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Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

A fictionalized account of the early life of the American president as a young lawyer facing his greatest court case.

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The Synopsis for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 720p

Ten years in the life of Abraham Lincoln, before he became known to his nation and the world. He moves from a Kentucky cabin to Springfield, Illinois, to begin his law practice. He defends two men accused of murder in a political brawl, suffers the death of his girlfriend Ann, courts his future wife Mary Todd, and agrees to go into politics.

The Director and Players for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 720p

[Director]John Ford
[Role:]Henry Fonda
[Role:]Marjorie Weaver
[Role:]Alice Brady

The Reviews for Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 720p

My least favorite Ford filmReviewed byzetesVote: 5/10

Sad to say, but this was the first John Ford movie that I did not like (and I've seen more than 20). This is the story of Abraham Lincoln's first trial as a defense attorney, working on behalf of two young men who were accosted by a deputy brandishing a pistol. Henry Fonda does not give one of his better performances as Lincoln. He seems uncomfortable, and looks particularly terrible in his make-up. Of the other actors in the film, the only two worth mentioning are Donald Meek, who plays the prosecuting attorney, and Ward Bond, the victim's best friend and a witness to the crime. The prologue to the film is corny, as is a lot of the rest of the film. I'm not a fan of courtroom dramas, and this aspect of Young Mr. Lincoln is one of the worst examples of that genre that I can think of. People often criticize Ford for injecting ill-fitting humor into his pictures, but I was never bothered by anything like that until this film. Lincoln is constantly cracking jokes, and the jury and audience are always laughing uproariously at them. The only scene I thought was really successful was the one where Lincoln stops the lynch mob. That dialogue is very good. Otherwise, I was very disappointed in this one. 5/10.

Appealing and accurate in its own wayReviewed bymuvphanVote: 7/10

Amazingly, I have just seen this film for the first time. I was not expecting such a wonderful portrayal by Mr. Fonda and the accuracy (within Hollywood limits of the time) by Mr. Ford. I am no Lincoln historian, but I have read enough about him that I recognize the truth in the spirit of this film. A number of details could certainly be noted as historically inaccurate; on the other hand, the image of Mr. Lincoln as a lawyer who cares for people, truth, and mercy is quite accurate. One reviewer writes that Mr. Lincoln is made to appear as a country bumpkin, using humor when he is unable to use anything useful. To the contrary, Mr. Lincoln was realistic about his country origins; he used humor to convince, drive home an important point, and win people to his view; he was self-effacing. The manner in which Mr. Fonda portrays him in this film does homage to the man. The film may conflate history for entertainment purposes (it is, after all, a Hollywood production), but it is not as unhistorical as many believe. While sentimental (as to be expected of a 1939 film about an American icon), Young Mr. Lincoln is an admirable presentation of the spirit of the man.

Authentic AmericanaReviewed bykenjhaVote: 8/10

The early career of Abe Lincoln is beautifully presented by Ford. Not that anyone alive has seen footage of the real Lincoln, but Fonda, wearing a fake nose, is uncanny as Lincoln, with the voice, delivery, walk, and other mannerisms - exactly as one would imagine Lincoln to have been. Ford, in the first of three consecutive films he made with Fonda, is at the top of his form, perfectly evoking early 19th century America. The story focuses on a pair accused of murder that Lincoln defends and the courtroom scenes are quite well done. The supporting cast includes many of Ford's regulars. This was Alice Brady's last film, as she died months after its release.

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