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Zomblies (2010)

When a private militia's rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it's up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.

IMDB: 6.20 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 410.47M
  • Resolution: 1280*522 / 25 fpsfps
  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 50
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
  • MPR:
  • Peers/Seeds: 9 / 78

The Synopsis for Zomblies (2010) 720p

When a private militia's rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it's up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.

The Director and Players for Zomblies (2010) 720p

[Director]David M. Reynolds
[Director]David M. Reynolds
[Role:]Christopher Dane
[Role:]Daniel Drew
[Role:]Lauren Shein

The Reviews for Zomblies (2010) 720p

What a pleasant surprise!Reviewed bytomrunelianVote: 10/10

For Gods sake - somebody please throw some real money at these guys! The creators of "Zomblies" most definitely have the talent, the drive and the will, but seemingly no money. Cinematography, editing and sound are as you would expect from Hollywood professionals. Just imagine what Mr. Reynolds could've done and can do with a larger budget - with better sets, better props and better actors. Sam Raimi remade "The Evil Dead", George Miller remade "Mad Max" - David M. Reynolds more than deserves the opportunity to remake "Zomblies". Im my opinion this is greatness in the making. If I had a million euro I would invest in a sequel/remake without hesitation - but my current holdings wouldn't even cover the cost of sending an email. May this raw talent be showered with cash in the very, very near future.

Great idea, realization with shortcomingsReviewed bydokenterprisesVote: 7/10

First to say: I'm absolutely into zombie stuff. I love zombie movies - what was the reason I stumbled over this one. It is a nice movie, story line incorporates some really nice ideas. However there are two major points I wanted to criticize: First point, the actors. They play it good but one has the feeling, that they are really amateurs. I had in mind the whole time, that they might be airsoft players making a movie in their free time (for the ones aren't familiar with airsoft, just go to youtube and search for it). The military team did not look like soldiers. In fact they look quite weak and scrawny, not what I would expect from soldiers. Second shortcoming are the dialogs. I think the movie should have had more of them! The story would get more deepness and would be more convincing.

However great work for an independent movie. Keep it up!

Where was the storyline?...Reviewed bypaul_haakonsenVote: 4/10

As much as I love all things zombie, then I also know from bitter experience that more than often is a zombie movie a swing and a miss. "Zomblies" was no different.

First of all; the title! What was up with that? What was the whole thing with the added L? I just didn't understand that.

Secondly, you would assume that a movie would require to have a storyline or at least something that even just remotely resembles a story and a plot. The storyline in "Zomblies" was six feet under here, no pun intended, and it never even got close to unearthing itself. It was just a bunch of people running around and away from zombies that were also running. No! Just no!

There was very little acting in "Zomblies", but of course why would there be any acting in a movie where all that was going on was running around and shooting zombies?

And the zombie make-up. Again no! Just no! It was the typical low budget zombie make-up, well, or rather lack thereof. First rule of a zombie movie is proper special effects and make-up. Rule two, no running zombies. Rule three, a proper storyline. "Zomblies" failed on every account.

If you are a zombie aficionado, stay clear of this movie, unless you are nurturing a hangover and just need a mindless, no pun intended, movie to pass the time.

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