Assumpta Serna

Assumpta Serna, Actress: Matador. Assumpta Serna was born in Barcelona, Spain. She studied Law but abandoned it for her real passion, acting. Her career has spanned over 103 films and TV projects in over 20 countries. She has won more than twenty best actress awards thought the world (Spain, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay...). She has worked as an actress in all six of the languages she speaks: Catalan, ...

Uncertainty (2009) Poster

Uncertainty (2009)

Uncertainty (2009) 1080p Poster

Uncertainty (2009) 1080p

Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) (1996) Poster

Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) (1996)

Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) (1996) 1080p Poster

Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) (1996) 1080p

Sharpe Sharpe's Eagle (1993) 1080p Poster

Sharpe Sharpe's Eagle (1993) 1080p

Sharpe Sharpe's Eagle (1993) Poster

Sharpe Sharpe's Eagle (1993)

Sharpe Sharpe's Rifles (1993) 1080p Poster

Sharpe Sharpe's Rifles (1993) 1080p

Sharpe Sharpe's Rifles (1993) Poster

Sharpe Sharpe's Rifles (1993)

Sharpe's Eagle (1993) 1080p Poster

Sharpe's Eagle (1993) 1080p

Sharpe's Eagle (1993) Poster

Sharpe's Eagle (1993)

Sharpe's Rifles (1993) Poster

Sharpe's Rifles (1993)

Sharpe's Rifles (1993) 1080p Poster

Sharpe's Rifles (1993) 1080p

El maestro de esgrima (1992) 1080p Poster

El maestro de esgrima (1992) 1080p

El maestro de esgrima (1992) Poster

El maestro de esgrima (1992)

Wild Orchid (1989) Poster

Wild Orchid (1989)

Wild Orchid (1989) 1080P Poster

Wild Orchid (1989) 1080P

Matador (1986) 1080p Poster

Matador (1986) 1080p

Matador (1986) Poster

Matador (1986)

Coto de caza (1983) 1080p Poster

Coto de caza (1983) 1080p

Coto de caza (1983) Poster

Coto de caza (1983)