When Eight Bells Toll (1971) 720p YIFY Movie

When Eight Bells Toll (1971)

In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland.

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The Synopsis for When Eight Bells Toll (1971) 720p

In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland.

The Director and Players for When Eight Bells Toll (1971) 720p

[Director]Etienne Périer
[Role:]Robert Morley
[Role:]Jack Hawkins
[Role:]Anthony Hopkins

The Reviews for When Eight Bells Toll (1971) 720p

" You can't be a real Bastard? It's what I do best! "Reviewed bythinker1691Vote: 7/10

The surprising writer who wrote this stirring action film is none other than Alstair Maclean and was later directed by Etienne Perier. What will be surprising is the selected star of the movie, Anthony Hopkins. That's right, SIR Anthony Hopkins. He plays Philip Calvert, a Royal Navy Officer who fits right in every element selected. For instance, he's at home underwater, in Scuba tanks, flying about in Helicopters, steering yachts or confront thugs with guns, knives or harpoons. His commanding officer is Robert Morley who'd like more respect from his rebellious underling, but receives little. The Maclean story has him trailing a group of vicious modern day pirates who will stop at nothing to secure a stolen shipment of Gold Bullion. The movie is fraught with exciting gunfire scenes, high explosions, physical confrontations, shootings, and innocent killings, many stem from the novel. In almost a Bond type film, Sir Calvert does encourage the audience to think of our hero as a spy. Unusual for Hopkin, but nevertheless, he performs convincingly and is insured by his cast members which include Jack Hawkins and Robert Morley. All in all, this is one film which should allow audiences to believe that young Hopkins could and did establish himself as a man of action. Recommended to all his fans. ****

Perhaps there was a second echelon British intelligence?Reviewed bySimonJackVote: 6/10

"When Eight Bells Toll" is an early look at British actor Anthony Hopkins. The 34-year-old actor began his career on stage and then started in television, appearing in two different series from 1960 through 1965. His first movie was one made for TV in 1967. He got his big break and the doors opened to stardom when he got the role of Richard the Lion-Hearted in the 1968 movie, "The Lion in Winter," with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn.

For his many fine roles, Hopkins has received several acting nominations. He has won an Oscar, three BAFTA awards, and two Emmys. He hasn't won a Golden Globe, although he was nominated six times. Still, for all of his acting ability, Hopkins doesn't strike one as the James Bond type. Certainly not for playing a James Bond role.

And that's precisely what he is in this film. Hopkins plays Philip Calvert of British intelligence. Like Bond, he is a commander in the royal navy. He scales a cliff, hangs from a helicopter for a short time, and does scuba diving. There's nothing two strenuous or nail biting about any of these. And, his couple of episodes with fisticuffs are hardly convincing. Still, he adds a little humor to some situations, as James Bond is wont to do.

Robert Morley and Jack Hawkins have supporting roles, but there's nothing special about their characters. Nor is there for any of the rest of the cast. If anything, Morley's grossly exaggerated raised nose and silly persona might almost be taken as a real slam on the British secret service. Indeed, it seems to be run on a shoestring, with hardly any staff. The whole movie has that air about it, as having been a B production, with no frills.

Still, the story is mildly interesting, and the movie has some nice coastal scenery of Scotland. This isn't a movie anyone should rush out to buy, even at a cut-rate sale. But, if it happens to play on TV, it's worth a watch.

When Bond takes a vacation.Reviewed byShawn WatsonVote: 6/10

Between OHMSS in 1969 and Diamonds are Forever in 1971 there was a chance that Bond would be retiring for good. The Rank Film Corporation figured that Alistair MacLean's maverick secret agent Philip Calvert would be the best to take his place.

Obviously that didn't work out. Bond continued to prosper while Calvert faded into obscurity. You shouldn't count him out completely though as there is plenty of rugged and gritty thrills here in the vain of cold war thrillers that the high-key and glossy Bond films lack.

However, a cold war villain or a madman wishing to take over the world ain't the antagonists here. A bunch of thugs hijacking ships and hiding out in a lonely port in the highlands are Calvert's enemies. Though I don't really care about such low-octane crimes and I failed to connect with the plot.

Despite a touch of humour, some unusual scenery and the occasional tough guy moment there's just not enough of W8BT to get into. The film is over in 90 minutes and feels a bit rushed. I think it would have befitted considerably from a slower pace and an extra twenty minutes.

Still, it's fun to see a young Anthony Hopkins doing the action hero thing, even if I have do damn clue what the title means.

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