Wyoming Outlaw (1939) 1080p YIFY Movie

Wyoming Outlaw (1939) 1080p

Wyoming Outlaw is a movie starring John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, and Raymond Hatton. Will Parker has been destroyed by a local politician and now must steal to feed his family. He steals a steer from the Three Mesquiteers.

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The Synopsis for Wyoming Outlaw (1939) 1080p

With himself and his father out of work due to Balsinger who controls the jobs, Will Parker is stealing cattle to feed his family. The Mesquiteers try to help him out but he is caught and jailed. Escaping jail and eluding the ensuing manhunt, he heads for Balsinger and a showdown.

The Director and Players for Wyoming Outlaw (1939) 1080p

[Director]George Sherman
[Role:]John Wayne
[Role:]Raymond Hatton
[Role:]Ray Corrigan
[Role:]Don 'Red' Barry

The Reviews for Wyoming Outlaw (1939) 1080p

Very Topical FilmReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 8/10

Wyoming Outlaw is one of the most unusual entries in the Three Mesquiteers series of films. John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, and Raymond Hatton are not the center of the film. The center is Donald 'Red' Barry who plays young outlaw Will Parker who gets befriended by the Mesquiteers even though he tries to steal a steer from them.

This Mesquiteer film is set in the modern west of the dustbowl and has some themes that John Wayne later used in McLintock. During the World War, the cattle country was converted to wheat and after the demand from Europe subsided after World War I a lot of farm land was left arid and abandoned. That is exactly what happened to American agriculture in the boom period of the Roaring Twenties where the farmers did not share the prosperity.

Along comes the New Deal and a lot of local political bosses took advantage of government relief programs to entrench themselves in power. Such a boss is played by LeRoy Mason who was one of the shrewdest villains I've ever seen in a western. In fact during the course of the film, Mason really outsmarts our heroes at every turn as they try to bring him down legally.

Anyway though the Mesquiteers are really subordinate to Red Barry who's tired of having his family exploited by Mason and his gang. Circumstances make him turn outlaw and the chase for him is reminiscent of High Sierra a year later. In fact the just as Humphrey Bogart is referred to as Mad Dog Earle, Barry is called Mad Dog Parker by the radio and print media of the time.

High Sierra was an A film for Warner Brothers and this was just a quickie B western that probably didn't get too much notice. It's a pity that the production values were those of a B film because the story was very well done.

This is one of the few John Wayne Three Mesquiteer films that is not available on VHS or DVD. When TCM shows it again, catch it by all means.

A great black and white! A tribute to John Wayne!Reviewed bylunchlady02Vote: 8/10

Although the acting on the part of some of the supporting cast is a bit raw what I really liked it how real the outlaws looked, scraggly hair and beards, missing teeth, etc. Just wondering if that's how they look in real life??? Some of them look as though they really are outlaws or maybe homeless people they found on the street. The special affects were especially cheesy but probably and innovation at the time. Such as the snow, isn't that what our TV screens look like when the cable's out? This is one of the first John Wayne black and white's I have seen since my beginning days of watching his movies. I would rate this as my second favorite in the black and whites.

"Did you ever try to borrow money on a thousand acres of dust and sand?"Reviewed byutgard14Vote: 7/10

Three Mesquiteers film starring John Wayne, Ray 'Crash' Corrigan, and Raymond Hatton making his series debut replacing Max Terhune. Actually the real star of this one is Don 'Red' Barry as a Dust Bowl cowboy driven to crime by a crooked politician (LeRoy Mason) who's ruling over the poor townsfolk like a dictator. Barry rustles cattle from the Mesquiteers and, instead of stringing him up, the trio decides to help him. This is an enjoyable picture in the series, with Barry giving a standout performance, Yakima Canutt doing stunts, and John Wayne awkwardly dancing with Pamela Blake. Nice support from Charles Middleton, Katherine Kenworthy, and Elmo Lincoln. Climax almost packs a punch but the impact is ruined by immediately rushing into a slapped-on attempt at a happy ending. Why would a character who just lost someone they loved two seconds ago be smiling and happy?

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