particular scene where both Ila and Linda are together on the screen and Ila gives her consent for her husband's return to England.

Along with its expressive cast, WIW has a great ethnic soundtrack with few fabulous tracks by Sai Zahoor (famous for his Coke Studio songs), who also makes a cameo in the film. Thankfully the Music CD of the film also has the Coke Studio versions of his songs which were earlier not available in the market. The background score, which also features in its CD, brilliantly gels with the village sequences shown on the screen and cinematography rightly captures the mood of the film.

However the film does have its own drawbacks and also doesn't have a universal appeal. It has a dropping pace and lacks the entertainment quotient since there are not enough enjoyable or comic sequences in the film as expected. So the viewers who are not willing to watch some meaningful cinema may get bored with its off-beat kind of subject and treatment.

But still, it's a different kind of experience, moving a step ahead from its first part. And hence I would like to rate it as a better sequel since it is able to deal with the emotional outbursts of its characters in an impressive way.

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