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Wonder Boys (2000)

An English Professor tries to deal with his wife leaving him, the arrival of his editor who has been waiting for his book for seven years, and the various problems that his friends and associates involve him in.

IMDB: 7.45 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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The Synopsis for Wonder Boys (2000) 720p

Grady Tripp is a professor/writer living in Pittsburgh who is struggling with writer's block. Whilst doing this, he also manages to get the chancellor pregnant. In the meantime, he and a college student, James Leer are trying to find a rare jacket once owned by Marilyn Monroe, and a college girl, Hannah Green boarding with Grady has a bit of a crush on him.

The Director and Players for Wonder Boys (2000) 720p

[Director]Curtis Hanson
[Role:]Frances McDormand
[Role:]Tobey Maguire
[Role:]Michael Douglas

The Reviews for Wonder Boys (2000) 720p

A unique comedy with likable characters and a great plot.Reviewed bysonumania123Vote: 8/10

Wonder Boys is a unique comedy that lets you see what the characters are going through. The movie presents itself a pleasant and strange characters and see what is about to occur in every little bit. Wonder Boys achieves to be both a delightful character study and also a stunning success directed into a nice joint piece. It is fairly uplifting to see characters cooperate, contrast,connect, laugh, and mostly do things that appear in full honesty. While it's not a flawless movie, Wonder Boys is applauded for its sharp and smart script and bountiful of great acting.

Grady is having a bumpy day. His wife left him, his girlfriend is pregnant, he has an attractive looking student whom rents a room from him, and his editor shows up at his city with a transvestite, and one of his students shows up at a party with a gun. As the viewers, we're in for one hell of entertaining ride.

When a flick like Wonder Boys works in nearly all sizes, the greatest attention is rewarded to the actors and actresses. Michael Douglas was pleasant to watch in this movie. Frances McDormand modestly glosses. Katie Holmes was all-out excellent in her character. She's relaxed and smart, and a harsh one as well. As continuously, Robert Downey Jr. is funny and hazardous. He accepts much jeopardy as an actor. The one who mounted out the most for me is Tobey Maguire, smart, shy, weird, and funny was the type of character he played. The kind of guy you stay away from if you were to encounter one in school.

Wonder Boys prepares what any upright film would do: It provides characters to like and a script that expresses a charming story.

Long Live Vernon HardappleReviewed byfushnicken69Vote: 9/10

Michael Douglas has always been one of my favorite actors. He deserved his Oscar for Wall Street, commanded every second of screen time he had in Falling Down, and has given some of the most underrated comic performances in history in Romancing the Stone and War of the Roses. But I'd have to give his performance in Wonder Boys as his best. His turn as stoner college professor Grady Tripp is the model for the laid back, totally likeable and loveable protaginist. He's the kind of professor I dream of having in real life.

After watching this movie, I seriously wanted to go and write a book. For any of you blocked writers out there, just pop in Wonder Boys and you have your muse.

Reviewed byRobertF87Vote: 10/10/10

I really love this film. Based on a novel by Michael Chabron, the filmis set in a university over the course of a week-end long writingfestival. The story concerns Professor Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas)who's first novel was a huge success and has been struggling with thefollow-up novel for years. When the film begins, Grady's young wife hasjust left him and his lover (who is married to the head of the EnglishDepartment) is pregnant. Also, Grady's editor (Robert Downey Jr.) hasarrived to see his (still unfinished) novel. To add to Grady's woes hehas to cope with a brilliant, but deeply odd, student (Tobey Maguire).

The film has some very strong and witty dialogue, and benefits fromgreat performances all around. Probably writers and aspiring writerswill like this film for it's portrayal of the literary life. Anyonethough will enjoy the humour, heart and fun of this inspirationalmovie.

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