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West Is West (2010)

West Is West is a movie starring Aqib Khan, Om Puri, and Linda Bassett. An immigrant father decides to take his truant son back to the old country.

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The Synopsis for West Is West (2010) 720p

Salford, North of England, 1975. The now much diminished, but still claustrophobic and dysfunctional, Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, the runt of the litter, is deep in pubescent crisis under heavy assault both from his father's tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition, and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard. So, in a last, desperate attempt to 'sort him out', his father decides to pack him off to Mrs Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters he had abandoned 35 years earlier. It is not long before Ella Khan (Mrs Khan No2) with a small entourage from Salford, England, swiftly follows to sort out the mess, past and present.

The Director and Players for West Is West (2010) 720p

[Director]Andy De Emmony
[Role:]Om Puri
[Role:]Robert Pugh
[Role:]Aqib Khan
[Role:]Linda Bassett

The Reviews for West Is West (2010) 720p

Feelgood Movie Spoiled by Implausible EndingReviewed byl_rawjalaurenceVote: 7/10

A sequel to EAST IS EAST (1999), WEST IS WEST follows the passage of George/ Jahangir (Om Puri) as he travels with son Sajd (Aqib Khan) to Pakistan so as to 'educate' his son. However the process of adapting to the new culture after a life spent in Salford, Greater Manchester, proves more difficult for George than it does for his son. Andy De Emmony's film makes some trenchant points about the difficulties of cultural adaptation, and how it is impossible to 'go back' to one's home culture and expect to live life as one did before emigrating. There are some very funny moments in this film, especially Sajd as he gradually adjusts himself to alternative ways of life. However the ending represents a bit of a cop-out, as George/Jahangir returns to Britain to resume his life as a chip-shop owner with his second wife Ella (Linda Bassett), leaving his first wife Raushana (Dhanalaxmi Padmakumar) to fend for herself - just as he has done for most of the previous three decades. The fact that he can re-open the chip shop - despite having no money - seems a little hard to believe; and we wonder how he will be able to take care of his Pakistani family in the future, even if it means only sending them money.

British Punjabi movie at its best!Reviewed byrtaronVote: 10/10

The best thing about this movie is the jewel-like character development of each participant. The humour is great and does not deteriorate into slapstick like similar movies. Unlike some reviewers, I found this funny, touching, believable and authentic.

Aqib Khan is rebellious and defiant for legitimate reason. His father has gone through life selfishly, always calling his sons 'little bastards'. His transformation is sweet but not syrupy.

Om Puri does a great job; this script allows him to be more serious than other roles he has played.

Linda Bassett, as always, gives a stellar performance. The Nana Mouskouri look-alike (can't find her name) is priceless.

This is a movie that flows well, with no long boring sequences or crazy events. It relies on good writing, acting, photography and direction, as all great movies should.

West is West - My ViewsReviewed bymadporeeVote: 8/10

Went to see preview this morning. Not a bad film, better than I expected... but clearly nowhere near as good as East is East, but still, lots of funny moments mixed some real emotional stuff too, towards the end. Worth going to see, as long as your expectations aren't too high! Just go for a bit of fun and don't make comparisons with East is East. Jimi Mistri only appears in one small scene, which was a pity, and Archie Panjabi was missed too! That said, Om Puri is outstanding again as George Khan and the new Sajid, Aqib Khan, proved an excellent grown up replacement. Also a real treat to see Nadim Sawalha in this one! I didn't pay to see the film, and probably won't be going to see it again.

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