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What About Bob? (1991)

A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, an obsessive-compulsive neurotic, tracks him down during his family vacation.

IMDB: 7.05 Likes

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The Synopsis for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

Doctor Leo Marvin, an egotistical psychotherapist in New York City, is looking forward to his forthcoming appearance on a "Good Morning America" telecast, during which he plans to brag about "Baby Steps," his new book about emotional disorder theories in which he details his philosophy of treating patients and their phobias. Meanwhile, Bob Wiley is a recluse who is so afraid to leave his own apartment that he has to talk himself out the door. When Bob is pawned off on Leo by a psychotherapist colleague, Bob becomes attached to Leo. Leo finds Bob extremely annoying. When Leo accompanies his wife Fay, his daughter Anna, and his son Siggy to a peaceful New Hampshire lakeside cottage for a month-long vacation, Leo thinks he's been freed from Bob. Leo expects to mesmerize his family with his prowess as a brilliant husband and remarkable father who knows all there is to know about instructing his wife and raising his kids. But Bob isn't going to let Leo enjoy a quiet summer by the lake. By ...

The Director and Players for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

[Director]Frank Oz
[Role:]Bill Murray
[Role:]Richard Dreyfuss
[Role:]Julie Hagerty

The Reviews for What About Bob? (1991) 720p

Reviewed byAgent10Vote: 8/10/10

Comedies like this aren't made anymore, simply because the common movie watcher might deem such entertainment boring due to no use of semen or other bathroom humor archetypes. What I especially enjoyed about this film was the interaction between Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus. It also brings out a question: Does bliss really exist within the confines of personal aggrandizement, or does it exist within the lack of societal pressures? A great little movie which should be watched by all.

Reviewed bykneiss1Vote: 8/10/10

l wasn't sure if I wanted to give this movie 7 or 8 points till seeingthe last 20 minutes. There Richard Dreyfuss has been in full cry. Ineeded to laugh so hard, that I am forced to give this movie 8 points.As a movie itself, if I use all criteria I use on other films, thismovie would not deserve 8 points. The story is predictable (I knewexactly how it was going to end from the very beginning), camera work,music and characters are not actually special. All has been therebefore, and was copied again and again afterward. But as a comedy, thismovie totally did what it was supposed to do. It was absolutelyhilarious!

Sometimes the humor was a bit too silly, and Bill Murray has beenoverdoing it from time to time - and I still needed to laugh my buttoff. Watching the way smaller Dreyfuss beside the tall, dumb lookingBill, screaming and shouting like an angry dwarf, was a way too funnyimage.

Reviewed bydeparted07Vote: 8/10/10

"What About Bob?" is a laugh-out riot with Bill Murray playing thetitle character of Bob Wiley, a somewhat neurotic nut ball who's inneed of therapy in order to calm his nerves from all the fears he hasfrom germs, elevators, and God knows what else. Richard Dreyfuss playshis psychiatrist Dr. Marvin, a pompous doctor who can't value time withhis family until his book becomes a hit and has a chance to talk aboutit nationwide. It's when Bob and Dr. Marvin meet face-to-face where thebarrel of laughs begin with the patient making his life upside downwhile winning the hearts of his family, enemies and everybody aroundhim. I've been a fan of Bill Murray since his performances fromGhostbusters to Caddyshack and he never disappoints.

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