Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 1080p YIFY Movie

Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 1080p

A fictionalized account of the early life of the American president as a young lawyer facing his greatest court case.

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The Synopsis for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 1080p

Ten years in the life of Abraham Lincoln, before he became known to his nation and the world. He moves from a Kentucky cabin to Springfield, Illinois, to begin his law practice. He defends two men accused of murder in a political brawl, suffers the death of his girlfriend Ann, courts his future wife Mary Todd, and agrees to go into politics.

The Director and Players for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 1080p

[Director]John Ford
[Role:]Henry Fonda
[Role:]Marjorie Weaver
[Role:]Alice Brady

The Reviews for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 1080p

Lincoln green...Reviewed byjc-osmsVote: 7/10

This was John Ford's entertaining if typically highly fanciful and sentimentalised dramatisation of the fledgling years of America's greatest president. I couldn't for a moment believe that many, if indeed any of the events in the movie happened as depicted here, but once you grant Hollywood the licence it usually took with bio-pics of historical figures, it's best to accept it more as entertainment than lesson.

Thus, right from the start, Ford plays up "Honest Abe's" virtues of strength, piety, common-sense and integrity and finds the perfect actor to embody them with Henry Fonda. Fonda drawls his way through the part, in a way very similar to that of another stoical American legend he would portray in a later Ford classic, Wyatt Earp in "My Darling Clementine", right down to his chair-balancing trick and awkward turn at dancing.

The central story of Lincoln's defence of two country boys on trial for the killing of a local bully effectively gives Fonda the chance to grandstand the great man's best attributes at an extended courtroom scene, although for my tastes, Ford overdoes does the the small- town schmaltz, right down to the judge sleeping during testimony, laughing aloud at Lincoln's humorous asides and most of all at Donald Meek's Victorian villain prosecuting counsel.

There's more corn too in Lincoln's interaction with the "good old country folk" he defends where we see Ford's again trademark idealisation of maternal figures, the way that "Super-Abe" defuses a potential lynching by standing in front of the mob's battering ram and delivering some home-spun homilies, as well as the numerous times the camera pauses on Fonda's profile to reinforce Lincoln's destiny, particular his framing on top of the hill in the pouring rain in the final scene before the dissolve to the shot of the Lincoln memorial.

Carping aside, it was still a highly enjoyable story, well shot and edited, with a fine performance by the young Fonda in the title role. A bit too sickly sweet for my tastes but in the final analysis, Ford builds his monument well.

Good If Light BiopicReviewed byTheExpatriate700Vote: 8/10

Young Mr. Lincoln is an excellent, if hagiographic, biography with a great performance by Henry Fonda in the title role. It traces Lincoln's early years, with an emphasis on his first criminal case as a lawyer.

The linchpin of the piece is Fonda's performance. He captures Lincoln's gravitas while still portraying him as an ordinary human being. In particular, he captures Lincoln's plainspoken manner, lending him an every man status even as the film glorifies him.

The film also benefits from some back door social commentary, particularly in a scene where his clients are about to be lynched. Although Lincoln's speech is directed to the situation at hand, it offers a pointed criticism of the lynchings then common in the South.

The film does at times slip into hagiography, particularly the ending, which features Lincoln walking into an oncoming storm in a bit of over the top symbolism. Still, it is a great, well made film worth your time.

Symbol, history, and myth.Reviewed byJoseph HarderVote: 10/10

In his otherwise excellent book, Lincoln in American Memory, the historian Merrill Peterson calls Young Mr.Lincoln a "boring, dreadful, film". This amazingly wrongheaded analysis simply proves that great historians are rarely fine film critics. I am working on a doctoral dissertation on Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. As part of my preparation for writing the dissertation, I made a careful analysis of this film, and of Tag Gallaghers brilliant interpretation of it in his seminal book on Ford. Young Mr. Lincoln comes out that culminating year of the first phase of Ford's cinematic authorship, 1939.In that greatest of Hollywood years, Ford directed three superb, still not fully appreciated films: Drums Along the Mohawk, Stagecoach,and Young Mr.Lincoln. It might seem odd to say that Stagecoach is not fully appreciated, all but the most purblind of critics must perceive that it is one of of the greatest Westerns, and perhaps even one of the hundred greatest films of all time. However, what is NOT fully appreciated is that these three films work together as a kind of trilogy-a triptych, in fact. Ford is creating a sort of mythic history of America on screen. Drums Along the Mohawk is the Revolutionary War. Young Mr.Lincoln is pre-Civil War America.Finally, Stagecoach is Post Civil War America. What the three films have in common is that they are an extended meditation on the American Adam and his "errand into the Wilderness". What are the Psychic and social costs of American manifest destiny, as America strives to build a new human city in the wilderness?Lincoln symbolizes Americas journey, as he seeks to reconcile the civilizational inmpulse (law), with the freedom of the wilderness.Young Mr.Lincoln is not history, ( It is full of historical "howlers'-as both Ford and Trotti were well aware), but myth. This is Lincoln, the symbol of justice and mercy, Lincoln, the man of the wilderness, striving to found a civilization within himself, and to become the "remarkable lawgiver' of young America. Young Mr. Lincoln is not history-like James Agee's long forgotten teleplay about Lincoln, and like Sandburgs biography, it is an epic poem...a very beautiful epic poem.

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