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Yes, God, Yes (2019)

After an innocent AOL chat turns racy, a Catholic teenager in the early 00s discovers masturbating and struggles to suppress her new urges in the face of eternal damnation.

IMDB: 5.91 Likes

  • Genre: Drama |
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 78
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 73

The Synopsis for Yes, God, Yes (2019) 720p

After an innocent AOL chat turns racy, a Catholic teenager in the early 00s discovers masturbating and struggles to suppress her new urges in the face of eternal damnation.

The Director and Players for Yes, God, Yes (2019) 720p

[Director]Karen Maine
[Role:]Susan Blackwell
[Role:]Alisha Boe
[Role:]Donna Lynne Champlin
[Role:]Christian Adam

The Reviews for Yes, God, Yes (2019) 720p

A Decent WatchReviewed byvarun-25071997Vote: 7/10

The film is way too short and a lot of characters are underwritten and the sub plots not explored at all. A feature film should always have a minimum 80 minutes running time and some conclusion in the end. Natalia Dyer delivers a very good performance and the satirical take on catholic schools works well. Definitely an independent drama worth a watch and will be looking forward to Karen Maine's next project.

Yes God Yes - Movie ReviewReviewed byalexpitt-345-971699Vote: 8/10

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I went in to watch Yes God Yes, but it ended up being one of the biggest surprises of 2020 so far.

Natalia Dyer had her breakout role a few years ago, playing Nancy on Stranger Things. Whilst it's fair to say that she wasn't one of the best actors in that ensemble, I really enjoyed her presence. The performance she gives in Yes God Yes isn't mind-blowing, but Dyer is more than serviceable and the character she plays is interesting to watch.

The rest of the cast also bring in competent performances, with a special shout-out to Timothy Simmons as Father Murphy. Simmons played The Eagle in the TV adaptation of John Green's novel, Looking for Alaska, and he was equally as fantastic in that.

The narrative of Yes God Yes was engaging, but it didn't break any new ground. The runtime is extremely short, clocking in at just over an hour and ten minutes without credits. I almost wish it was fifteen minutes longer, but I don't know what else they could have slotted into the story.

The script was clever, thought-provoking, and provides plenty of questions for the characters to answer. I can't say that I related to the questions, but I can see this film having a profound impact on a certain demographic.

Overall, Yes God Yes won't go down as one of the best films from 2020, but it was a massive surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish. It gets a strong recommendation from me.

SCORE: 83%

It reminds me of Idiocracy....Reviewed byjonasatmosferaVote: 1/10

In Idiocracy, one of the greatest films ever made, there is a scene where a crowd in a movie theater laughs out loud at the vision of someone's nude behind.

Well, this film most certainly is directed to this crowd. Simpletons who find amusement in pseudo-pornography packaged as an artsy-fartsy film.

Pretty soon they will make films about pesky and disgusting humping dogs and they will call it a comedy too.

Brave new World...

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