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What About Bob? (1991)

A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, an obsessive-compulsive neurotic, tracks him down during his family vacation.

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The Synopsis for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

Doctor Leo Marvin, an egotistical psychotherapist in New York City, is looking forward to his forthcoming appearance on a "Good Morning America" telecast, during which he plans to brag about "Baby Steps," his new book about emotional disorder theories in which he details his philosophy of treating patients and their phobias. Meanwhile, Bob Wiley is a recluse who is so afraid to leave his own apartment that he has to talk himself out the door. When Bob is pawned off on Leo by a psychotherapist colleague, Bob becomes attached to Leo. Leo finds Bob extremely annoying. When Leo accompanies his wife Fay, his daughter Anna, and his son Siggy to a peaceful New Hampshire lakeside cottage for a month-long vacation, Leo thinks he's been freed from Bob. Leo expects to mesmerize his family with his prowess as a brilliant husband and remarkable father who knows all there is to know about instructing his wife and raising his kids. But Bob isn't going to let Leo enjoy a quiet summer by the lake. By ...

The Director and Players for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

[Director]Frank Oz
[Role:]Bill Murray
[Role:]Richard Dreyfuss
[Role:]Julie Hagerty

The Reviews for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

Dreyfuss and Murray were perfect togetherReviewed byhelpless_dancerVote: 7/10

The unusual relationship between doctor and patient made one of the best comedies I've ever seen. Mental patient Murray followed his psychiatrist and family all over while they were on vacation, aggravating the doc to no end, but endearing himself with the rest of the family. Every time the doctor turned around, there was Bob. It drove the guy to distraction, and with each distraction I laughed even harder. One of those rare films - a comedy which is really funny.

Laughter all "About"....Reviewed byMister-6Vote: 10/10

Bill Murray has always been the master of the art form of comedy. He shows he still is in "What About Bob?". IN fact, this whole movie is a tribute to his gifts as a vocal AND a physical comedian.

The surprise is Richard Dreyfuss.

As Bob Wiley, Murray seeks out the help of Dr. Leo Marvin (Dreyfuss) for a cure to his seemingly endless list of phobias (exploding bladders and Tourette's Syndrome, for starters). At first, Marvin is professionally helpful but aloof until Bob ingratiates himself onto him AND his family at their New Hampshire vacation house, by the end Bob finds himself growing more free from his restrictions as the good doctor seems to adopt some phobias all his own, paramount among them being Bob.

As Marvin, Dreyfuss plays an arrogant know-it-all boor whose above-it-all air is put to the test by the earthy good nature of Bill's Bob. As the doctor slowly freaks out and loses his cool on an ever-growing basis, Dreyfuss shows himself to be an expert at the slow burn, which he masters all the way through this movie.

Of course, Hagerty plays Marvin's quiet wife Fay very well, wondering what in the world he could have against such a nice guy as Bob. Korsmo, as the death-obsessed son of the doc is great and has a terrific line about his obsession ("Maybe I'm in mourning for my lost childhood.").

The "Good Morning, America" interview is a classic scene, as are the scenes with venomous locals like The Guttmans ("Burn in H**l, Dr. Marvin!") and such simple scenes as Bob saving Dr. Marvin from choking, going on a New York-to-New Hampshire bus ride and making such tired gags as dry heaves funny twice (nice going, Bill!).

It's an ensemble piece, all right, and this ensemble makes it all worthwhile, with Frank Oz' distractingly laid-back direction a major asset throughout. See if you don't agree when you see the last two scenes in the movie.

"What About Bob?" You mean - "HOW About Bob!"

Ten well-adjusted stars for "What About Bob?". Baby step out and buy your copy today!

What About Bob? What About BobReviewed bykeithhall3-520-91395Vote: 10/10

There are many classic films out there in the world and truly this movie deserves mention. With the many one-liners and the excellent acting throughout this movie will have you laughing many times. For those of you who don't like the actors or a particular actor your missing a masterpiece. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus made an odd but masterful team and the supporting staff like Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo, & Kathryn Erbe, blend in well. Marcella Lowery & Lori Tinn Chen provide great albeit brief bits as well. The writing, the directing, the acting were A+. If you never see this movie you will have missed out on something. If you come across this movie someday never knowing what it is, and you watch it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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