When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960) 720p YIFY Movie

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960)

Onna ga kaidan wo agaru toki is a movie starring Hideko Takamine, Tatsuya Nakadai, and Masayuki Mori. A middle-aged bar hostess, constantly in debt, is faced with numerous social constraints and challenges posed to her by her...

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The Synopsis for When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960) 720p

This is the story of Mama, a.k.a. Keiko, a middle-aged bar hostess who must choose to either get married or buy a bar of her own. Her family hounds her for money, her customers for her attention, and she is continually in debt. The life of a bar hostess is examined as well as the way in which the system traps and sometimes kills those in it.

The Director and Players for When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960) 720p

[Director]Mikio Naruse
[Role:]Masayuki Mori
[Role:]Tatsuya Nakadai
[Role:]Reiko Dan
[Role:]Hideko Takamine

The Reviews for When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960) 720p

Don't believe the hypeReviewed byWallabee_ChampVote: 9/10

I was just lucky enough to see this at the Gene Siskel theater today, and I honestly think this is a case of a movie done by a master and it feeling more special than it truly is due to it's scarcity. It's truly horrible.

The movie has many fatal flaws. The biggest is there's no actual drama, because the main character doesn't face any adversity. She's just a whiny woman who's upset with her lot in life, but too unmotivated to change it, and instead mopes around a lot.

The story also has a very odd pacing. The moral dilemmas are sped through rather quickly while details of irrelevant plans are seen through each tedious step.

There's also very little characterization of the supporting characters, which makes most of them very tedious and boring. There either should have been less characters, so they could have been developed more, or more, so as to avoid the, "oh great, here's this guy to waste our time again" syndrome.

I'm sure some people will think I'm unrefined for not liking this movie, but I honestly thought it was awful in about every way a movie can be. If it's someone else's cup of tea, power to them, then.

A great filmmaker in search of a plotReviewed bypottedstuVote: 8/10

Compared to Ozu or Mizoguchi, Mikio Naruse's films are much lighter in tone, with more humour, and less of the overwhelming sense of pain and tragedy. Sometimes this works really well, offering stories that are emotionally involving but not morbidly extreme, but in this film I think it results in a film that's shapeless and drifts past the viewer without really going anywhere in particular.

The performances are excellent; of course Hideko Takamine is wonderful in the leading role running a hostess bar, but Reiko Dan is great fun as a young, flirty, ambitious hostess, and Tatsuya Nakadai as the loyal young bar manager is like a hero of the French New Wave, quiet, cool, and intense. Keiko's customers at the bar are to an extent caricatures, but are nicely drawn.

The film offers a full and fair-minded account of the world of hostess bars, with Naruse's usual interest in financial matters and the minutiae of life. But despite the occasional sad event, the cumulative impression is not of a woman in a desperately tragic situation, but more a case of just one damn thing after another. It lurches from moments of high drama to silliness to tragedy to the mundane, failing to achieve a consistent attitude or tone.

There are perhaps too many characters, so that while some relationships are clear and powerful, others pass by with little emotional effect. Unlike in Iwashigumo (Summer Clouds) the main character of this film isn't heroic, isn't keeping up any tradition, and doesn't have any particular claim on our affections. Her defence about needing a fancy lifestyle and expensive apartment for her job, and her attitude to her family, don't seem likely to endear her to the viewer either.

Overall, it feels like a set of great talents wandering around in an inadequate storyline. It's not enough to present the facts; a great film needs to use them to show you something more general about life. And something more profound than, "Well, every job has its problems."

A story of a brave woman...Reviewed byAkuSokuZanVote: 10/10

Keiko, also known as mama, is one of those truly unforgettable characters who you swear must exist somewhere out there in the real world. She is both strong, graceful and intelligent. This film has an outstanding lead and supporting cast, and ofcourse a great story centering on the day by day account of the life of a bar woman who struggles to maintain her pride. Don't worry, this movie's initially slow pace blossoms with enough twists and surprises to captivate and reward modern viewers.

Other characters to compare Keiko to is Junko, a much younger bar girl, who manages to work the system to her financial advantage. Komatsu, Keiko's manager, a young man smitten by Keiko's enchanting beauty and is reduced to just imagining a future alongside his beloved. Both Junko and Komatsu's youth prove to be of great contrast to Keiko and her wisdom of thiry years. Unlike Keiko, Junko can imagine and realize her simple but dead end dream of opening a bar in exchange for her dignity. Komatsu's wishes are as empty as his hands as he plays bartender in a run down club. He, alongside other people who are part of Keiko's life will slowly switch roles from friends, patrons and protector, Komatsu, into those who will contribute to the torture in Keiko's life. Just as rice was the center of Seven Samurai, money is the heart of this film. Ultimately, the heroine can rise above everything, everyone and ascend the stairs to Bar Carton again.

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